Pete Carroll: I think Kris Richard is doing a really good job


Different things have gone wrong in each of Seattle’s four losses this season, but there is one common thread between the defeats.

The Seahawks have held a lead in the fourth quarter in all four of the games and seen their opponents pull in front before the final whistle. They were also a missed illegal bat call away from likely having it happen a fifth time against the Lions, so putting a lid on victories is obviously something that the Seahawks are struggling with this season.

There’s plenty of blame to go around for that, but the most surprising part of the team’s failure to close is the fact that their defense has been so tough on the way to the Super Bowl the last two seasons. They haven’t been up to that standard thus far, which calls some attention to the switch from Dan Quinn to Kris Richard at defensive coordinator following Quinn’s departure for Atlanta.

During an appearance on “Brock and Salk” on 710 ESPN, Carroll was asked for his thoughts on the job that Richard has done so far this year.

“I think Kris is doing a really good job,” Carroll said. “I’ve been really impressed with the way he’s handled this group. It’s a big challenge to take over [for Quinn] … I think he’s done a terrific job and he’s leading these guys and he’s got ’em to buy in. They’re following the lead, they’re playing real hard. I think we just have to play better and be cleaner. I think all those players would tell you that. That’s there to be done.”

Richard hasn’t changed the scheme dramatically and the offense could certainly make life easier on the unit, but they aren’t slamming the door in the way we became accustomed to seeing in the last few years. They’ll need to figure out a way to do it if they’re going to become the 15th team to go from 2-4 to the playoffs in the last 25 years.

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  1. Pete Carroll is a really loyal guy. That works very well when you have made good hiring decisions. It is a total disaster when you have made bad hiring decisions.

    My money is on disaster.

  2. The defensive backfield already got paid, win or lose they’re cashing some pretty big checks and feeling quite mighty of themselves having just been to back to back super bowls.

    And in each game they’ve looked impressive but ultimately found ways to lose.

    All of their money grabbing and complaints about touches has done nothing but lead to a lack of chemistry and finger pointing.

  3. Miscommunications aside, a large part of the defense’s success over the past couple of years can be attributed to the O (Lynch) mashing folks in the fourth quarter. The Hawks no longer seem committed to or capable of this approach.

  4. there’s no easy explanation for the #1 defense to go from BEST to worst when the CORE has been kept intact…UNLESS you replace the proverbial 5th Musketeer with an INCOMPETENT Kris Richards…even MIAMI cut bait and look at their improvements…it’s time to cut bait and FIRE Kris Richards because he is CLUELESS!!!

    The LOB died under his watch…and the headline should read “MURDER IN SEATTLE”

    6 games and Richard’s legacy will be as the MAN that murdered the LOB 😦

  5. This is just like 2012 under Gus Bradley. Just do whatever Dan Quinn did the last 2 years. Problem solved.

  6. its not kris fault. its the whole secondary and lb core thats getting picked apart in 4th q because they’re tired from being on the field too long not getting any rest because russell wilson cant get any first downs. too many 3 and outs.

  7. Bevell needs to take a hike. Defense needs to simplify, they may need to cut out some of their press coverage or have sherm follow guys, but it seems like they’re assigning on the fly which isn’t great in a new system.

  8. Richard was coaching the DB’s and they were beasts…now they can’t get out of their own way. Maybe it falls on the new DB coach.

    Fire Bevell so the offense can control the ball in the fourth quarter and burn time off the clock while putting up points

  9. Richard has moved them from Cover 0 and Cover 3 to frequently playing Cover 2 in the 4th quarter. Cover 2 opens up too many seams (such as Greg Olson’s run straight up the seam on Sunday). I understand the new defensive coordinator wanting to put his own stamp on things but it’s not working.

    But there is nobody who is blameless in this thing. The offense can hardly get a drive going in the 4th quarter. The defensive line looked gassed most of the 4th quarter. Both Bevell and Richard aren’t doing the job. Pete Carroll is sadly, too loyal and won’t fire his poor-performing coordinators. People are finally understanding that Tom Cable can’t recognize offensive line talent, and in the rare situations when he has some line talent, he can’t coach it.

    Special teams? Hauschka and Ryan are pretty darn good! But they have decided that Lockett is only allowed to run straight up the middle with no blocking allowed!

  10. Seattle team is no longer hungry. They’ve been paid, good depth is gone and the coaching staff has been raided by the rest of the league. The edge is gone and complacency is setting in. There is no competition and no one fears being replaced or being cut like they do in New England. Good time Pete is everyone’s buddy, OK when you’re on top but lousy when adversity sets in.
    Sherman is exhibit A. He is no longer feared, gives up big plays and has no chip and knows no one is challenging him for playing time with that big fat long term deal.

  11. They NEEDED to keep RB Thomas Rawls involved in the offense while resting Lynch now and then. For WHATEVER reason the secondary doesn’t know WHO to cover on passing plays.

    They better draft REAL O-linemen in next year’s draft and quit trying to be the smartest guy in the room.

  12. Pete’s endorsement sounds like the kiss of death..

    Richard is in over his head. That much is pretty clear…

    If Hawk fans think its bad now, wait until Wilson is carted off..

  13. Wong. Richards formations don’t work. Especially in the fourth quarter. Tight ends been lighting us up all season.
    We will draft a center next year, but in the meantime all we can hope for is 8-8

  14. hawkron says:

    If Hawk fans think its bad now, wait until Wilson is carted off..
    Been hearing that since the day he was drafted. He’s never missed a play.

    Not. One. Play.

  15. The difference is the lucky breaks aren’t coming. Aside from the Johnson fumble in the game against the Lions, which Seattle won, they have not gotten the breaks and lucky bounces they usually get. Their luck was bound to run out. The worm has turned in Seattle.

  16. Seattle has lost to the Rams, the Packers, the Bengals and the Panthers (18-3 combined record).

    Seattle has an ineffective 2-minute offense, as we have seen at the end of each half

    Opposing quarterbacks are able to audible out of Richard’s defensive play-calls in the 4th qtr. and catch the Seahawks out of position.

    Seattle has been getting outcoached and outplayed all year

  17. vancouversportsbro says:
    Oct 19, 2015 4:54 PM

    He’s honestly not that bad. It’s just when it comes to holding a lead in the fourth q.

    Bevell on the other hand needs to go.


    Awesome logic here: Fire the guy who’s given them leads to hold on to…and keep the guy who’s responsible for the defensive breakdowns.

    Well, at least you’re trying to learn football.

  18. Richard is not the biggest problem with team everyone has a part in the losses. As coach Carroll pointed out there hasn’t been a big change in scheme. The problems the Hawks are having have been there the last few years and are showing up more frequently leading to losses in the close games that we used to win. The O-line has been progressively worse each year, predictable offensive play calling, instability and inconsistent play from the right and slot cornerbacks and a defense that hasn’t figured out how to stop a tightend for the last 3 years.

  19. Since Quinn left, the D has been slacken off. Somebody need to light a fire under ’em. No points from opponents should be goal. This is main reason behind last years failure.

    It’s been YEARS since the O has scored 40 points or more.
    They needed help to beat Lions! Ditto above statement about lighting a fire under ’em.

    Somebody need to baby sit these new new coordinators, until they get their act together. If something isn’t done soon, they will be lucky to reach 8-8.

  20. seattle’s problem isn’t defense. It’s that our offense can’t even get a first down on most drives because we have the crappiest, dumbest OC in the NFL.

    Bevell has cost this team countless games by trying to be cute on offense when all we need is a first down to put the game away. It’s on plays like that where he’ll have the FB motion out to WR and run a stupid pass play on 3rd and 4 with 2:00 left, up by 6.


  21. They NEEDED to keep RB Thomas Rawls involved in the offense while resting Lynch now and then.

    EXACTLY!…Bevell is totally clueless on how to utilize personel. He needs to go. If Wilson and the WRs weren’t playing backyard football on almost every play(glad to see Graham finally getting the idea of that is done) the team would be lucky to get a three or four first downs a game.

    Do people honestly believe that Cable WANTS all these D-linemen, TE’s and other riff raff on his O-line? I find that one hard to phathom.

  22. redandgoldhitman52 says:
    Oct 19, 2015 5:00 PM
    its not kris fault. its the whole secondary and lb core thats getting picked apart in 4th q because they’re tired from being on the field too long not getting any rest because russell wilson cant get any first downs. too many 3 and outs.


    Last season the Seattle Offense converted 42.4% of their third downs, averaged 32:22 possession per game and average 5.89 yards a play. This season they have converted 41.9% of their third downs, average 31:12 possession per game and average 5.58 yards a play. That is one third down out of every 200, 14 3/4 inches per play, and one minute ten seconds longer on the field. Points per game are even within a field goal: last season the average was 24.6, this season it is 22.3.

    It is easy to try to blame it on the offense because it is failing the eye test, but the offense on the team was never what was winning them games anyway.

  23. They are saving money…Kam might not be worth the same after this year. This team has a problem with cap space coming soon, too many stars to keep them all. Keep Kris and problem solved.

  24. Everyone calling for Bevell to be fired (I’ve done it before too): who should we replace him with? Names please.

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