Report: Kyle Williams will miss London game

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The Bills will play the Jaguars in London next Sunday without defensive lineman Kyle Williams, Joe Buscaglia of Buffalo TV station WKBW reported.

The report cited a source saying Williams will miss the game with a knee injury suffered in last Sunday’s loss to the Bengals and that wide receiver Sammy Watkins, who left the Bengals game with an ankle injury, is doubtful for the game with the Jaguars.

The initial diagnosis on Williams was a PCL injury that should keep him out for several weeks. Watkins was on crutches before the end of the game after catching a touchdown pass late in the first half.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter previously reported that Bills wide receiver Percy Harvin will miss another game with a hip injury.

The Bills are off the weekend of Nov. 1, so players who sit out vs. the Jaguars get an extra week to heal.

13 responses to “Report: Kyle Williams will miss London game

  1. Same story every year, either the Bills have the worst luck with injuries every year or the players are not physically prepared every year. & as for Watkins, maybe he should just shut his mouth & concentrate on trying to stay on the field every week. Is he made of glass or something? Another Whaley mistake. Should have just selected Beckham last year & kept the # 1 pick this year. could have helped.

  2. Bills problem is there skill players are all gazelles and can’t play nicked up….once Percy comes back, Mccoy will be out, add that to the normal amount of injuries and they will always be without major weapons….

  3. If he’s lucky, they’ll let him stay back in the states, avoid that nasty jet ride and enjoy real food at home.

  4. Actually, the Bills were fairly healthy last year compared to other teams. Look it up. So there goes the whole “physically prepared” argument. Try again.

  5. Joetoronto is right. I don’t see the Steelers or Patriots making excuses. Excuse making is prevalant among Bills fans. And players.

  6. The Bills obviously do not have the depth right now for when a starter goes down. I agree injuries should not be used as an excuse, but for god sake being a Bills fan these past 15 years has been tough. Different players, different coaches & GM’s, same result. So there is a very high level of frustration with fans, which is completely understandable.

  7. “The Bills are off the weekend of Nov. 1, so players who sit out vs. the Jaguars get an extra week to heal.” The bills are playing the Jaguars this weekend…seems to me that is two weekends off…this is coming from a Jags fan!

  8. If Buffalo doesn’t beat Jacksonville their season is officially over. I’m guessing Taylor will be back at the helm, McCoy and Williams at RB, Woods, Hogan and Holmes as their starting WR’s, Clay and Gragg at TE and the Offensive Line will be missing Henderson.

    The Defense will probably look like: Williams, Hughes, Dareus and Charles on the line, Lawson, Brown and Bradham at LB and Darby, Gilmore, Graham and Williams as DB’s.

    That will put the Bills short with 6 starters missing on both sides of the ball… not as bad as some teams in the league, but more than last year.

  9. EJ – you’re assuming Williams will be back at RB for the Jax game? Not even close.

    With his concussion history this may be his last year in the NFL ( and yes, I know its his 1st year as well)

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