Sheldon Richardson: Jets “licking our chops” for Patriots matchup

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The Jets won again on Sunday and moved their record to 4-1 on the season by following the same recipe they’ve followed in their other victories.

They handed the ball to Chris Ivory, threw it to Brandon Marshall and played tight defense across the board in a 34-20 victory over the Redskins. That sets up a pretty big matchup for the team in New England next weekend. The Patriots are 5-0 and Jets defensive end Sheldon Richardson says that the team is excited for a chance to see how they measure up to the big kids on the AFC East block.

“He’s run this division for a while so I am kind of happy we get next,” Richardson said, via “We’re getting after it. I mean, they are the Super Bowl champions. Just leave it at that. You know, licking our chops.”

As far as pregame trash talk goes, it’s a far cry from what we grew accustomed to hearing in the Rex Ryan years. With the exception of a poor game in their loss to the Eagles, the Jets have taken care of business this season against teams that haven’t fared particularly well in their other games. The Patriots represent a big step up in competition and it would be a bit strange if the Jets weren’t fired up to get a chance to play against that kind of opponent.

How that will go for them is another question entirely and the chance to find out the answer makes for one of the most appealing games on the Week Seven slate.

68 responses to “Sheldon Richardson: Jets “licking our chops” for Patriots matchup

  1. The Jets should win at least one of their games against the Patriots, and given how injured the Pats offensive line is now, they could lose to the Jets next week.

  2. He should lick his arrest record clean before he starts chirping about another team…especially the Patriots.

  3. He’s not chirping the Pats, he’s showing competitive fire at getting a chance to see how they match up. Hopefully they keep this type of talk up and don’t resort to the Rex Ryan style pregame talk.

    As a Pats fan, I’m looking forward to this game and it’s gonna be a battle. Their D-Line could have their way with us, but Belichick has shown his excellence at making adjustments

  4. While what he is saying isn’t really bad, it isn’t conducive to Bowles’ new coaching methods. Things like Richardson’s rants about how the Jets can’t wait to face the Patriots are reminiscence of the Rex’s days where the Jets would play their Superbowl against New England and virtually lose every time. It’s a shame because Bowles is doing a good job trying to change that culture and build a winning football team. I am sure Bowles will take the high road, but good players (and complete turds) like Richardson make it easy for people to not like the Jets.

  5. When Rex used to say this stuff, it was laughable. But now… a Jets win over the Patriots is actually possible.
    And, we can be certain the Jets won’t hand the Patriots a stupid fake punt play like the Colts. This will be a great game!

  6. “As far as pregame trash talk goes, it’s a far cry from what we grew accustomed to hearing in the Rex Ryan years.”

    Ha ha, It’s only Monday and it’s the Jets. This is just the warm up act. Give them a few more days and they’ll tack up some serious bulletin board material.

    It wouldn’t be Pats/Jets without it.

  7. Should be a good game next week, Jets have a very good D and their O is playing well. They could very well come away with the W. He’s not really trash-talking, I’d expect them to feel this way.

    And I’ve exhausted my quota for saying nice things about the Jets for the week.

  8. As a Pats fan, this game against the Jets makes me nervous. They’ve got a heckuva good defense. It’s amazing what losing Rex Ryan will do for a team.

  9. Not sure that the Jets D-Line is any better than the Bills D-Line. They are both outstanding groups. The Patriots fared well against the Bills. It will be an interesting match up for sure

  10. Had Ivory and Decker been healthy they probably would have beaten the Eagles, too. This is a solid football team. I, too, am curious to see how they stack up against the Patriots.

  11. Outside of the Steelers, the Pats haven’t played anyone with a winning record this season either. Should be a good test for both teams to see where they are this season, and with first place in the division on the line, should be an awesome game!

  12. how good are the Patriots? I have fellow indy fans telling me how great the COLTS are after losing to the Pats AT HOME after they were treating the game like THEIR SUPERBOWL. gimmick plays, onside kicks, a lucky pick-six. still a loss that wasn’t as close as the score indicates.

    jets look good and pats are banged up (you’re welcome), but the odds of the pats losing at home remain very, very low…

  13. Most teams are fortunate if they can make it to the Super Bowl every now and then. The Jets are lucky; they get two of their own personal Super Bowls scheduled every single year, one of them even at home.

  14. How is Richardson not suspended for doing 143 in a car with a loaded hand gun and a 12 year old, while reeeking of weed on a drug suspension.

    Seriously, someone explaine to me how this guy is still not suspended.

  15. He didn’t say anything bad here. This will be the toughest test the Patriots have had to face this year given the fact that the Jets defense has an unbelievable pass rush plus Revis and Cromartie in the secondary. This is a battle for first place in the division and I highly expect the Pats and Jets to go down to the last minutes of the game.

  16. mzim725666 says:
    Oct 19, 2015 11:13 AM
    He is not chirping about the Pats, he is actually respecting them by saying they want to see how they measure up to the best
    He’s chirping trash to that bastion of “impartial” journalism, ESPN, and you’re a jet’s fan.

  17. Probably just me but if I was the HC of a team about to play the Pats, I’d make sure no one said boo about the game, like nothing at all.

  18. Jets have a shot if Fitz plays a clean game and they can run the ball. Not going to be an easy win for the Pats, who came out of last night’s game pretty banged up, and now have two games in 4 days next week.

    People that think their schedule is easy don’t know the AFC East.

  19. Jets Match up well with them in every phase of the game except special teams….if they lose this game it will be because of special teams, the Jets are not great at covering punts or returning punts and kickoffs….the Pats are dangerous on punt returns and that could change field position just enough to give the Pats the edge…..

  20. Ghost Rat says:
    Oct 19, 2015 11:36 AM
    Keep talking; that ALWAYS ends well for Patriots’ opponents.
    “We’re only gonna score 17 points? Ha ha ha,” Tammy told reporters when informed of Burress’ 23-17 prediction. “OK. Is Plax playing defense?”

  21. pftoverespn says:
    Oct 19, 2015 11:32 AM
    How is Richardson not suspended for doing 143 in a car with a loaded hand gun and a 12 year old, while reeeking of weed on a drug suspension.

    Seriously, someone explaine to me how this guy is still not suspended.

    He’s not a Patriot.

    patsfiend is spot on, AFC east is no cakewalk and BTW, the AFC seems to be the stronger conference overall. This is going to be a very tough game. Pats will be hard pressed to remain undefeated.

  22. .
    The Jets have, arguably the best DL in the league. The Patriots have a practice squad player, 3 rookies, and a guy playing out of position.

    Advantage : Jets

  23. Should be a good game, certainly the Jets seem to offer up the best competition the Pats have faced so far this year.

  24. “The Jets have, arguably the best DL in the league. The Patriots have a practice squad player, 3 rookies, and a guy playing out of position.”

    Actually that practice squad player played in 9 games for the Pats last year including the Super Bowl I believe, so he’s quite a bit better than your average slappy.

  25. azarkhan says:
    Oct 19, 2015 12:02 PM
    mrmcdougle, so what have the Giants done lately? LOL

    Like beating the Pats in the Superbowl for the 2nd time? That’s only 3 years back.
    I mean if we want to be purists, we won’t look at anything that happened before the start of the year, but I’d classify 3 years as ‘lately’…LOL

  26. Calling it here…..Jets harass Brady, get 4 sacks and an assortment of hurries. Pats roll out the three tight end offense and guy out a 4 point 27-23 win.

  27. Brady’s not afraid of the Jets defense, trust me.

    He’s beaten better.

    The Pat’s defense has handled Luck, and Roethlisberger. They aren’t scared either.

    Should be a good game, but let’s not forget New England is at home 😉

  28. The Bills really looked good too before the game having pro-bowlers against the Pats rookies. The Jets looks formidable. BB will have a hard time neutralizing the Jets super weapons with his bargain bin finds but the Pats are doing just fine so far. This too will be a test for the Pats.
    That being said, I hope the Jets just keep yapping.

  29. Rex is gone, no need to make statements like that

    Just play well and win, and let your play do your talking for you.

  30. Jets 28
    Patriots 24
    Then you woke up and realized the Patriots just crushed your team. I’ll take Brady and you can have Fitzgerald. Nuff said.

  31. The Jets have, arguably the best DL in the league. The Patriots have a practice squad player, 3 rookies, and a guy playing out of position.

    Advantage : Jets
    We have Brady and you have Fitzgerald.

    Real advantage. Patriots.

    If Brady throws it in 2 seconds good luck with that d line.

  32. The Pats will stomp their offense in the ground. No way Kirkpatrick moves the ball like he did against the Skins. Not a team in the NFL that can shut down the Pats Offense totally. NO, I’m not a Pats fan, just know enough about football to know better!

  33. Good job out of a lot of Pats fans in this thread giving the Jets a pop. My kid is so psyched he’s coming home from college for the weekend to watch this one with me and my crazy Jets fan friends. Good luck and here’s to a good game.

  34. I hope Coach Bowles teaches these Jet players to give pat answers to the the N.Y. media and not give the Patriots any motivation, unlike Bowles fat moron predecessor who still hasn’t learned this simple lesson in Buffalo.

  35. Jets indeed could be the biggest test so far this year.

    The talking ahead of time is usually a bad omen, though.

    No matter what the Giants guy says. Beings they can only get in the playoffs once every 4 years, he has to cling to something.

  36. I’m a Jets fan. To expect to win in FOX is a tall order anytime. But if Ivory keeps us in 3rd and short and the Front 4 wins the LOS it will be a close game and that is not only not a stretch, its likely.

  37. Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams and Mo Wilkerson.
    Wow, that is one scary DL but BB will scheme away from their strength.
    Expect the typical Pats quick passing game. If Buster Skrine is healthy Jets can try to counter the quick passes, otherwise could be trouble for the Jets. Also look for Pats to expose Demario Davis in coverage with DL.

  38. The Pats beat Jets twice last year, by 1 and 2 pts.
    This Jets team can actually score and its a much improved secondary. Jets ran for over 200 last year and I could see that happening again.
    Tough matchup for NE. No one to cover Marshall

  39. While you’re licking your chops, don’t be afraid to put a lick on Brady. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt Brady. He’s tough.

  40. The headline makes it sound like trash talk, but when you read the article it simply comes off as a competitive player eager to test himself and his team against the team that’s been the class of the division for quite a while. That’s no more disrespectful than saying “to be the best, you have to beat the best”, when the best in that statement is a rival. Actually, while he expresses an eagerness to face the team, his comments taken as a whole are complimentary.

  41. How is this guy not in jail, and still in the league!? When is the nfl gonna suspend him for his resisting arrest incident? Oh wait the nfl offices are mostly ex jets employees

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