Sunday night’s game had two clock errors

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Another prime-time game, another clock error. Or two.

The Week Six contest between the Patriots and Colts included (at least) two mistakes with the clock — mistakes that were not caught by the officiating crew.

The first came on the first drive of the game. Facing fourth and one from the New England five, the Colts were getting close to a delay of game penalty, as the play clock ticked under 10 seconds. It rolled past nine, eight, and seven. Then, just as it showed :06, it immediately reset to 25 seconds.

It appears that the Colts would have gotten the play off in time absent the curious reset, since the ball was snapped with :21 to go. Still, it was a bizarre little quirk that got lost in the shuffle during the early portion of the game.

The second mistake came toward the end of the contest, as the Patriots were punting the ball back to the Colts, holding a 13-point lead. The ball was snapped at 3:13, but the clock didn’t start for a few seconds. Then, after the play ended, the clock kept running for a few seconds. It appeared to be a wash, but it nevertheless stood out.

The next question becomes whether the NFL investigates the situation or otherwise takes action against the clock operators or the officiating crew. It was, in both cases, a no-harm/no-foul situation. Still, it’s evidence that clock mistakes happen a lot more often than with the game on the line — and perhaps a lot more often than anyone ever realizes.

Meanwhile, if you notice any actual or apparent clock errors in other games, let us know.

51 responses to “Sunday night’s game had two clock errors

  1. Don’t worry Colts, only the Pats are investigated for such transgressions.

    I’m sure jumping over the line to block an extra point will be made illegal soon enough.

  2. I have a feeling there are a lot of these little type of clock errors that happen in every game and have been happening in every game for years and years. Human error, regardless of if you like it or not, is a part of sports. It happens. And no matter how many reviews or how many specialist type officials you advocate for with the ability to stop the game at any time, there will always be errors. Even if you removed every human official with 15 different robots and drones that were all turned on by motion, there would still be errors.

  3. Both instances that would have benifited the colts….curious. Oh well at least they are probably not piping in crowd noise anymore…….

  4. When the Jaguars play the Bills in London Sunday the clock shouldn’t stop EVER! Even through half-time. Why make the fans in London suffer for almost 4 hours to have sit through that snooze fest.

  5. As we found out with the allegedly deflated balls, a lot goes wrong in a game that the NFL does not consider a big deal — until it is.

    The NFL makes far too much money for all this ticky tacky stupid stuff to happen.

  6. Something weird…ALWAYS happens in Indy.

    Piped in crowd noise….clock errors…..drug deals….managers seen deflating balls… far the biggest cheaters in NFL.

    They are not a good organization @ all.

  7. This clock problem has been an issue for years. If you pay close attention, you will find that these lapses occur in virtually every NFL game.

    I mentioned it once to a national sportswriter. He agreed that it was a problem and asked if I would inform him of the details of incidents I witnessed so he could write an article on the malpractice.

  8. Thank goodness neither of those errors favored the Patriots or we would be having the same old Patriots cheat argument all over again!!!

  9. So at least one of these errors benefited the Colts, while the other was neutral. I am sure that if the NFL spends nine months and millions of dollars investigating this, they will find a way to “prove” the Patriots are at fault.

    And the 2015 Retribution Tour goes on…

  10. It’s not just on-the-field errors. I have noticed the networks have been getting their on-screen graphics wrong a lot more this season, especially as regards down and distance. The product is getting away from league quality wise in almost every respect. Less marketing and more focus on the fundamentals would be good about now.

  11. Colts are cheaters clock gate were is the 5 million dollar investigation strip them of their 1st and 4th round pick. Andy had to be some what aware of the clock resetting so I’m guessing a 4 game suspension is in line and irsay can pony up a million to charities of the nfl choosing. Sound about right it’s for the integrey if the game.

  12. Amazing. If this game was played in Foxboro, there would be over 250 posts about the Patriots cheating, calls for an investigation, and demands that all of New England (sans western Connecticut) secede from the Union.

    Not. One. Post.

  13. Of course the NFL would prefer that your example two just washes. This wasn’t a mistake this was proper managing of the mistake. Do you really want yet more one game stoppage so that the ref can tell the time keeper to “please take two seconds off the clock”? The sideline official simply told the operator to let it run two seconds longer–it happens all the time during non-essential times and your example was indeed a non-essential time.

  14. You should go back and watch the Redskins Jets game. Somehow nobody has noticed the missed delay of game call by about 2 full seconds that should have been called against Washington in the 2nd quarter.

  15. sparty0n says:
    Oct 19, 2015 8:26 AM
    ……and a replay error when the Colts were not awarded the ball on the onside kick

    Both you and Chrissy Collinsworth are wrong. Refs in the pile saw what really happened. There was not one view on replay that proves otherwise.

    And that PI on Chandler in the end zone, now that’s some home cookin’.

  16. obviously the colts game clock operator was helping the home team. what an awful organization lol.

  17. I was more concerned with a few of the uncalled holding penalties on the Colts, which is impressive since they got called for half a dozen. The Patriots pass rush doesn’t get a ton of sacks, but they get pressure, and they get the offense to hold an awful lot.

    On the Colts drive where Luck scrambled for a first down just at the 2:00 min warning (I believe 1:58 was on the clock when he stepped out of bounds), not sure who the players were on the play, but I suspect it was Chandler Jones for the Patriots. Jones was running toward Luck, and then all of a sudden a Colts player grabbed his facemask and Jones went from upright to flat on his face in half a second. It drew my attention because even if he had intentionally dove, he wouldn’t have gone down to the ground that fast.

    The other was later in the drive, on another Luck scramble, this time I think it was Easley, Luck started to run, and a Colts player jumped on Easley and tackled him to the ground from behind. It was a beautiful form tackle, so there is that. I just feel that sometimes when a team is getting a lot of holding calls, they actually start holding more, knowing the refs are going to take flack if they call it play after play after play.

  18. I guess this is the new liberal attack on the NFL. What will be next? Why the media is not allowed to interview players while they shower?

    Go away.

  19. These clock errors are nothing new. People have been talking about them on social media for years. Noticing an error here, an error there. They’re subtle ones but went ignored until last week.

  20. I see that Ken Jennings is looking for work. Oh if only Albert Einsten was still alive we could assign him as an official. Or maybe Stephen Hocking’s wheelchair could be tricked out and he could be a ref? How cool would that be to hear that voice calling a video review result?

    Let’s just accept that these are humans making calls and move on. Besides a little controversy is good when it is sprinkled in. This is the best reality tv show out there after all.

  21. “It’s not just on-the-field errors. I have noticed the networks have been getting their on-screen graphics wrong a lot more this season, especially as regards down and distance. ”

    Heck not just the down and distance they aren’t even getting the players right. I think it was the 2nd game this year when Dan Connelly was not even active and had been declared out with an illness that CBS claimed he was starting the game.

    “I was more concerned with a few of the uncalled holding penalties on the Colts, which is impressive since they got called for half a dozen”

    Ninkovich has an arm around his throat all night and was held almost every play of the game. Often directly in front of the refs. Such is life in the NFL though.

  22. That’s OK, cheating is allowed if it’s against the Patriots. Gotta achieve #parity somehow.

  23. gacoltfan says:
    Oct 19, 2015 7:43 AM
    I still want to know how they determined NE recovered the onside kick.
    Short answer: Replay inconclusive, and these things are always a toss-up.
    Long answer: Pats’ guy scoops ball under as he falls on ball and smothers it with his gut, then Colts’ guy dug it out – BUT ONLY AFTER at least one official could be heard literally calling that out while indicating Pats’ ball with his arm (i.e., saying play was already over by the time the Colts dug it out). The replay could not determine otherwise. So deal with it – oh wait, you are one of the Colts “fans” who has trolled a little hate on unrelated Pats’ threads, so I guess maybe you won’t cope.

  24. I was more concerned with a few of the uncalled holding penalties on the Colts, which is impressive since they got called for half a dozen. The Patriots pass rush doesn’t get a ton of sacks, but they get pressure, and they get the offense to hold an awful lot.


    Is it just me, or do all the games seems like there should be more holding calls? I see them all the time by all teams and don’t get called.

    I guess this is the NFL’s way of making football more exciting.

  25. Go watch the 2013 NFC championship game 49ers @ Seattle. So many clock issues it was a joke. Multiple delay of game penalties against SF where the play clock wasn’t reset and/started early.

  26. Colts fans are so silent here. Pats fans kerp pointing out how this would be a federal case if it happened at Gillettte. Colts fans are silent. Colts fans would have lit up the boards with cheater accusations had this happened at Gillette. Colts fans are silent. Never had a problem running the mouths before. Colts fans are silent.

  27. Well, not totally silent, they did get a little whining in about the possession play. Refs made the right call, Kline was down by contact before the ball got dug out. He was down by contact as soon as the first colts player touched him. And they were piled all over him. But that doesn’t stop the whiners.

  28. still, that fake punt call…HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! where did Pagano learn that one…PeeWee football? what NFL coach teaches his players a play that is an illegal formation.

    I am glad Belichick is Patriots’ coach. he was down right hilarious on the sidelines a few times with facial expressions and gestures.

  29. You Pats fan reach so much. You guys continue to say the Colts pumped crowd noise when they’ve never even been investigated for it. You think the Browns got caught this past year but the Colts wouldn’t? Please… You guys have smashed us for awhile now, why still continue to bash them with lies…? You guys are the sorest winners I’ve ever seen…

    The other thing you Pats fans relentlessly say is, “oh what excuse do you guys have now since you can’t blame it on the deflated balls” – no, wrong, ALL colts players, coaches, and fans immediately and publicly admitted we got whooped and the balls had nothing to do with it. Why is that so hard for you Pats fans to understand…? Grigson acted alone after a tip by the Ravens. Give it a rest. Also, thought you guys were supposed to beat the Colts by 60 for revenge?

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