Tomsula has no problems with his team’s problematic field


If the turf at Levi’s Stadium were one of the company’s products, it would be a ripped up, beaten up pair of jeans with holes up and down the legs — including some holes in spots where holes could be problematic if meandering around in public.

From the perspective of 49ers coach Jim Tomsula, it’s simply a not-so-bold fashion statement.

Asked by reporters on Monday whether he’d say the field is in good condition, Tomsula told reporters, “Yeah. That field to me was great for us.”

So is he satisfied with the field in its current condition?

“I am very satisfied with the field,” Tomsula said.

He’s possibly satisfied in part because the poor condition of the field hurt the Ravens more than it hurt the 49ers on Sunday, with Baltimore kicker Justin Tucker losing his footing on a 45-yard field goal. The images of Tucker’s plant foot virtually disappearing and then Tucker lifting up a chunk of the field like it was loose carpet makes it clear that it’s not an NFL-caliber field.

And yet the NFL allows the 49ers to continue to play on that surface, subjecting players getting millions of dollars to potential injury — and potentially affecting the outcome of games.

So the grass needs to go. And an artificial surface needs to be installed, as soon as possible but not later than kickoff for the league’s marquee event, the 50th Super Bowl, which will be played there in February.

32 responses to “Tomsula has no problems with his team’s problematic field

  1. He’s a total Yes Man, which is why he got the job to begin with. Easy for him to spew the propaganda line, it’s not his knees getting shredded out there.

  2. This is a brand new stadium. There is absolutely no excuse for poor field conditions, especially considering their website denotes it as world class premier facility. The league should be hitting the owners with a daily or at the least weekly fine until it’s corrected.

  3. The NFL always replaces grass fields right before the superbowl. 4th won’t be there unless they buy tickets.

  4. Just watched the video and that was a damn sinkhole. He’s lucky he wasn’t injured. That is inexcusable. A high school field is better than that!

  5. I was fine until you brought up “potential injury.”

    Turf is so much worse for players when it comes to injury. But yes… It’s cheaper. More consistent. And just “easier.” Plus the whole benefit of being able to have infinite non-related events for more income.

  6. Tomsula is literally incapable of saying something that remotely is critical of the 49er organization. He got the job due to being a brown noser to Jed and being Jed’s mole when Harbaugh was the coach.

  7. How is it that an organization can spend 100s of millions on a stadium and skimp on the grass. If the NFLPA had any balls, they would organize a boycott of this sorry situation until it is fixed.

  8. That grass is in better condition for a Taylor Swift concert than a Santa Clara 49er game. It’s been like that since that shell of a stadium opened.

  9. Bigger embarrassment for the NFL: wide variations in field quality or wide variations in official competence?

  10. Spoken like a man who’s never played on artificial turf. Grass is always the preferred choice. Just fix it the right way and then properly maintain it and it won’t be a problem.

  11. @sasattack – “Artificial” turf is not the same as in the 1970s. It is not a rubber mat on top of concrete.

    Most modern fields are Field Turf, Sport Grass, etc. A lot of high schools use these fields. They have a 10-15 year usage span, and are cheaper to use and replace than maintaining a natural grass field over the same time period.

  12. Glad Tucker didn’t get hurt. Luckily the Ravens won’t have to play there again until the next regular season meeting out West which is likely years away.

  13. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to take the amount of money that you would to convert to field turf and improve the condition of the sod? If Green Bay can have a lush, beautiful field in Wisconsin during the late fall and into the winter, then there is no reason that San Francisco can’t have a consistent surface.

  14. Artificial surface in California!!
    Never!! What a laugh.
    The soil never freezes in the Bay Area.

    In fall guy theory they should replace the sod and sue the installer and grower for the replacement cost.

    The more time the waste, the less time the roots of the grass have to grow.

    Artificial surface in California is like Lance Armstrong riding a bike with training wheels.

  15. It’s Tosula…. the least qualified guy to be an NFL head coach.

    Add to that he’s an extreme suck up, company man, (it’s how he landed his gig), nobody should be surprised.

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