Vick has “tiny tear” in hamstring, expects to be out this week

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Ben Roethlisberger thinks he may be able to return to the lineup for the Steelers this week, but the same may not be true of the man who has started the last three weeks while Roethlisberger recovers from his knee injury.

Mike Vick left Sunday’s victory over the Cardinals with a hamstring injury and had tests done after the game to assess the extent of the injury. He showed pictures from those tests to Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Media, who reports that there’s a “tiny tear” visible.

Vick said that he will test the hamstring in a couple of days, but that his best guess is that he will be unable to play for at least a week as a result of the injury.

If Roethlisberger isn’t able to return to face the Chiefs, there’s a chance the Steelers would look in a different direction if Vick is given a clean bill of health. Landry Jones was 8-of-12 for 168 yards and two touchdowns to Martavis Bryant after replacing Vick in the lineup, giving the team the best production they’ve had through the air since Roethlisberger’s injury. Even crediting Bryant with much of the work on his 88-yard score, that would be hard for the Steelers to ignore if they’re making a call on a backup again this week.

55 responses to “Vick has “tiny tear” in hamstring, expects to be out this week

  1. it sure wasn’t pretty on Sunday, but a whole bunch of the blame has to be on Haley. He doesn’t know how to call a game with Vick at QB. Landry did awesome, but he was using the normal playbook.

  2. I said it before, say it again… In this offense, Jones was the better start. Vick can’t see down the field. The offense is built on stretching the field to speedy wideouts and getting Bell the ball in space. Jones offers that best. Top that with the fact that Jones is a righty and the whole offense doesn’t have to adjust to plays being flipped or ball rotation. Vick is done!

  3. jchipwood, you joke about Freeman, but he could do well with the Steelers offense. Long term start, no, but can definitely get back up wins.

  4. and a tear in a hamstring will heal in two weeks ?
    if it partially heals in two weeks, it’s not extremely susceptible to tearing again with the slightest amount of strain or exertion ?

    passing yards = 1 for PITT in 1st half ? Has Tomlin gone blind ? Did he not see that ?

  5. The Vick hate is strong.

    He’s a backup Qb.

    He’s done what you wanted your backup QB to do.

    Now WHY did they take a guy off the street who doesn’t know the offense and not play Landry to begin with I’ll never know.

    I suspect however if Landry plays a full game we might get the answer to that question. Luckily KC is the next team up…however they do have a mean pass rush so watch out.

    Also the big issue wasn’t was Hayley and his inability to call a game that suits Vick’s strengths. You’re not going to roll him out at all? Like not at all?

    Finally all this Vick needs to retire. Clausen is a backup QB. Gabbert is a backup QB. Schaub is a backup QB. And let’s not talk about the backups that are starting.

    Vick is perfectly fine as a backup. Anyone saying otherwise just doesn’t like the guy.

  6. Two thoughts:

    1. Vick should be more concerned about whether he’ll be able to re-obtain his role as backup instead of being relegated to third string.

    2. If I remember correctly, about half the teams in the league chose to keep just two QBs on their active roster. With the number of teams having to use their backup QBs after six weeks, you have to wonder why any team wouldn’t keep three QBs.

  7. Vick should have resisted the bait on this loaded question. It was a setup.

    I agree he has been terrible, but much of the blame falls on Haley. Why would you take a QB who’s strength is using his legs, and try to make him a conventional pocket passer (with a limited playbook). That was a recipe for disaster. You have to play to his strengths.

  8. “tiny tear” is code for we want to bench him and allow him to retain a degree of respect. See ya Mike, can’t say it was nice knowing you. I haven’t seen a running QB yet that has any other real QB skills.

  9. Sure he does. I know Id pay dr.s to make that assessment. He’s fine. Able to play. Even Vick knows hes able to play but aware of his suckery so going along with story to not seem it was a benching. No Steelers player nor fan wants to see him stink it up anymore. Its a nice way of benching him. How he got signed, pff, baffling. Only good thing he’s good at is, well you know.
    Thank goodness Pitt benched him as I needed the Cardinals beaten. Thank you Steelers. Thank you Landry Jones for showing Vick up and i hope Vick took notes on how to throw a ball. Doubt he did.

  10. Vick has no strengths. What, run?
    No coach can make him into a decent QB. What game plan can Haley come up with? Run?. Vick has no ability. Not a threat in passing so what could have Haley done to cater to his “strengths”?
    Sweep left? Read option? Run? Vick intimidates no one.

  11. Anyone is better than Mike Vick. If he & Tomlin didn’t have the relationship they do, Vick would have never played again. What a waste the last 3 weeks have been with Vick under center. Jones should have been starting from jump street. Tomlin wasted everyone’s time with MV.

  12. He robbed the NFL long enough. In my book, if your able to see the guy will never take you to the big show, then cut his butt! This crumb has always been good ….then he stunk!

  13. Vick helped the steelers beat the chargers and then proceeded to do nothing against Arizona. Landry Jones deserves another start after his solid performance until Big Ben gets back.

  14. Steeler fans are comical…and this is coming from a Steeler fan for over 30 years who lived through the Cliff Stoudt, Mark Malone, Bubby Brister and David Woodley years…comical…

  15. When the Steelers first signed Mike Vick, I still THOUGHT he had something left in the tank. I reckon the Steelers must have thought so too, because they signed him. OBVIOUSLY, we were both wrong! When you’ve gotten all the starter reps and you’re CONSISTENTLY over and under throwing open receivers, the skills aren’t there. When Landry Jones comes in (after having received LIMITED reps, I’m sure) and moves the team like a starter, its crystal clear that Vick is the problem. Despite the self-inflicted legal problems, Vick has had a nice career but it’s OVER!

  16. Now if we go by the mike vick code should we not hold his head under water and shock his scrotum with a drop cord. Accord to him that what you do with one of your players that cant win.

  17. Steeler fans are comical…and this is coming from a Steeler fan for over 30 years who lived through the Cliff Stoudt, Mark Malone, Bubby Brister and David Woodley years…comical…

    Good ‘ol Bubby Brister- wow hadn’t heard that name in a bit.

  18. How could we ever forget Kordell Stewart from the list of Qbacks??
    So basically Sick Vick earned a million dollars for a few hours of insufficient work. They should have scratched his eyes out or had two people hold him by the arms and legs and pretended he was a jump rope and splattered him into the cement. Now that would have been worth him receiving a million bucks.

  19. …..vick has 9 lives…….after he gets cut by the Steelers some dumb team will add him to theirs because they still think he has SOMETHING LEFT IN THE TANK. Dumb…but I’m betting it would be KC or BUFFALO.

  20. Don’t like my comments about Steeler fans…they travel well and I love seeing the Terrible Towel in opposing stadiums…but the fanbase is as fickle as teenage girls watching Glee or High School Musical or Justin Bieber or….(get my point). It’s a fact….shrugs…

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