Chip Kelly: We have full confidence in Sam Bradford

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After the Eagles beat the Giants on Monday night, one of the big topics of conversation was Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford.

Bradford threw three interceptions against a Giants defense that has struggled to stop opposing passers with one coming in the end zone for the fourth time this season. The Eagles were able to overcome it thanks to the Giants’ willingness to turn the game into an episode of NFC East Follies, but coach Chip Kelly was clear that “you can’t do that and sustain winning.”

Bradford remained a topic of conversation for Kelly on Tuesday, although the coach was quick to shut down the notion that the team is thinking about other options at quarterback.

“Sam’s our quarterback,” Kelly said, via “We have full confidence in Sam.”

During an appearance with Angelo Cataldi on WIP, Kelly said he thought inconsistency was Bradford’s biggest obstacle at this point and that the team could “build upon” the positives over the rest of the season. Bradford’s nine touchdowns and nine interceptions on the year point to his erratic play, but there’s no guarantee that time will do anything other than confirm that’s who he is as a quarterback.

If that’s the case, the Eagles are going to need a lot from their defense and running game the rest of the way because it’s hard to count on a quarterback you can’t trust to avoid big mistakes.

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  1. The big problem is that Kelly’s only alternative, Mark Sanchez, “is what he is” also, and that’s no better than Sam Bradford. So at this point, Kelly really has no other option than to stick with Bradford for now.

  2. Guys I’ve figured it out….Chip wants the Eagles to lose so that he’ll get fired. And Mariota is tanking the Titans so Whiz will get fired. Then Chip Kelly takes over the Titans to be with Mariota again. It’s the perfect plan!

    Okay for real tho, if/when the Eagles fire Chip within the next two years, and the Titans fire Whiz in the same year, is it unrealistic to think Chip could be the next Titans coach?

  3. Not sure who Chip was referring to when he said ‘we’, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include a majority of Eagle’s fans.

  4. The one thing is that Bradford never had a history of throwing dumb INTs, so there is hope that regression to the mean will mean fewer INTs going forward.

  5. Didn’t I read a handful comments about Chip’s super duper offense yesterday after the OBJ td’d it go after that??

  6. …as evidenced by the Eagles deciding to run the ball on 3rd & 20 deep in their own territory rather than risk Bradford passing into an interception.

  7. Didn’t I read a handful comments about Chip’s super duper offense yesterday after the OBJ td’d it go after that??
    Ummm….The Eagles won by three TDs.

  8. Notice how the conversation in two weeks has turned from fire Chip to fire Bradford? Chip’s team turned in two impressive victories after a rough start to the year with several close losses. Bradford’s coming off of two years without playing AND a new team, system and teammates. Maybe giving him a few more games before throwing him under the bus for erratic play is in order.

  9. Eagles didnt play well on offense at all.. Turned the ball over 4x..

    Their defence swarmed the Giants O Line and Donnell & Jennings mistakes caused this game to get out of control.

    If you cant block anyone, you cant win..

    Add in ODB and Randall being hobbled, its a recipe for disaster.

  10. Amazing how everybody looks at this guy’s injury history, his record with the Rams, and his *face* and decides that he’s the worst QB in history.

    In case you hadn’t noticed, he’s only 6 games into his first season all the way back from a debilitating injury and is learning a new and complex system with a bunch of guys who haven’t been there for very long.

    And in spots, he has looked exactly as any qB in those circumstances might: pretty danged bad.

    But in spots, he has looked *really freaking good,* too.

    Give the guy a chance to grow into this situation. It’s WAY too soon to yank him. Way too soon.

  11. Gotta be fair, the guy has been out of football the last 2 years due to injury and then throw in the fact that he is learning a new offense. Sanchez has 4 years of mediocrity with the Jets, and had time with the Eagles. Chip obviously sees there is a huge upside to Bradford and recognizes he has to take the good with the bad right now.. Eagles fans should just be patient this is a marathon not a sprint.. I think Eagles fans will see a difference 4 games from now.. It’s way too early to jump off Bradfords bandwagon, he is more of a potential franchise QB then Sanchez will ever be and apparently the draft is not stocked with QB’s next year. In terms of my Giants, again the Eagles exposed our suspect Offensive line..

  12. The Iggles won that came because the D played very well. Yes, the O scored come points, but they also left a bunch out there. They are going to HAVE to be better than that to beat any half-way decent team. The bad thows, the drops, the lack of a run game, and 3 and outs is going to be the the death of them if they can’t fix that.

  13. It’s funny how many articles there are on how bad the Eagles offense is yet there are almost no stories on the team they beat by three touchdowns who didn’t cross the fifty yard line the entire second half. Clearly the Eagles offense needs to get better but to look that bad and win by three scores…I’ll take it.

  14. Chippy can’t build on anything. He will make Bradford throw 50 times a game and then say it’s execution. Chippy working with a player’s strengths is an oxymoron.

  15. Relax. The Eagles have won two consecutive games by at least 20 points. Bradford looks healthy, and his arm is strong. (I remember the one year Eli had a horrible 4 int game late in the season, but they snuck into the playoffs and won the Super Bowl).

    More important is that the D looks beastly….

  16. “In case you hadn’t noticed, he’s only 6 games into his first season all the way back from a debilitating injury and is learning a new and complex system with a bunch of guys who haven’t been there for very long.”


    Bradford has been making Dr. Someone’s BMW payments more than playing football since he arrived in NFL. Did not see all of game last night, but did notice Bradford’s passing mechanics etc. are exceptional – even when he’s chucking it to the wrong dudes. Eagles as a unit – QB included – are getting better over time in a division that overall is getting worse.

    That said, how long can Samglass Bradford last? Eagles strike me as team who will be Arizona East, where QB gets good then gets hurt – leaving them sending Butt Fumbles in and wheels coming off – circa week 13 or so.

  17. How about the atrocious play-calling? Are you going to fire that guy. This is a quarterback-unfriendly offense with no receiver talent.

  18. eagles are a bad NFC version of Denver. Except that their defense will be exposed once they play a real team, and their QB will still suck much worse than Paycheck Manning.

    But hey, Super Bowl!!! Right eagles fans???

  19. running the read/option with a twice repaired knee makes it the hand off/no option. Two years out of football robbed him of the one thing he could do best…throw accurately.
    Plus a blind mailman eating hot buttered popcorn could run the right route and catch better than Jordan Mathews right now.

  20. whyalwaysthehate says:
    Oct 20, 2015 2:59 PM

    And we thought Tebow made a lot of mistakes. Nope, this guy make Cousins look good.

    Tebow’s TD to INT/Turnover ratio is no where near as bad as Bradford, Sanchez or Cousins.

  21. I really hope he tries to test Josh Norman this Sunday. Russell Wilson wisely avoided him like the plague.

  22. When the Eagles play New England in Week 12, they will be exposed for what they are, which is a mediocre team….same as they were when they got blown out in Green Bay last year.

  23. whyalwaysthehate says:
    Oct 20, 2015 2:59 PM

    And we thought Tebow made a lot of mistakes. Nope, this guy make Cousins look good.
    Yeah…no. Kirk has 8 picks and statically they are very close. I feel you pain but Bradford does not make Cousins look good; he makes them look hard to differentiate. A couple of years ago you could say the top 5 QB’s in no particular order where Brady, Aaron, Peyton, Big Ben and Brees. Now? Brady, Aaron and ?

  24. Criticize Chip all you want, but how’s life working out for our two former guards, Boykin and Shady?

  25. Bradford survived Game Six, so it must mean that he’ll complete a full 16-game season. Three (3) INTs, and you still win — wow! — was it something in the Eagles’ Kool-Aid or in the G-Men (Giants) Kool-Aid? lol

  26. I have full confidence in Bradford also. I’m fully confident Josh Norman, Luke Kuechly and Thomas Davis are all going to get picks off of him Sunday night – and Norman’s is likely to be yet another pick-6. Tillman is likely to cause a turnover also. Keep Pounding!

  27. Tebow’s TD to INT/Turnover ratio is no where near as bad as Bradford, Sanchez or Cousins.”

    Please. Tebow looked so-so against guys who are no longer in the NFL. No other team has rushed to sign him. I don’t understand why people are so obsessed with this guy, he might be a fine young man but he is not an NFL caliber QB.

  28. He looks stupid running those read options that everybody knows is going to the running back 100% of the time.

    What’s up with that?

    That looks as good as Peyton in the pistol.

  29. Giants…at least you suck worse than we do!…though I’d like to be suckier so we get a real qb in the draft….

  30. he might be a fine young man but he is not an NFL caliber QB

    That’s a lot of crap, too. He just doesn’t fit the prototype.

    If he ever has more losses than wins as a starter, then you and Merril Hoge have a case.

    I just watched 2 NFL caliber quarterbacks last night play like garbage.

    Wait 2 more games and then you can bench him.
    Rams grab that conditional draft pick if Bradford plays and stays healthy for at least 8 games.

  32. New team for Bradford. New system. Still recovering mentally, if not physical from injury. All new weapons to get timing down. I think this team is looking pretty good. Bradford is a stud. He’s looking better and stronger every week.

  33. At this point, the only thing the Eagles can really hope for is that Bradford’s ceiling that was once so high hasn’t collapsed due to injuries and the two-year layoff because the QB pool is bone dry…I mean Sahara dry…Death Valley dry…Atacama Desert dry. Kind of like the Kicker pool!

    Assuming that he doesn’t all of a sudden make tremendous throws and starts hitting his receivers in stride (and they catch everything…ahem), the Eagles will offer him a mid-level QB contract after this year. It’ll probably be one of those deals where they can cut him after two years without taking a sizable cap hit and be able to keep Cox and the defense intact. It’s not like Foles is doing a whole lot better, though that second-rounder they gave up is looking a lot more desirable for the OL or a WR. Beggars can’t be choosers, I suppose.

  34. I forget who said it last night (maybe Dilfer?) but he was absolutely right and the stats don’t lie. Bradford can’t deal with pressure. He is way too skittish under duress. The Giants aren’t even a good pass rushing team and they scared him into bad throws.

    Total shame because without pressure he probably throws the best ball in the NFL. As it is, teams will blitz the hell out of the Eagles and he’ll finish the season with 30 INT. Eagles are a 8-8 team this year and the wins are a credit to their D.

  35. Ah, I love the arrogant and definitive narratives! “We have no other alternative, Tebow made a lot of mistakes, I don’t understand the obsession with the guy”.

    Tebow with the playoffs included has a higher rating that either Bradford or Sanchez (80.1). Tebow’s last start was his second playoff game (16th overall), and he only lost on the road to New England, just like Andrew Luck just did last year (and Luck played just as bad, but he had over 40 starts (Luck’s passer rating is but 5 points ahead of Tebow)). Of all the QBs with the best records over their first 16 games, only Tebow was never allowed to start again. And no, his defense didn’t carry him as they were ranked 24.

    It’s awesome that Tebow’s calling cards are great play at the end of games, in the red zone, and not making the big error. Winning football. But he doesn’t adhere to the playbook exactly, and he’s too popular to just be a backup, so he’s out of the league. Keep your piddling throwing champions, NFL, a lot of them crumble when things aren’t perfect.

  36. Eagles are in first place. That’s a good thing. That’s going to make the pro-Roseman crowd angry and upset, but Eagles’ fans are happy.

  37. Landry Jones >>>>>>>>Bradford

    who would have thought? Take a look at Bradford’s eyes (seriously)…I think something may be off w/ his vision. His eyes look weird.

    Go Steelers!

  38. Bradford has a good deep ball.
    So what if he threw 3 interceptions, including one in the red zone?
    Most playoff level QB do that, don’t they?

    What bad could come of giving Aaron Rodgers 3 extra possessions in a game?

    Or Tom Brady?

  39. Bradford is not the answer. He is not a leader. We need a leader as quarterback. I’m not sure who? Sanchez might be a better leader. Vick would be a great leader in Eagles system. He can run!!

  40. I think this was a typo, and the quote from Chip Kelly actually reads, “We have full confidence that Sam Bradford will throw at least two interceptions each game, but are afraid of seeing another ‘butt-fumble’ so we’ll stick with him!”

  41. I know everyone loves dumping on Sam Bradford.

    But we can take a minute to discuss the way this team is being coached? I have never in my life seen an offense look less prepared to play than I did last night. Confusion, people lined up in the wrong spots, WRs running the wrong route (or the QB throwing to the wrong spot), plays slow getting called from the sidelines.

    What do these guys do all week? I swear it almost seems like they don’t write their game plan until half time.

    If I were a glass half empty Eagles fan, I would be worried whether Kelly knows what he is doing. If I were a glass half full Eagles fan, I would be encouraged by the fact that they’ve won 3 games with a head coach who doesn’t appear to know what he’s doing.

  42. jrclark1978 says:
    Oct 20, 2015 3:42 PM
    eagles are a bad NFC version of Denver. Except that their defense will be exposed once they play a real team, and their QB will still suck much worse than Paycheck Manning.

    I’m not an Eagles fan, but this is a little silly. The Eagles wins have come over the 4-1 Jets, a 3-3 Giants team that everyone was saying had finally “put it together” after winning 3 in a row and a Saints team that clobbered the undefeated Falcons in their next game.

    And have you looked at the Eagles schedule? Other than the Cowboys (if Romo is back) and the Patriots, who are all of these “real teams” you see exposing the Eagles?

  43. In retrospect, I think Chip now wishes he had played Bradford and some of the other starters a lot more than the THREE SERIES he did during the pre-season. The lack of time together in preaseason games came back to haunt Chip and the Eagles in the early games and still does, albeit to a lesser extent each week.

    The offense has started to play like the team many thought the Eagles would be before the season started BUT needs to step up considerably against the Panthers. Bradford has been getting better but he needs to cut down on the interceptions but at least he finally is beginning to throw the longball more.

  44. Bradfords left eye appears dilated compared to his right eye. I think it makes him look confused or scared when the camera is in close or at the podium. But he isn’t. He played at OU, Heisman, #1 overall, etc. You don’t get those accomplishments and suck at the same time. Just live with the “jimmy” eye and deal with it. My co-worker has the “jimmy” eye too, I have to look at his nose when I talk to him just to get through a conversation. Same with Bradford’s pressers after the game.

  45. That must be the royal “WE” which means my opinion is the only that matters.

    This is also the guy who spent 5 weeks denying that his play calling was part of the problem only to realize his play calling was part of the problem before game 6. Something even the announcers commented on.

    Bradford has been one of the most erratic QBs in the league this year. He is reminding me of a late career McNabb thinking he is a great QB while either throwing 10 feet over or 10 feet in front of the receiver in the dirt.

    You couldn’t blame it on the pass rush this week, as their wasn’t one.

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