Ditka celebrates his 76th birthday the best way possible

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Two weeks ago, a press conference with 49ers coach Jim Tomsula included an unexpected sound effect, which was either exactly what it appeared to be or the sound of a rear end rubbing against a leather chair. Last night, former Bears and Saints coach Mike Ditka may or may not have produced a similar sound effect on live TV.

TheBigLead.com has the video. It sounds cartoonish, but by lifting his cheek in the universal “I’m going to let one rip while seated” move, Ditka definitely has the body language of a guy who just allowed air to escape from his body through one of the two orifices through which air escapes.

It’s not the first time Ditka, who turned 76 on Sunday, has done something memorable on a Monday night. Eight years ago, while in the broadcast booth with Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic, Ditka rearranged the furniture on camera.

And it’s not the first time a 76-year-old ESPN on-air personality did something hilarious while on the air. Four years ago, then-76-year-old Lee Corso dropped an “F” bomb on live TV, with no consequence other than an apology.

Maybe that’s the magic number. Make it to 76 on TV, and you can do whatever you want.

I’ve got 26 years to come up with something really good.

35 responses to “Ditka celebrates his 76th birthday the best way possible

  1. Ditka facts, courtesy of the Super Fans:

    1) Mike Ditka’s beard doesn’t grow out of respect for The Moustache.
    2) During his playing days, Ditka had to register his stiff-arm as a lethal weapon.
    3) Then during his coaching days he had to register his sharp wit and icy stare.

    4) The Legendary Bears Sweater Vest is made with woven Kevlar thread, thus making it bulletproof. It’s also fireproof because fire knows better than to mess with Da Coach.
    5) You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Unless the horse is led by Mike Ditka, in which case the horse will do whatever the hell he’s told.
    6) Mike Ditka didn’t cry at Brian’s Song. Not because he wasn’t moved, but because he doesn’t cry.
    7) Mike Ditka once called a 4th time out at the end of a game. The officials of course allowed it.
    8) His Moustache has it’s own P.O. Box, and it receives more fan mail than all the Cubs and White Sox players combined.
    9) He was his High School Senior Prom King, as a 6th grader.
    10) Mike Ditka doesn’t put his pants on one leg at a time.

    11) Seventy five percent of the Chuck Norris facts were in fact borrowed from Iron Mike Ditka. He’ll take them back when he’s ready.
    12) Mike Ditka doesn’t kick ass and take names, he only kicks ass. The asses he kicks will formulate a list for him on an Excel spreadsheet using the “Impact” typeface, size 14.
    13) You know there’s no such thing as a free lunch… unless Da Coach asks for one.
    14) The “Most Interesting Man In The World” comes to Mike Ditka for advice.
    15) One time while a young lad, someone made fun of the Ditka name. One time.
    16) Mike Ditka can compare apples and oranges.
    17) Mike Ditka once climbed Mt. Everest because it was a slow Tuesday.
    18) If you go in the bathroom, turn off the lights, and say “Da Coach” 5 times while facing the mirror… Ditka will appear and slap the wussy right out of you.
    19) His cell phone has never dropped a call.

    20) In the 8th grade Mike Ditka won his school’s Science Fair with a model of a working volcano. There were 17 other working volcano’s made that day, but only one named Mount Ditka.

  2. Mike Ditka left the Saints in such disorganized disaster that JIM HASLETT amounted to a quantum leap forward. Think about that for a second.

  3. Hey! Ya gotta go — ya gotta go — but it’s always socially courteous to try and do it discretely hahaha

  4. That headline had me thinking he had a three way with Britt McHenry and Sage Steele while smoking a Cuban cigar.

  5. Back in his Coaching days, on his radio show, he threatened a caller who was questioning him and called him out to his office on Michigan Ave to ‘kick his ass’!!

  6. Were they forcing him to eat Papa Johns on camera like they always do on the NFL network? Place probably smells like a slaughter house in a sulphur mine.

  7. Him and Berman aren’t watchable anymore.
    And please, NFLN, get rid of that damn Michael Irvin. He brings nothing to your Sunday pregame show. NFL Insiders is quality, then the espn fantasy show till Fox pregame comes on.

  8. Funny as hell. Gotta love the Dikta. Let’s get to 100 then you can literally wet yourself and no one will judge.

  9. Overrated. Today and in the past. He had one good year when he lucked into an amazing defense that stayed healthy.

    Hey Mo Pro,

    Had they not let Wilbur Marshall walk they’d have won more, but…..that’s when they ‘threw nickels around like manhole covers’.

  10. Sorry guys, but this is as fake as they get. They don’t put microphones on their rear ends and it was as loud as his speech lol. Totally edited after the fact but still funny.

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