Jim Harbaugh: It’s “disrespectful” to link me to NFL openings


Don’t ask Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh if he’s looking to return to the NFL.

Harbaugh, speaking to the press three days after his team lost a heartbreaker to Michigan State, was asked about the possibility that his name could surface for NFL head-coaching jobs. Harbaugh didn’t care for the question.

“I won’t comment on it. It’s disrespectful to the game. I look at it as disrespectful,” Harbaugh said.

Harbaugh would certainly be a strong candidate for any NFL head-coaching opening, given the success he had with the 49ers. The Dolphins already have a head-coaching vacancy, and owner Stephen Ross is known to be enamored with Harbaugh.

But it seems very unlikely that Harbaugh would leave Michigan any time soon. He’s done a good job of starting to turn the program around at his alma mater, and he surely wants to see that through, not jump for the next NFL vacancy. It’s also unlikely that Ross, a Michigan graduate and booster, would even want Harbaugh to leave Michigan.

So while it’s natural that Harbaugh will be asked about his interest in NFL jobs, just as other top college coaches are, it’s extremely unlikely that he’s going to leave. He didn’t take the Michigan job to coach one season.

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  1. See I thought it was disrespectful to throw his punter under a bus. Particularly when as a head coach you’re punt unit lines up with gunners out and doesn’t block oh….six people on the LAST play of the game.
    But hey, a week without a Harbaugh whining is like a week without sunshine.

  2. The media respects nothing this is a surprise ?

    And from a guy who is disrespectful in many ways I have zero sympathy for this.

    Nobody misses his whining on the NFL sidelines.

  3. Here’s what Indy needs to do. They need to give Pagano a 2-3 year extension and let Harbaugh have some more time in Michigan. After a few years, he’ll be ready to leave Michigan and take over the Colts. It’s the perfect plan!

  4. It’s not the Dolphins people should be looking at.

    The Colts will let Chick Pagano go at the end of the year. Harbaugh is a former Colt and since his brother got a super bowl ring, he wants one! He also knows you can’t win in the NFL without a QB and the Colts have his former star pupil from Stanford. If he leaves this is the situation that may just make him do it.

  5. Oh ok. Freedom of thought and association are generally “disrespectful” in 2015, so that makes sense.

    Why don’t you just coach and stay at your job if you want to and not get butt-hurt if people think and talk about how you can be an NFL coach again if you want to.

  6. “I will answer that “It’s disrespectful” because I am actively pursuing those options but don’t want it to be out in the open even though there’s no chance of that staying under the table.”


  7. You’re a high profile, highly compensated public figure bozo -get over it, it comes with the job.

  8. I don’t follow college football, so please Jim, stay where you are. Can’t stand the constant whining/belly aching. Out of site, out of mind.

  9. This is the media using Harbaugh (and his brother) for their own profit.
    If I were either of them I would tell the media that if I see ONE more article, newstory, soundbite, commentary, etc about me leaving UM or Baltimore, I’m done talking to the media for the rest of the season and will pay whatever fine comes my way.

    Sooner or later the media MUST learn that THEY do NOT control everyone.

  10. He needs a far thicker skin. Coaches in general frequently change jobs and his personal history has more frequent changes than you’d suspect for a guy who wins. Plus, winning NFL coaches almost invariably end up back in the NFL at some point.

  11. He received everything he was looking for to be happy here in Michigan and to have the focus for the mission to win a National Championship. He’s not going to give up on that.

  12. QB pooch kick it next time coach, that loss is on you, even the great NFL coaches are dumb in reality. YOU NEVER PLAYED THE GAME THOUGH, yeaaahh right, looks like these guys learned so much from playing. If we need advice on important matters in life we will turn to the educated.

  13. Harbaugh was the perfect villain for the vast majority of Seahawk fans and while I can’t speak for all of us, I have to say that I miss him and he’s not wrong here.

  14. I don’t know why he would leave Michigan right now. He’s got plenty of time ahead to come back to the NFL. Regardless of that punt fail its obvious that Michigan will contend for Championships in the near future

  15. QB pooch kick? The QB can barely throw the ball let alone having him pooch kick. The correct call was made … PUNT THE BALL ON 4TH DOWN. Freak play, move along.

  16. I’m sure all the folks criticizing him would love for him to coach their favorite football team.
    He may put people off, but man, can he coach

  17. Disrespectful to the game ? This is the same guy who used the media to make everyone think he was seriously interested in the Miami job when the 49ers hired him. Coach whiner just stay in college coaching where you belong.

  18. Jim knows the same media that helped Jed run him out the Nfl last season by reporting every bit of gossip they could in order to one up the competition. This place reeked of the filth from March last year plum up until Jed fired him. Don’t blame coach one bit in saying kick rocks asking about my business.

  19. I believe him when he says UM is his dream job. From the time he was a child and his dad was assisting Bo at UM, Jim had a love for that program. UM has a place in Jim’s heart, I doubt any of the NFL teams could come close to mattering as much as UM, to Harbaugh. He could have stayed in the NFL this season, I’m sure some team would have hired him as soon as the 9ers dumped him. But, he wasn’t even interested in talking to any of them, he only wanted the UM job. He took far less money than UM offered him, and told them to use it to let him use it to pay for the assistants he wants. That proved to me he loves that program. I can see him wanting to try and have a career there similar to Schembechler’s, other than his father, the most important coach in his life.

  20. Irsay is going to give Harbaugh a blank check in January. Luck, lots of Stanford guys and his name in the Colts ring of honor. It’s a perfect match.

  21. Marshawn Lunch says:
    Oct 20, 2015 12:58 PM
    Harbaugh usually switches jobs after about 4 years. Look at his history.


    Well, leaving the Oakland Raider’s QB coach position to become USD’s head coach makes total sense. Leaving USD to become Stanford’s head coach makes total sense. Leaving Stanford to become the 49ers head coach makes total sense. The 49ers dumping him to hire Tomsula makes zero sense to anybody, even Tomsula. So, every voluntary move he made makes sense, I don’t think many people would have turned down any of those promotions. I think he’ll be ultimately happy to stay at UM.

  22. He moved his parents to Ann Arbor and built them a home. He wants his kids to play in the same parks and go to the same schools he did while he was growing up. He is not leaving Michigan for at least 4-5 years and more than likely will finish his coaching career there.

    Michigan is his destiny. His words.

  23. Disrespectful is the way Jim Harbaugh treats the press, fans and his players. Asking a question about NFL openings is simply a reporter doing their job.

  24. For all of those on here that are talking about how Harbaugh doesn’t stay at a job long…. Lets evaluate his history….

    San Diego St. Turned them in to a winner, got offered Stanford.

    Stanford. Turned them in to a winner, got offered the Forty Whiners job.

    San Fran. Ownership and mgmt. let their fragile little egos get in the way and 86’d him.

    Michigan, he took the best available job, with the best pay, job security and perks, at his alma mater.

    So where in there did he not do what any one would do? He climbed the latter as the the rings became available. Saying he is a team jumper is pathetic trolling.

    PS: I’m a Hawks fan.

  25. When he’s about to be fired or wants to leave sometime in the future from Michigan it won’t be disrespectful at that time.

  26. 90% of the posts seem to be of the troll hater variety.

    I have no attachment to him and I can see how it would be disrespectful to him, his team, and the game.

    For a guy who seems to be so bad and undervalued, why do I wish he would take my NFL team over?

  27. He also said it was “disrespectful” to discuss leaving Stanford after their Orange Bowl win……..and I think we know how that turned out.

  28. Harbaugh is exactly where he wants to be. Coaching Michigan. He’ll be there 20 years. I’d love to see his brother, John, take the USC job.

  29. ^^^you’re crazy if you think he’ll be there in 2 years much less 20. Michigan fans just don’t understand what makes Harbaugh tick. He’s GREAT, savant great, when a program or organization NEEDS him to save the program……..but once it’s saved….that’s where he gets bored and NEEDS, CRAVES new kind of conflict. And mark it…he’ll get his conflict somehow and someway with Michigan.

  30. Here is the current state of affairs:

    (1) Right now Michigan fans are essentially a group that are healing from the equivalent of “battered wife’s syndrome”. I know. I’m a 49ers fan and know right where you are. Jim can do no wrong…….right now.

    (2) When Jim leaves, and he WILL leave, it will have nothing, zero, nada, zilch to do with Michigan. None. This is where Michigan fans get tripped up. It’s not that Jim will grow to “dislike” Michigan or grow disenfranchised. Harbaugh is a Chief-Wierdo-of Operations and Competition. He’s an alien almost when compared to the rest of society. He’s just a totally different dude and that means he doesn’t think, act or view the world like most other folks.

  31. This is such a non-story!

    Harbaugh didn’t take the job at Michigan to try and get back in the NFL, he could have done that sitting on his couch. He took the Michigan job so he could try and turn his Alma Mater into a great football team again.

    Linking the Dolphins to Harbaugh is a joke.

    Yes, a few years back the owner of the Dolphins, Stephen Ross, made a FOOL out of himself by going after Harbaugh PRIOR to firing his existing head coach. But, this does NOT mean that he wants to hire him now that there is going to be a coaching vacancy at the end of this season.

    Those who don’t know Ross well, he care more about Michigan then he ever will about the Dolphins. He just pretend to care about the Dolphins. If he were a real FAN he would have NEVER tried to purchase the Jets.

  32. This is horribly disrespectful. Someone owes the NFL openings an apology, and I mean now!

  33. “I won’t comment on it. It’s disrespectful to the game. I look at it as disrespectful,” Harbaugh said.”

    I read: “How can I answer this so that you idiotic vultures will shut up about NFL coaching vacancies until after the season is over?”

    They will keep asking and asking and asking until he fully denies (read: like Nick Saban) leaving Michigan then totally lambaste him about lying about it when he does.

  34. Miami has to atleast see how well the players respond to Dan Campbell… If it works why try to fix something that’s not broken… Its worth a shot… Indeed…

  35. He will be back in the NFL but not for some years. He will build Michigan back into a national power house. Once he has accomplished that and sits among the elites of college for a few years then the desire and the right job will bring him back. He is still young and has many years of coaching ahead of him. He is a very smart man and to leave Michigan anytime soon would be a big mistake. he is a great coach at both levels. The 49’ers got rid of the wrong person……

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