Tyrod Taylor hopes to be ready to go Sunday in London


The Bills might be getting their starter back on the field in London Sunday morning.

Via Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News, Taylor said today he had no limitations from his sprained MCL, and was optimistic he’d be ready to face the Jaguars.

Taylor missed Sunday’s loss to the Bengals, and while there were reports his job might be in jeopardy if EJ Manuel played well, that turned out to be not true and a moot point anyway.

Getting Taylor back on the field would be a boost for the Bills, even though it’s hard to know who he’d be throwing to. With wide receiver Sammy Watkins’ status up in the air because of the ankle injury that followed the calf injury, the Bills have plenty of issues to push through.

And that doesn’t even get to the problems with their defense.

13 responses to “Tyrod Taylor hopes to be ready to go Sunday in London

  1. Its good news but the problem is their defense. They have played 3 good hands and 3 absolutely terrible ones. Dropping Lineman into pass overage. Vanilla pass rushing and blitzing schemes. Wide open space in seams.

    All the players in the world can come back. But it’s that guy wearing the best and his staff who need to get it together.

  2. Remember when Wrecks said 4th overall on defense wasn’t good enough, that they were going to be 1st overall?

    The fact is that he’s managed to kill whatever the Bills had going for themselves.

  3. He will be dumping the ball off to Herron out of the backfield. What else would he be doing?

    And that stuff about Manuel getting the starting job back was just crazy.

  4. Congrats to Percy Harvin for not being the first Bill to complain about their role. Hell Percy isn’t even the second. Just a matter of time though. Gotta love a Rex Ryan coached team. Always provide good locker room entertainment.

  5. Remember when Wrecks coached Jets, all we heard about was the impending implosion from disgruntled players. Well it’s taken Wrecks only 5-6 weeks to accomplish the same in Buffalo with McCoy, Mario Williams and Watkins all complaining and we haven’t even heard from Percy Harvin……yet. How does Wrecks do it? LOL

  6. Its amazing to me that every bills story is accompanied by comments made by deranged non-bills fans obsessed with Rex Ryan. Don’t you people have your own teams to complain about?

  7. The Bills defense was number 4 in the league last year under a coach that was an ex-offensive line coach. This year under a coach that’s a defensive “genius” they are getting beat up on. What’s up? Do you think Rex talks a better game than he coaches? If Buffalo ever gets a debating team he’d be a good fit.

  8. Every person that comments on the bills that lives out of state has no idea how the team works. i am a giants fan here in western ny and i can tell you 2 things straight away. #1-he is not the end all, be all but TT is MUCH MUCH better than EJ no matter what the national press says. #2 the ENTIRE team is aware of that fact and when EJ is playing they know they have little to no chance of winning. i said it the first week. if TT plays well the bills can be good. if not and EJ is the only option then they are done.

  9. TT maybe better…but that’s mainlY cuz EJ just wasn’t given a fair chance…Taylor has had real good games..(against garbage competition)…& played averagely against the rest…every play he’s a play away from IR… He HAS to HAS to learn how to pass from the pocket otherwise this whole TT is a godd stuff has to end….putting up 24 points in 2 games against Giants and Titans d when EJ puts up 21 against the Bengals d…I mean the Taylor sooooooo great and EJ is sooooo badd statement is insanely laughable….especially asking EJ to come in rusty against the best d defense they’ve faced this yr…I think you’ve seen teams watch the Dolphin/Colt/NE 4th quarter tape and that’s how they’ll defend him…and if he doesn’t learn to evolve and progress everyone drinking the Tyrod cool aid ain’t gonna do ish for the Bills playoff hopes…everything I was worried about is starting to come true…TT doesn’t go thru his reads, always locks on to 1 guy…always looks to run at the hint of pressure…(hard for the Oline to hold blocks that long)…and the biggest one…cannot consistently hit the deep 1on1 deep throws…once a game twice a game isn’t enough folks…I know it’s not their offense to do it all game but there’s at least 4-5 deep throws a game and if he keeps hitting 1…ain’t gonna cut it…but keep loving and defending the guy who’s had 2 solid games like this is what hes been doing”….keep treating him like he’s THAT dude after 5 GAMES!!!!…Trent Edwards any1????…4-0…FITPATRICK???….5-2????…Tyrod 3-2…HOF???…hahaha

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