Cam Newton wants to fine you for your bad predictions


Cam Newton knows that not all that many people picked his team to beat the Seahawks last week on the road.

But he’s not using them as fuel for some desperate-for-motivation “hater” fire. He’s mostly laughing all the way to the bank.

Newton was having some fun Wednesday, saying he didn’t take it personally, as long as the naysayers made a personal donation.

No offense, but I find all media comical at times,” Newton said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “I think you guys’ profession you can easily take back what you say. There’s not danger when somebody says it. If it was a pay cut or an incentive, picking teams each and every week you get a raise I guarantee people would watch what they say.

“If you make a bold statement and you’re correct, you should get X-amount increase. But If you make a bold statement and it goes the other way, you get a deduction. And it goes straight to the Cam Newton Foundation.”

When you’re 5-0 and rolling, it’s easy to get philosophical and have some fun with the prediction that goes wrong.

But as the guy who predicted that Ravens-Dolphins AFC Championship Game, we find Newton’s suggestion ridiculous and offensive.

31 responses to “Cam Newton wants to fine you for your bad predictions

  1. One of my favorite desktop images is the Patriots-Bills pre game where every person in the studio panel picked the Bills.

  2. wow, no PFT pre-season picks for the Panthers nor the Bengals?
    Stlll got a lot of football to play, but…

  3. Nope. I agree with Cam here. Put your money where your mouth is guys. I’ve often said that the reason I cannot listen to much sports radio or read too many sites is that it gets to bland and vanilla. The majority of people are regurgitating what the last guy said. The media seemingly has a list of unwritten rules and to go against popular consensus is to be outed from the club. Certain “truths” cannot be gone against. For instance, your boy Peyton Manning. … I’ve never been a fan. Sure he’s a great guy, funny, articulate, smart as a whip…..but he is garbage when it truly matters. He is the opposite of clutch in playoff situations. Take a gander at his playoff stats. I once put up his stats alongside Alex Smiths all time playoff stats and asked people who was better. It was clearly Alex Smith. Yet right now you’re laughing because Peyton is “clearly better”. Is he though? He is a regular season stat junky and can thank the woeful AFC South for being downtrodden for the past 15 years and being his automatic 6 win doormats. Who’d be willing to say that on the radio or write an article outlining that? Yep. A guy willing to be fired for going against the grain.

  4. Actually he doesn’t want to fine “us” Mike, he’s talking to people like you. And he has a good light spirited point. There’s very little accountability in sports media. Make a bad prediction or say something outlandish on tv? No problem, just ignore it next week and act like it never happened.

  5. If most of the media had to forfeit part of their paycheck for bad predictions/reports, they would owe the media companies money every two weeks.

  6. This guy Newton was the number one pick in the draft. He’s supposed to win. His team only wins when the defense plays well. After many super bowl victories, I never heard Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, or any other winning QB come out and act so childlike.

  7. He does have a point, but to clarify… the Media Predictions are for “Entertainment Purposes”. Las Vegas does have a Sports Book and it is a multi-billion dollar industry should they decide to “put their money where their mouth is”.

    Two totally separate things just like FanDuel and DraftKings is a Game of Skill and not Gambling {sarcasm}.

  8. CAM is that man, and anyway you wanna look at it he’s right: writers and talking heads aren’t being held accountable for all the nonsense they spew and want to boast to the world when the broken clock is right. I don’t care if he wears pumps and questionable attire, he’s still SUPAMAN.

  9. It is simple really, most of the prognosticators do not put in any research and merely rely on consensus to make their predictions. Basically unless your team is from the northeast or the Packers, Cowboys, Seahawks, or until recently the Saints, your teams get very little respect. They were sure building up the Falcons until last Thursday. I suppose if these people were so good they would really rack up on sports betting. In the end they are just ex-jocks and various homers from mostly teams in the north-east. Yeah, the poor old Panthers are 5 and 0. I guess no one told they couldn’t do that.

  10. Not a panthers fan in any way but people that have been hammering Newton about his stats drive me crazy. It’s tha whole fantasy football thing and that always drives me crazy. Anyone tha has watched him play this year and understands anything about football realized that his stats don’t tell the story of how well he is playing. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t have flaws and some of the criticism towards him in the past wasn’t justified, but just stop with the stat crap and actually watch some games. Hell, even Peyton, as much as his game has declined no question, has done stuff that has helped his team win at critical times. I absolutely hate fantasy football and what it’s done to the sport!

  11. Ravens-Dolphins really? You should be ashamed of your self for picking the fins over the Pats. The Ravens I could see your point they gave New England all they could handle in last years playoffs but the Dolphins?

  12. So Cam has a whole system in mind for when people voice their OPINION on who they think will win? Why don’t you slip on your PJ’s, pretend to be Superman & leave the rules to the adults?

  13. This is hilarious! Cam is right! Best jobs in the world are sports writers and weather persons. You can predict all you want and can be wrong all the time but you get to keep your job. Heck, no one even expects you to be right. Must be nice.

  14. I’m going to assume Gantt is trying to be funny/sarcastic with that last paragraph….

    Cam is having fun. All the work he has been doing his whole NFL career is starting to bear some fruit and the team is doing well.

    And why not take a few shots at the media? We went 11-1 the last 12 games in 2013, and every single week the talking heads said it was all smoke and mirrors, and this week they’ll be exposed and get blown out. (Yes, I know that did happen in the playoff game.) Last year, everyone screamed that our playoff spot should be revoked because we had a losing record, even though no one said that about Seattle when they won the NFC West at 7-9. And every week this year, we’re “the worst undefeated team.”

    I don’t understand this nationwide conspiracy to demonize the Panthers at every turn, and I understand Cam wanting to make fun of it.

  15. Tell us why you picked the Ravens again? I was blown away by all the Ravens picks to win the AFC North.

    The Dolphins I can almost understand, it’s a common fault of the media to pick teams that spend tons of money in free agency.

  16. The Panthers have an easy schedule so they should finish with a really good record, the Eagles have been playing better so they’ll test the Panthers this week. Indy should have a healthy Luck and might be another decent test. However the biggest test is the Packers, we can judge how good the Panthers are after that game…..Broncos, Packers, and Bengals have a bye so the Panthers could be the next unbeaten to fall.

  17. itguy76 says:
    Oct 22, 2015 2:17 PM
    However the biggest test is the Packers, we can judge how good the Panthers are after that game…..Broncos, Packers, and Bengals have a bye so the Panthers could be the next unbeaten to fall

    Sooo, win 7 games in a row then play one of the top 3 teams in the league so we can finally find out if youre for real?

    LMFAO. Did you really just say that?

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