Cameron Wake named AFC defensive player of the week


Some weeks, it’s hard to know which player might be named player of the week.

But Dolphins defensive end Cameron Wake made it a bit of a moot point this time though.

Wake was named AFC defensive player of the week, after recording four sacks and two forced fumbles in last week’s win over the Titans.

Wake had been quiet so far this season, with a hamstring injury limiting his ability to make explosive plays. But he certainly looked well Sunday, and if he can continue to get to the passer, the Dolphins will be well on their way to enforcing interim coach Dan Campbell’s tough-guy ways.

16 responses to “Cameron Wake named AFC defensive player of the week

  1. This is well deserved EarthWake and the whole Dolphin Defensive line!!!Also this honor should go to Dan Campbell Soup who motivated them in the 38-10 win Sunday!!! They kept Tenn to 63 yards rushing and 6 sacks on the day!!! Keep up the good work and lets see a few more Dolphin players get recognized!!

  2. Agreed… well deserved. Not many player make that kind of impact during an entire game.

    Held Tenn. to season lows in yards, points and other stats.

  3. IT’S ABOUT TIME Wake woke up now if we could just get Suh in the mix!!! Hopefully save it for the by God patsies the darlings of the NFL & Sack & destroy cheater Brady!!! But lets beat the Texans finally huh??? Nice job Wake, GO FINS!!!

  4. Most interesting to me is that Wake was in for less than 50% of the defensive snaps against Tenn

  5. So what is so great about all this is Dan Campbell. He makes some changes and adjustments to the coaching, offense and defense schemes, gets a call on a challenge that turned into a fumbled miss call on the field. Holds the Tennessee offense to season low under 70 yards rushing and gives up 10 points. The DLine looked like what we all thought they would look like week 1. It reminds me of that song.. who let the dogs.. haha
    Now on offense Tanny had one INT bounce off a WR hands the other was just off and on RT. Other than that, the offense ran the ball for over 180, averaged over 5 yards a carry, 2x the attempts from previous games. They were solid all around and this is with a new HC, New DC, New Assistant HC and on the road after a bye. Not too shabby. It was just one week but it shows the talent and the ability that this team has and I approve Dan Campbell so far and hope it continues. He is just what this teams needs.

  6. And it just shows how god awful Philbin and Coyle were. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching both of their reactions to this game.. I mean it was the complete opposite of when they were there. Wonder what Ross was thinking after this game as well.

  7. getitrightflorio says:
    Oct 21, 2015 12:13 PM

    Going up against a rookie third round pick congratulations Cameron
    No excuses. This is the NFL, big boy. That rookie makes the bucks the to play. If he can’t do the job, replace him.

    Congrats Wake.
    Now for the Texans….

    Phins Up

  8. That Titans rookie beat out every other veteran the Titans had, or had the opportunity to sign thru free agency but didn’t.

    True a veteran may have been a bit more savvy than the rookie – but Wake and the DL were on a mission – regardless of an extra TE or a RN held back in the pocket (which happened often last Sunday)

    Congrats Wake – you deserved this title this week.

  9. So if “coach pulls them out of the deep end” and finishes 8-8, that means an interim head coach with no HC experience went 7-5 with a team that was as dysfunctional as any in recent memory. Where’s the down side?

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