If Steve Smith is still retiring, Ravens should trade him to a contender


The Ravens, at 1-5 through six games, are as a practical matter done. Sure, they could in theory run the table and make it to the playoffs. However, it’s a long shot at best that it will happen.

So with veteran receiver Steve Smith still intent on retiring after the season, the Ravens should consider finding a way to get value for a guy who won’t be with the team in 2016.

Plenty of contenders need receivers, and the Packers would be a great fit for a savvy veteran who knows how to get open and how to inspire young players. Smith has shown an affinity for stepping up and performing on the postseason stage, and the Packers could use a kick in the butt when it’s time to play in the single-elimination format, given their struggles since 2010 to progress deep into the field.

With a prime-time game coming up against the Cardinals on Monday night, Smith could showcase his skills in a way that would prompt a contender to pick up the phone and make the Ravens an offer that, given Smith’s plans and the current predicament of the team, would be hard to refuse.

87 responses to “If Steve Smith is still retiring, Ravens should trade him to a contender

  1. How much is his salary? Most contenders will have little or no cap room left by this point.
    Ravens would have to eat most of the contract in exchange for a 6th or 7th round pick.

  2. Depending on what the Ravens will want in a trade, this makes a lot of sense. Steve Smith would have has last chance for a Super Bowl ring and his intensity could provide Green Bay’s offense with the toughness it seems to be lacking. If it happens, this will be an exciting story for every NFL fan. I can’t wait to watch the games he plays in a Packer uniform.

  3. I don’t understand why teams don’t send memos to other teams in the beginning of the year with a list of players that they would be willing to part ways with if their records aren’t what they expected. It could help with the process of acquiring a new player mid season and help agents find teams that their client is willing to join. I don’t know how players on that list would react to being expendable, but surely teams like the Bears, Ravens, Texans, and Lions could benefit by trading star players that could net them high draft picks. It would be a slippery slope to climb but all of the teams that i mentioned aren’t teams that can turn it around by acquiring a couple of players, so why not stock up on draft picks?

  4. Or…as a player looking at being immortalized in the HOF there is no better place to accumulate stats as Baltimore where you are the 1st and 2nd receiver.

    On the Packers he’d have to learn the offense, get chemistry, and they’d have to accept his larger than life personality.

    Aren’t the Packers 6-0?

    The more I think about this the more stupid it sounds.

  5. Trade him to the Panthers. He still lives in Charlotte. How ironic they are contenders without him. Bloodshed in reverse. Let the rumors fly!

  6. Florio, to the outside world, yes the Ravens are done. But when you’re in that locker room, after the long offseason, OTAs, minicamps, training camp, and preseason and all the hard work you’ve put in, you just don’t quit after six games.

    Trading Steve Smith would mean they’re not trying to win games anymore this year. How as a coach are you supposed to have any credibility and expect your guys to still compete every week if they know you’re already giving up on the season? Trading Smith is not a good idea

  7. It’s still mid-October, and the smart move is to pull the handle on the season… ouch!

  8. Greebay will be ideal fit no Jordy Nelson Cobb is struggling getting open because of double teams. Or he can go back home to where it all started Carolina they have no wide receivers

  9. hm, I wonder what team that’s a legitimate contender and really needs a superstar WR might have ties with Smitty…

    hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

  10. I sure hope he doesn’t retire this year. I’d rather watch legit tough guys like Smith who talk the talk and walk the walk, than this new generation of players who require urgent medical care for a broken nail.

  11. I think, but am not positive on the yr., it was the mid-point of the 1970 NFL season, with the Bengals record at 1-6. They proceeded to run the table, finish at 8-6 and placed first in the division. I’m guessing that no other team ever accomplished such an in- season turn around.

  12. Packers are not steam that makes deals like that. Very solid organization that has great success but the coach and organization are plodders. They don’t make deals like this even though they should and it’s the reason why they haven’t won a championship in a while and aren’t this year either

  13. Steve Smith is an animal, I just don’t see it though. Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy like their guys, and even though it could be a good move, they play it safe. It could change the dynamic in the locker room, and DaVante Adams is coming back healthy after the bye. Eddie Lacy as well, hopefully.

  14. None of the contenders would risk upsetting the chemistry. GB obviously doesn’t need him. Neither do the other contenders. His best bet is to find a middling team he can turn into a contender. I wouldn’t mind to see him opposite OBJ. If any team needs a kick it’s the NYG.

  15. The problem is that most contenders already have good WRs. It’s a relatively easy position to find someone who will fit your scheme. Steve Smith is awesome, but I don’t see anyone offering anything big in exchange for a 10-game rental, especially when you consider Smith would have to learn a new scheme.

  16. Right. No way that, with his sunny personality, Smith Sr resents getting traded for a pair of used gym socks twice in less than 3 years. I’m sure his camel’s back has room for one more straw.

  17. Cam needs someone to throw to again not names Olsen. On if their upper management apologize and suck it up Carolina is where he needs to be and retire there. They have a good shot this year if they can get em. I hope they do for my friend fighting a coma whose a die hard panthers fan and would loved to see it happen.

  18. I’ve ALWAYS been impressed with Steve Smith’s skills and even more impressed that he can still run by and away from much younger DBs. I was glad to see him leave the NFC South because he always had big days vs my Saints. I wonder if he’d be interested in going back to Carolina or if they’re interested in having him back?

  19. John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome don’t seem like the types to waive the white flag. Neither does Steve Smith Senior for that matter. He languished on all of those bad Panthers teams without so much as a peep in public about being unhappy.

  20. To Hades with that. The man’s a good player he’s a scumbag. Take Tony Gonzalez, a HoF caliber player who was a legitimately good guy on and off the field. THAT’S the kind of guy it’s a shame never got a chance at a ring. Try and tell me Smith is that kind of guy and Ken Lucas will call you the liar you are. We are not going to start “waaaa, let old man _____ get traded so he can get a ring,” whining every time a guy is playing his last season on a bad team. Get over it.

    Besides. Smith already had his chance in a Superbowl. If he doesn’t deserve a “give an old man a ring,” trade (and he doesn’t,” then he dang well doesn’t deserve a “give an old man who already had a shot at and lost a ring another shot,” trade. Stop trying to stick a halo on this dude’s head. He’s earned his reputation and we don’t need an attempted media whitewash of it now. He’s a loud mouthed punk who’s good at running fast and catching a football. Next you’re gonna try and tell us he’s some sort of role model.

  21. Why should they trade him to a “contender”? They should trade him to whomever will give the most.

    This sounds more like the article is about giving Steve Smith something the writer feels Smith is entitled, rather than the Ravens making a good move for themselves.

  22. It is hard to not like Steve Smith Sr.’s work ethic and effort. Too bad for him he ended up in Baltimore. I doubt they will try to shop him.

  23. The Ravens shouldn’t just trade him because he’s retiring and their season is over. They should trade him because he already has broken bones in his back and showed last year his play declines rapidly in the second half of the season.

  24. This would be a great move by both sides. Free up Cobb to be a true slot guy again and add some toughness all at the same time.

  25. For other teams, there is no team that would take him for much right now. Not because he can’t play. He can flat out ball. Other teams just don’t know how it would jack up their team dynamics with his imposing personality.

    From his point of view, his best opportunity to make an impact his final year is to stay put. If he leaves he has less chance to leave a lasting impression.

    From Baltimore’s POV, a 6th or 7th rounder… maybe…isn’t enough. They need to use this final year to have him teach the young players how to prepare mentally and physically.

    So I just don’t see it happening.

  26. Stiller43 says:
    Oct 21, 2015 9:35 PM
    The ravens are a bad kicker (scobee) asay from being 0-6. Yikes.

    0 0

    At the same time we are several Steve Smith Sr. drops away from being 4-2.

  27. Ravens would be better off long term if they traded a package deal of Smith and Flacco for a couple of 5th-7th round picks

  28. I do recall Green Bay making an uncharacteristic mid season splash on Andre “Bad Moon” Rison leading up to Super Bowl 31. That ended up well for us. A Steve Smith deal would feel very similar in both the process and the end result.

  29. We don’t need him in Green Bay. Unless he likes to drink. A lot.

  30. For those who don’t understand, Green Bay is a “Drinking Town with a Football Problem” and that’s just the way it is and will be.
    No offense meant but We don’t need no stinkin Steve Smith to win this seasons Super Bowl.
    Aaron has plenty of weapons.

  31. The Viking trolls showed up late for this one. There must’ve been a shift change at Burger Hut.

  32. Perry, Daniels, Hayward along with several other player’s contracts are coming up next year…

    I think Green Bay would rather keep the cap space (and the draft pick) for next year.

  33. Daniels is Teds focus for a new deal. The issue is he wants a deal averaging $10 mil per season. In that case they’ll let him walk. Hayward and Perry will get resigned at much lower salary. Daniels is darn good but not that good.

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