League cuts deal, Cameron Heyward stops eye black memorial

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The NFL lacks self-awareness or apparent sympathy when it comes to its uniform policy, but they solved their Cameron Heyward problem with the one commodity they have in abundance — money.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN.com, the league reduced both the fines the Steelers defensive end incurred for his “Iron Head” eye black to honor his late father who died of cancer. That’s a reasonable stance, especially since another player spent last year wearing a similar personal message wasn’t fined at all.

The first offense was $5,787  and the second would have been $11,576 fine , but a source said the fine was now “significantly less.”

Heyward had a conference call with league officials last night to address the matter, saying on Twitter that it was a “respectful exchange.”

“I consider myself a team player and someone who puts others before myself, and I don’t want to be a distraction to my teammates or the Steelers organization,” he wrote. “With that, I will not be writing on my eye black going forward anymore. I will be honoring my father in other ways on and off the field.”

Heyward started a charitable partnership with EyeBlack.com, and anyone buying pre-printed “Iron Head” eye black will be making a donation to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation, which his father Craig Heyward was associated with before his death in 2006.

15 responses to “League cuts deal, Cameron Heyward stops eye black memorial

  1. Besides being a budding star football player, Cameron comes across as a very articulate, thoughtful and intelligent person. He is special. Glad he is on the Steelers.

  2. Looks like if your not an “approved” charity you have to buy ad space beside the beer guys. Pretty soon the NFL will have congress involved in everything. The league has devolved into a game that the offense is propped up by outrageous penalties against the defense, a bunch of money hungry idiots and a bunch of cheaters who can cheat and get away with it. This isn’t even football anymore.

  3. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think it’s as simple as reducing, or even waiving, the fines. Heyward was pretty dug in. I hope he got the NFL to cough up a charitable donation. But, I suspect that the NFL threatened worse punishment and doesn’t want it to get out and embarrass them.

  4. The NFL could learn a lot about class from this man.
    On the field, he has been the unquestionable defensive leader and is bringing it every single play. You can see his influence on Tuitt as well.
    Landry Jones ignited that stadium when he came in; except for Heyward who was already on fire the entire game. He’s probably the best defensive captain and leader the Stiller’s D has had in a long time and he is one of the biggest reasons the defense is playing better than people expected. Happy hump day.

  5. Very glad they reduced the fines. It’s common knowledge that only one player in the league can do as he pleases with no fear of repercussions.

  6. I agree that the league is embarrassing its self with its conduct to a man of integrity and honor and dignity, all three of which are lacking in the executives of the NFL.

  7. williamshatnerstoupee says:
    Oct 21, 2015 10:20 AM

    Very glad they reduced the fines. It’s common knowledge that only one player in the league can do as he pleases with no fear of repercussions.

    Yep. Aaron Rodgers can admit to cheating, by inflating the footballs, higher than they allow, but the NFL won’t do anything about it, because they don’t want to “overreact”.

  8. He should have stuck to his guns and fought this out.
    No fines and an apology – with more leniency going
    The NFL would have received a black eye, over
    Heyward’s EyeBlack, had Cam chosen to pursue this.

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