NFL considering playing three weeks in a row in London

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As the NFL continues its international experiment this week with the Bills and Jaguars in London, they’re clearly thinking about the future as well.

(No, this is not a Michael J. Fox post, there have been plenty of those today.)

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, the league is considering two specific proposals for next year’s fourth year of their original four-year deal (which has since been extended).

One is for one team to play twice in London in the same season, and the other is to play games in three consecutive weeks.

While the Jaguars are the obvious suspect to double dip in England, the idea of going back-to-back-to-back is intriguing.

The league has made clear one of the biggest hurdles to putting a team in England remains the logistical concerns, such as transporting all the players and equipment, without sacrificing competitive advantage.

Moving three games’ worth of teams across the pond would provide a strenuous test of those issues, at least from a league perspective.

How a single team deals with that stress — at least twice in a season — is a different concern, though it would be a tougher sell to their home fans who are giving up a quarter of their regular season to another country.

40 responses to “NFL considering playing three weeks in a row in London

  1. STOP. Just STOP with this nonsense. The more time that goes by the more Mark Cuban is looking prophetic about the NFL; “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered, and they’re getting hoggy”

  2. The NFL is slowly dying with each idiotic move of trying to cash in. I feel sorry for the players n fans of a once great sport. Some people can/will never have enough.

    NFL = Not For Long

  3. Unless every team plays 1 game in London each season, the entire season’s integrity is shot for obvious reasons. Then again, it’s the NFL so who cares about integrity. Here’s a solution, move the NFL over to England on a permanent basis.

  4. This is idiotic. If I was a player I would demand the NFL pays the difference on the huge tax burden they , the players must pay. It’s like throwing a half a game check out the window
    Two, it just ludicrous to even think of. The ongoing safety issues are far too much to expose these players to
    Third. Right now it’s a novelty. NFL Europe was a huge failure this will also be

  5. Why would a team have to give up 2 home games to London. If Jacksonville, for example, played their 1 home game per year there wouldn’t they just consider them to be the “away” team for a different game? That being said…I hate the idea.

  6. Can’t believe NFL continues to ignore Mexico.
    NFL played a game there 10 years ago and they filled the stadium.
    Place it in Mexico near the border of the USA and its close enough to every city in the United States.
    You can’t tell me that 80k mexicans in the whole country can’t afford to attend a game week in and week out.

    And I think it would be good for relations between our country.

  7. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. I don’t even blame the league. The players Association just has no leadership. I’m surprised the NFL doesn’t make them travel over there by boat. The NFLPA would go along with that too.

  8. How are you gonna feel when your team makes it to the Bowl and that’s the year God-ell awards London with hosting it? It’s coming and probably before they get a franchise. He treats us and our money like we are suckers!

  9. More fans are losing a home game to see their team play. The NFL claims it’s for the fans just not the teams that have to go there!!! It is B/S!!! KEEP THE GAME HERE!!!

  10. If you look at the big picture it starts at high school football which is already dying a slow death and within 15 to 20 years soccer will be the most played sport.

    It’s once a year and the tickets are sold cheap. This creates all the fanfare. They might want to test this experiment by adding more games in hopes that (American) football can catch on over there, but I doubt it will…

  11. Goodell works for the league owners. Why is this concept so difficult for people to understand? HE can’t award London anything. HE is an employee.

  12. Wow, that’s an awful lot of toilet paper to have to move in a short space of time!!!

  13. The fans need to step up, the next game after London have no shows, open Godels eyes.

  14. NFL better get all the money they can right now…IMO the days of the billion dollar TV contracts are behind us…maybe one more then done.

    Shell out 150 – 300 for cable or stream for 12?

  15. This is nonsense at it’s worst. U S fans and TV revenue fund the NFL. They deserve having the games played on this continent and this country. Playing in Europe is a terrible idea.

  16. A team would not have to give up 2 home games.
    It could play a “home” game and an “away” game in London in 2 consecutive weeks. That would cut down on the air travel for them at least.

    2 games could be ok, but three? Why stop there?

    What not team A playing consecutive home and away games. Then a couple of months later team B playing a home and away game.

    Or how about this – Move the Pro-Bowl to Europe.
    They can have it … for free.

  17. intrafinesse is thinking in the right direction. The Jags appear to be the only team currently interested in playing in London twice a year.
    Whether or not they do that, other teams would go to London 2 years in a row, once as a road game, once as a home game. A rough approximation of fair.
    The number of games in London in any given season would be set by fan interest.

  18. Personally I am boycotting (not watching) every game played in another country. This non-sense has to stop and any resistance at the grass roots level helps.

  19. Why must teams give up home games?

    Can’t game be as an away game for both teams?
    It is in fact away from their home stadiums.

    Maybe that makes too much sense for the NFL to consider ?!

  20. I hate this idea but if the NFL insists
    Delete 2 preseason games
    Add a BYE week between the preseason game 2 and the regular season so people can heal up and trade be made.
    Add a 17th Regular season game between Conferences like you do the 2 games not in the division you are playing in your conference and have all of the extra games be in England or Mexico or Alaska or Hawaii. No out of country or Hawaii games the 1st 2 and last 2 weeks of the regular season so yes 2 weeks there would be 2 out of country games.

    This way each teams loses a home and away preseason but no home games.

  21. I understand why the Jaguars are being seen as the obvious choice for multiple games, given their previous commitment to international play, but there is a another team that might make the most sense, and not just for a few games, but their entire season.

    The Oakland Raiders are having no success in getting a new stadium in Oakland, and are looking as if they will be locked out of the Los Angeles race. If they can’t find a new permanent home, a move across the Atlantic could be the type of flashy move that franchise might just make.

  22. One game is a bad enough. Contrary to popular belief the Jags are very popular in Jacksonville. I don’t know if people here would accept that. Shad Khan owns Fulham too. Let’s see if he can get their fans to accept a regular fixture over in the states.

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