Pettine on Bowe not playing: Our top four receivers are “entrenched”


The Browns left wide receiver Dwayne Bowe inactive last Sunday for the fourth time in six games and it doesn’t appear that will be changing anytime soon.

While Browns quarterback Josh McCown said last week on PFT Live that he thought Bowe would bring “added value to the group” when his conditioning was where it needs to be, coach Mike Pettine suggested Wednesday that it will take an injury to another receiver or some other development that alters the current mix of the roster to get Bowe on the field.

“We make that decision each week,” Pettine said, via Daryl Ruiter of 92.3 The Fan. “We build a plan and see where we are from a depth standpoint. We talk about the minimum position requirements. The top 4 guys [at wide receiver] are entrenched.”

Travis Benjamin, Brian Hartline, Andrew Hawkins and Taylor Gabriel are joined by Marlon Moore at receiver. Pettine said Moore has been “outstanding” on special teams for the Browns this season and Bowe doesn’t play special teams, which doesn’t leave him much of a chance at getting a uniform on Sunday.

That’s not much return on the $9 million in guaranteed money the Browns gave Bowe this offseason nor is it much of an endorsement of the kind of player that Bowe is at this point in his career.

27 responses to “Pettine on Bowe not playing: Our top four receivers are “entrenched”

  1. lol’ing at Andrew Hawkins who left the Bengals a team that resurrected his career, for a Cleveland payday, and now his a 5th string gadget play guy. Good choice Baby Hawk.

  2. It seems Pettine is benching Bowe on spite. He didn’t want him but the GM signed him, so Pettine refuses to play him.

    Bowe may not be great but the browns need a big WR. There is no doubt Bowe could help as a redzone target at least.

  3. Actually for Bowe, it isn’t a bad situation to be in. Collect $9 million this year, not have to worry about injury, go out and collect another contract next year being extremely healthy. Bad move by the Browns. Everyone else laughing.

  4. Bowe is just collecting a pay check, doesn’t care at all. And as soft as their defense is, I’d have to guess all those guys are too. Cleveland needs to hire the Dolphins new head coach as a defensive coach, because they need to learn how to hit and tackle!!

  5. Farmer and Pettine remind me of something I saw painted on a wall in my college days.

    “There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action.”

    This should be Pettine’s new slogan, right up there with “Play like a clown”.

  6. The list of acheivements Ray Farmer should be proud of in his GM tenure is short:

    1) The handling of the Alex Mack contract last off-season
    2) The drafting Joel Bitonio

    Contrast that to the list of regrets:

    1) 2014 Draft
    2) 2015 Draft
    3) Dwayne Bowe
    4) Texting
    5) Tashaun Gipson contract situation
    6) The ongoing Manziel saga (over and above drafting the bum)

  7. Right Pettine. Because your WR corp is murderer’s row on the other team’s DBs. Benjamin is the only WR worth a bag of balls on your roster.

    This guy says the dumbest things, and Farmer makes the dumbest draft day and personnel decisions.

  8. Humiliating what Petine is doing to Bowe. If Bowe had any dignity he would ask to be released and return some of the money so he can show some pride and try to earn his next oppurtunity. Him sitting back and laugh g his way to the bank most certainly means he’s thrown in the towel and won’t be in a nfl uniform after this season.

  9. In hindsight, the Browns should have kept Terrelle Pryor, and cut Bowe. Pryor can certainly help out on special teams.

  10. How did Bowe get 9mm guaranteed? Who were the browns in a bidding war with? They make it sound like he is terrible and can’t play, so how did you come up with 9mm guaranteed? Did Bowe’s agent play a fake VM from Ozzie saying they were gonna guarantee him 7 and you feel for it? lol.

    Just another #mistakebythelake

  11. If Haslam has so much money to throw away, why not just give it back to the truckers he ripped off?

    And, why isn’t he in jail yet???

  12. If the Browns keep throwing cap money and draft picks away people are going to begin to wonder how they continue to be so darn successful.

  13. Pettine refusing to play guys like Bowe and Manziel, who are guys the clowns above him want to see play, is only going to cost him his job if he doesn’t start pulling some wins out of his backside.

    If they lose 2 more games you’d better play Johnny and anybody else you can at at least try to kiss some Farmer booty or else you’ll be sitting at home collecting checks every sunday next season…

    …actually that’s probably exactly what he wants. Get out of Cleveland, not have to deal with this circus anymore and STILL get paychecks. Go for it Pettine, burn the whole thing down on your way out the door!


  14. No player should be entrenched unless it’s a perennial pro bowler or future hall of famer in his prime. On top of that it’s Cleveland for goodness sakes. I can’t believe some of the coaching that is scattered around the NFL these days,

  15. What a moron. Bowe could certainly help the situation. It’s as stupid as the Chiefs thinking he was the problem, when intelligent people nationwide knew it was Alex Smith.

    I’m glad DeWayne got a paid vacation out of the deal. He deserved it after having Reid and Alice try to destroy his career.

  16. For those calling for Bowe and how they need him……. he can’t set the edge on “D” to stop those outside rushers getting the corner…..

    Receiver isn’t the problem….. It’s is the leagues HIGHEST PAID “D” that can’t stop anyone…..

    Fantasy Tip…….. Every RB that has played the Browns this years has either had a season high or career high game……..

  17. Ohg, I get it. The current group of wideouts is so dynamic, so incredible, such prolific playmakers that this idiot Pettine won’t even sit one of them for a quarter of a game to see if Bowe has anything to offer. Meanwhile, the 9 million dollar man laughs all the way to the bank, thanking Ray Farmer for being such a generous moron.

  18. So Bowe is getting a boat load of money to do nothing and Cleveland is in a position where Bowe is a reserve guy because their other receivers are over achieving big time this season.

    What was the problem again? Honestly is anyone in Cleveland missing Josh Gordon or Jordan Cameron at this point?

  19. I’m a Browns fan, and have been since I was a kid…I’m 55 years old now…i could make some comment about this story, but I’m just worn out with the foolish, stupid, mind blowing moves this team seems to always make. I’m simply speechless at this point….

  20. When Pettine says we are “close”, if he means we are one or two playmakers away from being an above 500 team, I think he’s right. We would be close now if we could stop the damn run- we would be above 500 now easily. We just don’t seem to have that stud linebacker that can dominate and smother out a running game. Either too slow or poor tackling (or both). If we just had that, we would be going to the playoffs. IMHO

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