Bills declaring Harvin’s absence personal could set the stage for fight


Nothing is ever simple with Percy Harvin, as his latest hip injury/absence has caused some will-he-or-won’t-he retirement reports.

But that might just be the beginning of the drama.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, the Bills listing Harvin as “non-injury related” on their injury report for today and coach Rex Ryan saying he didn’t know where the mercurial receiver was could be setting the stage for a fight over money.

Garafolo also reports that Harvin has indeed contemplated retirement, though with Harvin that could change from minute to minute and everyone could be both right and wrong at the same time. He’s Schrodinger’s wideout.

If Harvin were to retire, he’d risk more than $4.5 million in bonus forfeitures and salary, and that might be enough to make a man show up for work, or tell his bosses where he was.

But the Bills might also be seeing what the Seahawks and Vikings saw when they parted ways with such a talented player. And now the ball is squarely in Harvin’s court, and we’ll wait to see if he shows up or bows up at what amounts to the team calling his bluff.

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  1. Not really sure why they hired him – beyond the Rex Ryan Drama Magnet factor. The guy is fantastic when he plays, but he’s constantly injured and always involved in drama. The risk / reward ratio is completely lopsided.

    The Vikings completely fleeced the Seahawks out of a first round pick when they traded him in early 2013. Kind of like what New Orleans did to the Seahawks in early 2015. I guess in another couple years the Seahawks will trade a first round pick for a deeply flawed offensive weapon with a high upside. I wonder who. Mike Wallace maybe?

  2. Talented? I’d say potential is more like it, and that went out the window after less than stellar stays with the Vikes and Seahawks. This guy is toast!

  3. He has to at least show up to work and go to the trainer’s for treatment. Then they’ll list him on the injury report or have him do physical therapy (stationary bike, treadmill, stretching, ice).

    If he just isn’t showing up, that is AWOL, and he should expect a fight with the team over his paycheck, because he isn’t earning his paycheck.

  4. This guy needs to report to work, there’s no IR in Buffalo unless your physically hurt (which he isn’t). Stop playing games or leave without your money, physco.

  5. Relax Bills fans. Bowles cleared all the trash out of the locker room so Rex can’t cause anymore humiliation to you.

    On second thought, there is this Geno Smith guy about to be available.

  6. All part of Rex’s plan to “build the bully” or put together a team lacking in discipline. I think we’ve figured out which one at this point and Jets fans are laughing. Think about that. Jets fans are laughing.

  7. There have been concerns about this guy since college, and it doesn’t seem like anyone has listened to them. At least the Bills are on on one of the smaller hooks when it comes to Headache Harvin.

  8. They signed this headcase because Bills fans are always looking for something, anything, to put them in the news.

    Like when they finally signed Mario Williams, that town was going nuts, because they wanted to be the team that “won”, that’s what kind of town and fan base we’re talking about.

    Wrecks was exactly what the doctor ordered *for the moment*, he was poring the desperation Koolaid and Bills fans were drinking it.

  9. I wonder if Poicy has always been like this?
    He certainly shows the “Elvis effect” for his Mo.ther
    Her over protectiveness, spoiling, and telling him how special he is.
    Just retire already! Were sick of you and your theatrics! Looks like the Bills players and staff hate him already too.
    Man can you imagine living around that guy and his Narcissism?

  10. he should have been an individual sport guy instead of a team sport guy. i bet his injuries would have been less and the only person he could let down is himself.
    this guy has been a virtual nodamnbody in the nfl for years.everyone thinks they can be the one to change him or fix him but “you can’t fix stupid”. ask ron white.

  11. Reminded me of Brad Childress….
    This is from the Sporting News back in 2010.

    “Things escalated in 2009 when Childress publicly crowed about the Vikings’€™ selection of Percy Harvin, telling reporters he beat New England when he took Harvin 22nd overall. (The Patriots were at No 23, but ended up trading down.)

    ‘€œNew England was right in there. They were right behind us [with the 23rd pick],’€ Childress later told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. ‘€œNo, they didn’€™t think we’€™d take him [because of off-the-field] issues. Remember, they have our receivers’€™ coach there now. So they thought they could hold … and he’€™d come to them. They were down there working him out the day after I was there. And [Harvin] wasn’€™t supposed to tell anybody, and I was trying to pull that out of him, who that was. So, it was a little cat-and-mouse game that occurred.’€”

  12. The Bills are sort of like the Redskins, every season they run around grasping for straws, hoping that some random decision will be the one that makes them successful. That’s not a good philosophy for building a successful franchise. They need goals and a long term gameplan to get there. Signing this loser was just another short sighted mistake in a long history of them.

  13. Very good bringing Schrodinger into the story. Of course, I bet not one person knows enough about physics and Schrodinger’s cat to even have a clue what you mean. Your audience is more filled with people who could tell you what is written on a beer can than can tell Schrodinger from Schroeder.

  14. In every other business and every other team this would be grounds for suspension without pay. He’s gone AWOL and refused to play with his teammates.

    Rex Ryan should send Ik Enemkpali to have a nice little “chat” with Percy behind locked doors.

  15. He may have to retire as it’s unlikely any other team will ever take a flyer on him — 4 strikes and he’s probably out.

  16. spotrac numbers on PERCY

    he has earned over $50,000,000 in CASH NFL earnings!!!!

    what has he done? honestly, beside one kick return in the super bowl what has this guy done?

  17. mikermiker says:
    Oct 22, 2015 1:42 PM

    Still a better headline for a team than being forever tainted for cheating
    You realize Buffalo use to open the end zone doors to allow the winds to screw up the opponents passing and kicking games. The Giants did this as well. Then again, people don’t want to hear the truth. Whatever makes you feel better about your Bills still amounting to nothing Mike!

  18. What a head case. Look for the Bills to go after his signing bonus. Can you believe this nut bag took the Seahags for $19 Million!? For 2 bad years, LOL!

  19. For every jet fan talking smack your team is about about to seriously crash back down to earth. You have beaten absolutely nobody. I’m really looking forward to the pats smacking you around Sunday.

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