Burfict, Ogbuehi facing “critical days” if they hope to help Bengals this season


The Bengals are 6-0, as healthy as a team six games into a season can be and get this weekend to rest before a Nov. 1 game at Pittsburgh that could potentially create a whole bunch of separation between the Bengals and the rest of the AFC North.

They might be getting reinforcements, too.

Linebacker Vontaze Burfict and first-round offensive tackle Cedric Ogbuehi are still working with trainers this week as their teammates have been dismissed for a long weekend. Thursday, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis told Sirius XM Radio that Burfict and Ogbuehi are facing “a couple critical days….to not have any setbacks” that could determine whether they’re able to be on the practice field with their teammates on Monday.

They see themselves having turned the corner,” Lewis said. “Every day they have in rehab is important.”

Burfict is on PUP due to a knee injury, and Ogbuehi is on the non-football injured list after he tore his ACL in his final college game last December.

Burfict had microfracture surgery last January. In September, he vowed to be ready for the Bengals’ Nov. 1 game at Pittsburgh.

That seems unlikely now, but what Lewis said indicates the Bengals believe he can come back later in November. The Bengals have until Dec. 1 to activate Burfict and Ogbuehi — or three weeks from when they officially return to the practice field.

“We’re impressed with where they are in the process,” Lewis said. “Now we’re just trying to transition them as close as we can to make them ready to eventually come back and handle the rigors of football practice.

“We do feel good about their progress.”

16 responses to “Burfict, Ogbuehi facing “critical days” if they hope to help Bengals this season

  1. Would love to see burfict come back for the huge game in Pittsburgh next week. Linebacker is one of the few week spots on this team and he’ll be a huge boost when healthy.

  2. Can’t wait to see Burfict back on the field. (That being said, let’s wait until he’s absolutely 100% fixed. The guy’s got a terrific career ahead of him.)

  3. They should wait until at least Nov 8th to come back. Why be part of a 55-3 Steelers rout if you can avoid it.

  4. Don’t come back too soon!

    Both are young and talented, don’t jeopardize your future gentlemen.

  5. I don’t think the Bengals have any plans to play Ogbeuhi this season.He is not needed and they are better off letting him fully heal.As for Burfict,I am beginning to wonder if he is ever going to play again.It seems as if he has been hurt for 2 years.If he continues to tackle with his head,he wont be on the field long before suffering another concussion.

  6. Burfict played the first half of last year. Delayed getting surgery until after the season was over. He’s on the scheduled timetable for his return. His foot surgery had nothing to do with his concussions in years past. I don’t want to rush him if he’s not healthy, but I think he comes back at some point this year. 6-0 start gives Bengals some time to not make a panicked decision.

  7. Bengals lb’s are horrible when compared to whom? You add Burfict at 80% of former self to their current rotation and it is an upper third unit in the NFL. Rey is one of the most underrated lb’s in the league. When they finally start to play Dawson more they will continue to climb the rankings.

  8. let’s hope burfict learned to keep his head up during the tackle and not pick up his bad form tackle head down which lead to his concussion(s) – he’s a much needed player that adds a different element to the defense when healthy

  9. futuresbmvpleveon says: They should wait until at least Nov 8th to come back. Why be part of a 55-3 Steelers rout if you can avoid it.
    Misinformed at best, ludicrous at worst. Regardless if Landry or Ben starts, week 8 Bengals go 7-0.

  10. realmenwearstripes says:
    Oct 23, 2015 9:55 AM
    The reason Burfict has had a long recovery is so that he can have a long career.

    Exactly! Burfict is not done.

  11. Rey is great but it is obvious from watching that this team can let the run get away from them. This isn’t a new problem either. They need some more athleticism in that position.

    Burfict plays like a wildman and throws his body around like it too. I’d hate to change the way he plays, it is amazing to watch; but I share the concern voiced by others about the longevity of his career.

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