Deion Sanders slams pathetic 49ers

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The last time the 49ers won a Super Bowl, the roster included cornerback Deion Sanders. On Thursday night, the 49ers continue to look nothing like a postseason contender, and Sanders has let the franchise have it.

“This San Francisco 49ers football team and the fans should be ashamed,” Sanders said on CBS. “The management and ownership should be ashamed. This team is three years removed from a Super Bowl and they’re putting that product. Colin Kaepernick has nowhere to go, nowhere to throw. We’re here seeing this live. No one is open. They’re not blocking a soul. This is pathetic for a team that was in the Super Bowl just a few years ago. They lost a darn good coach and some really good players.”

After firing (or, officially from the team’s perspective, mutually parting with) coach Jim Harbaugh, owner Jed York said that fans should hold him accountable if the team doesn’t compete for championships.

The fans presumably are now ready to hold York accountable. The lingering question is how does a fan base hold an owner accountable while still displaying loyalty to and support for the franchise he owns?

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  1. Deion is right. Who didn’t see this coming? I’m not a 49ers fan, but I disagreed with every move they made this offseason, ESPECIALLY getting rid of Harbaugh. Management is pathetic

  2. Deion is 100% right. Poor Jed York has no idea which end is up, and Baalke has complete control over York and the 49ers. You’d think Carmen Policy would step in or something, but I really don’t think the Yorks give a hoot. They got their $tadium built.

  3. You meaning running the coach who took a seemingly hopeless team for 7 straight years to 3 consecutive NFC title games right away was a bad move? Shocking.

    As a Bills fan I would absolutely love Jim Harbaugh to be my favorite teams coach.

  4. @ dansardo

    The 9ers declined last year because everyone figured out how to stop Kapernick and because the players became unmotivated knowing Harbaugh wasn’t going to be around much longer

  5. Jed York doesn’t care if the team wins or not. He wants to put his guys in there and doesn’t care if they don’t win a single game. He also could care less what the fans say or do. Even if they don’t sell out the stadium, he still gets the revenue from the league. Mike Brown (owner of the Bengals) did that for years before he finally hired Marvin Lewis. Before it was just one sorry coach after another while he counted his money. York is doing the same thing now. He’s laughing at the fans all the way to the bank.

  6. I dont have a high regard fro Deion “blowhard” Sanders, but he is right on the money here.
    Jed boy and his lackey Baalke have destroyed the team and the image of the 49ers.
    I could see what appeared to be a lot of empty seats in the stadium. Serves him right.

    Will he (Jed) tweet to the fans apologizing for the 49ers performance like he did last thanksgiving?

    I am a 49er fan but I want to see Jed and Baalke’s image tarnished beyond repair, like they did to the team.


  7. Stop going to games and spending money on merchandise is how. Embarrass York with a brand new empty stadium for weeks on end.

  8. Honestly, who didn’t see this coming based on what was going on with Harbaugh last year? Getting rid of them was the dumbest thing they could have done. Do you think that gives the players any confidence in the owner or GM? I’d be surprised if they could ever attract any free agent to sign there or be able to keep any of their free agents. Anyone who signs there will only be after the money since the owner could care less about winning. Baalke should be exiled to a gulag in Siberia.

  9. Jed York made his own bones in this would and knows all about being held accountable from making his own way in this world.. Oh wait, everything I just said is completely wrong.

  10. The 49ers declined last year because Baalke was given control before the season ever started, and the entire team knew Harbaugh was gone. The 8-8 season was Baalke’s, not Harbaugh’s. We saw what Harbaugh could do when he was running the ship. As soon as the new stadium was finished, Harbaugh’s job was finished too.

  11. What a coincidence….the Niners’ score right now is exactly the same score Baalke got on the Wonderlic. Three.

  12. It looks like the nfc west is reverting back into what they were for much of the 2000’s, the worst division in football. Cardinals are the only decent team and they are overrated obviously

  13. Deion wasn’t better than Rod Woodson. Better cover guy but Woodson was the better football player. Deon is still looking for his 1st tackle.

  14. Well, he’s the standard talking-head-hypocrite-media type…what did you expect. He was also bad-mouthing the Seahawks *before* the game.

    Regardless, it’s still an honor to be the team to relegate the 49ers to the cellar.

  15. Ownership rightly assuming charging more and putting a pathetic product on the field = getting rid of the gang banger fans.

    And it’s working. The stadium was half empty.

  16. Deion Sanders stands by his report that 49ers players want Jim Harbaugh out, even if Harbaugh is calling the report a ‘bunch of crap.’

    It all started on Sept. 28 when Sanders said that several players had told him that they wanted Harbaugh out.

    “They want him out,” Sanders said. “They’re not on the same page. I really want to know if they’re really playing for the head coach. I got a question with that. Are you really down with your head coach, San Francisco 49ers? Because the way it looks and what I’m hearing, you’re really not down for your head coach. And that’s a problem. They really got some problems that we hear rumblings. We all know people inside locker rooms.”

  17. It’s really hard to hold an owner accountable when he stays in hiding and avoids the local press.

  18. I watched a portion of the game. What I saw was:

    1. The offensive line appeared to deliberately let Kaepernick get sacked.

    2. A WR or TE deliberately drop a ball that was right in their hands.

    What can you say? To me, it appears that the offense does not like Kap at all.

    Oh, I am not a San Fran fanboy. I am a Minnesota Vikings fan, but I saw pure BS tonight.

  19. Us Fans cant do anything. 95% of the seats are PSL so its all sold, all that money in the bank. The Stadium is already paid off…

    Most of the season ticket holders are reselling their tickets. 9ers are the number one team with resells.

    That’s the struggle for us Fans, how to support the Team / Players when Management gave us this product. How to support when players quit?

    Ran our great coach out of town…

    So if Jed wants to be accountable, he should fire himself!!


  20. Looks like the 49ers are back to being the cousin of the Buccaneers. Man. The Harbaugh era felt longer than it really was, almost forgot how historically bad they were.

  21. All Niner fans should have seen this coming after that “exhaustive” head coaching search where they pushed to get Gase but wanted to force Tomsula as the DC so he said no. They they swing back to promote Tomsula as the HC. Once I saw that “breaking news” I know they were toast. The entire NFL was expecting the hiring of Gase, but it was really Tomsula. Talk about destroying your credibility

  22. kmack831 says:
    Oct 22, 2015 11:38 PM

    Us Fans cant do anything. 95% of the seats are PSL so its all sold, all that money in the bank. The Stadium is already paid off…

    Most of the season ticket holders are reselling their tickets. 9ers are the number one team with resells.

    That’s the struggle for us Fans, how to support the Team / Players when Management gave us this product. How to support when players quit?

    Ran our great coach out of town…

    So if Jed wants to be accountable, he should fire himself!!


    As a Lions fan, I have faced this question many times. My solution is just forget about them for a while. Here is the reality: No one person, or even a group of 1000, can affect a team’s bottom line. There is always someone looking for tickets that wants to take their wife or kid to their first game, and visiting fans will usually buy up a bunch. Plus, with PSLs,, that stadium is bought and paid for for the entire season already.

    Pick a different team, take up golf, buy a boat, or learn to ski, because when an owner doesn’t get it, the fans are simply victims. Some of the players are as well, but after a while you start getting guys that are there just for the money, so it is easier not to care. Owners like this one will be the death of the NFL.

  23. I never understand why people say the fans should abandon teams. Is that not what makes us fans of our team? We follow them through the (hopefully) good times and bad times (Hence the term bandwaggoners)

    None of this falls on fans to correct, that is up to the team, its owner/s and management. Fans just support teams its what we do, its all we can do!

  24. Looking at all the nutjobs who hold office in California, i don’t think 49er fans make good personnel decisions either.

  25. 49n123w says:
    Oct 22, 2015 10:20 PM

    The NFL sucks this year. All that crap with deflate/framegate has ruined it for me. Too many bad teams like the 9ers.
    If your 49ers were undefeated, you wouldn’t care about deflate/framegate at all.

  26. Worse yet they will fire Tomsula and blame him for the product but then how are they going to get a QUALITY coach to sign there knowing how bad the ownership is?

    Enter in the Tebow solution….America loves Tebow and also wants someone to give him a chance…

    Kap is going to be out soon. He is eating turf every play and with Tebow in the waiting all eyes would be on SF for a different reason. Not only could it happen but it WILL happen.

  27. we should feel embarrassed that we have such idiotic Upper Management…

    Now we know how the Raiders have felt for the past 30 years!

    At least we have Fantasy Football and NFL Ticket and a lot of us can appreciate talented players and good people.

    Go Cincy!! Go Pack Go (Aaron could have been a Niner!! Doh! But he is a Cal/Cali boy so we have ties to root for him)

    Go Colts and Dwight Lowery (home boy!)

    We have the Peyton Manning farewell tour to root for also…

    Cam and the Panthers… Cam is a good dude!

    So yes we are embarrassed by Jed and Trent!! We want EDDIE D back!!

    Until Jed gets his head out of Trents you know where… We can root and spend our $$$ on other things

    But we will keep our heads up!

  28. If you really want to punish Jed York, make him become a Lions fan like me. Even Friedrich Nietzsche thought the suffering of Lions fans was insane, and yet we continue to hope season after season.

    Seriously — Niners stunk before Harbaugh got there. Obviously the guy’s an obnoxious lout, but he won games. Winning is the only criteria for being a successful NFL coach. So the Niners got rid of him (for being an obnoxious lout). And surprise-surprise they stink again.

  29. So Deion blames everyone but Kaepernick? Nowhere to throw to? Didn’t Boldin and Torrey just roast Baltimore a week ago?

    Perhaps this game was ugly because… It was a short week for the 49ers. and they played a good Seattle defense that was pissed off from getting beat the week before.

  30. The beginning of the end was creating problems with Harbaugh, an issue created by and pushed with extreme tenacity by the media. I am willing to bet that most of those players who retired, would still be there if Harbaugh was still the coach. Instead he gets run out of town as another media casualty and they replace him with a guy who farts during press conferences. Not to mention, that field is terrible. I know 5 year old kids in my neighborhood that push propelled lawn mowers that create a better turf than that trash.

  31. Know how all this started?

    “So, Jed, would you like to go to graduate school, or run the family NFL team?”

  32. I too don’t care much for loud mouth Sanders, but he nailed it this time. Embarrassing is an understatement. Jim’s got to go. It’s obvious that he can’t motivate his players to give 110%. There was NO effort last night. No one open, Kap sacked 6 time or more, etc. etc. As someone else mentioned, ownership and the GM are going no where and that’s sucks.

  33. If it wasn’t for the fact that a year ago Neon was the conduit for negative press about Harbaugh this would make sense. So he was glad to be complicit in dumping, or at least dumping on, Harbaugh and now that he’s gone he’ll moan about how far worse they are this year. C’mon.

  34. Sanders went on in the next sentence to warn Colts fans they are heading down the same road. Surprised that element wasn’t included in this story. And he’s right.

  35. While it would be nice to see, all this talk about fans not showing up to games is all well in theory, but try putting that into practice. Football “fans” will ALWAYS go to games, no matter what.


    *Disclaimer: NY Giants fan.

  36. allseeingone says:
    Oct 23, 2015 5:08 AM

    49er fans do a pretty good job at beating up people in the parking lot.
    True, but there was no one there to beat up last night. Too many fans dressed up as empty seats…



  38. York’s are the cancer of the NFL

    Jeb Boy – Loser

    Mommie “Purse Strings” Dearest – Loser

    Balke – Loser

    Take your raw Ohio $ewage management back home to the strip mall capital, you’ll never be a winner, you lack the heart and class that’s needed

  39. YORK is trying stupidly to get 9ers draft picks and two getting all this not bringing in free agents to shore up the DL & OL. YORK showed me his hand. Coach might be nice but so was the last 5 head coaches they had that didn’t do well. The only way we will get back when fans don’t go to games..ask for GM to go and he gives power to GM & new coach. THEY GAVE COACH T this job to help his legacy and his resume..also if he lucks out and the team does great..if the team don’t..we are in position to get a QB or big time DL or OL..DONT TRUST

  40. I have been saying all along since some idiot thought the 49ers would be better off without HARBAUGH??? That made NO SENSE! From the owners down to the questionable players on the team, there is NO
    LEADERSHIP. Trent Baalke and company suck at running any NFL team. Part of owning a team is you know the game so you help call the shots! If you don’t know the game and are NOT AN EXPERT at the sport, don’t fire the ones who know what they are doing just because they gave you a dirty look, so to speak. I can’t wait until someone else buys the team and the Yorks disappear! I really miss Eddie DeBartelo. He knew the game and had our team on top. Until then, it is frustrating to even watch my team play. Kaepernick looks like a LOST SOUL out there. He acts like he’s on drugs or something?

  41. No worries, fly down to Miami take a break and wear a Fins cap.

    When Deion gets on TV with Michael Irvin man is it horrid, just constant talking over each other like nails on a chalkboard. Michael Irvin isn’t even in the credits for inside the NFL. Maybe it is a move to draw more viewership.

  42. I wish Harbaugh would come to Baltimore and become a Co-Head Coach; seriously. Both brothers are secure enough to allow that to happen and Bisciotti is innovative enough to allow it.

  43. It’s funny how teams get statisticians and analytics involved in getting the right player, predicting success and value from the draft, etc. But, what about when making coaching decisions? Who analyzes the owners?

    If you’re scratching your head and crunching numbers on how to get more butts in the seats, why not consider winning some games as the solution. That starts with good ownership, management, experience, and the willingness to get good players.

    Nobody will match the genius of Bill Walsh and Eddie Debartolo.

  44. The 49ers are headed down a slippery slope when they started relying on analytics to make football decisions. For one, you can use analytics to help evaluate draft day trades and value, but not human beings. They are coming from a different system, different coaching, different team, etc. It’s unpredictable. Who thought Joe Montana, Tom Brady, and now this Stefon Diggs kid could be a baller? Nobody. How many Heisman Trophy winners are NFL busts? Too many to count. Looking at college statistics for a future investment is idiotic and self-serving. They have an owner who is in love with statistical models and replaced most of the football IQ with analytics guys (Paraag Marathe). Marathe has said that his analytics doesn’t cannibalize scouting, well it’s not just player personnel he has had his hand in. He’s involved in the coaching selection, relying heavily on the draft to build, etc. Bill Walsh built through the draft on instincts and luck – not out of the desire to get value. He just happened to get value. Nowadays people only focus on value without instincts and common sense. You get what you pay for. Until they realize that they need to build through trades and signing veteran players, no veteran will want to play for the 49ers. This is why Harbaugh, Walsh, McVay, Erickson, Nolan were all shown the door – they didn’t agree with analytics being the decision maker. The great coaches shined in spite of management and ownership. The lesser coaches fell flat with the stifling management/ownership.

    I’ve been a huge 9ers fan since the late 80s. It’s sad what has happened to this team. These suits are ruining the team. And it’s funny because I have a Computer Engineering background, and I’m saying my field will ruin sports teams if not used in the appropriate places with the knowledge of its limitations. No algorithm will replace heart, passion, instincts, motivation, etc. You need experience, ownership, management, coaching, players, and a good fan base to win a championship. There are no shortcuts.

    Why does Belichik consistently succeed even after drafting low each year? Why does he consistently trade out of the first round or trade down? Because he doesn’t dumpster dive. He relies on his coaching and his system (this shows why he’s eager to get any football advantage possible – even if it’s crossing a fine line – which I don’t agree with, but it’s an old school mentality). But, overall, nobody can deny he’s a great coach.

  45. Why should the fans feel ashamed? They didn’t do this. The GM, the owner, the coach, certainly (Although I’m not sure the coach is bright enough to realize they aren’t doing well). But the fans? They didn’t make any of the boneheaded decisions, the front office did

    I could see their fans being angry, i don’t understand “ashamed”

  46. It’s all coaching, and here’s how we know… Kaepernick has always been terrible with progressions, reading the defense, and having to make decisions while sitting back in the pocket. Harbaugh knew this for the most part, and set him up to succeed with his legs whenever possible. He was able to mask the fact that Collin Kaepernick just isn’t a great NFL quarterback. But he is a great athlete with unique speed and size and arm strength. He’ll just never be good at the position, in the traditional sense

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