Kirk Cousins on outside criticism: I watch HGTV, not ESPN


After Kirk Cousins threw two more interceptions in a 34-20 loss to the Jets last weekend, the question of a quarterback change flared up in Washington.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden said that the “intent” was for Cousins to remain the starter for the rest of the season, but also drew some negative responses for mentioning wind as part of the reason for Cousins performing pretty much the way he did in the climate-controlled Georgia Dome in the previous week’s loss to the Falcons. Outside noise is nothing new to members of the Redskins locker room and Cousins explained on Wednesday how he keeps his focus on football when the conversation rages around the team.

“The way that I don’t listen to what they’re saying is, I don’t listen to what they’re saying,” Cousins said, via the Washington Post. “I turn on NPR instead of 106.7 or 980 sometimes. I turn on, you know, HGTV instead of ESPN. I think there are times when you can intentionally block it out, if you’re asking how to do that. I don’t have a lot of social media on my phone so it’s not quite as accessible to me as maybe it is to some other guys. There are ways you can not hear it and it doesn’t do me any good to hear that.”

Should Cousins continue to mistake opposing defenders for his receivers against the Buccaneers this weekend, an enterprising Redskins fan might pitch HGTV on a show devoted to remodeling the makeup of the team’s quarterbacks room.

54 responses to “Kirk Cousins on outside criticism: I watch HGTV, not ESPN

  1. I think Rex Grossman was better than both Kirk and RG3.

    Rex at least put up points before he daggered the team with an end of the game interception. Kirk throws ints and just hasn’t put up points.

  2. After Gruden gets fired, Cousins will likely be on House Hunters because it’s over for him too.

  3. Here’s what I would have wanted to hear Cousins say

    “I know that there’s a lot of outside conversation about my performance out there, and a lot of it is warranted. Hey, I’m out here working hard to improve my game every day. I am living in the gym, practice field and the film room right now. Out of everyone out there, I am my biggest critic. But this hard work will definitely show benefits. My game will improve and I will definitely help this team win our next game!”

  4. I love how these guys always say they don’t read the papers or watch ESPN when they are bring criticized but when they win, the first thing they say is “You guys (the media) didn’t believe in me”. Well if you never read or watch the reports, how do you know that no one believed in you?

  5. It’s so tough not watching ESPN but the boycott is real folks. I find myself watching pre game stuff on Fox Sports now. I want to see ESPN crumble so bad.

  6. I understand why he would rather watch HGTV. The plant life you see on HGTV is far more intelligent than anything you will see on ESPN.

  7. Memo to Redskins, The Chiefs would like to formally offer you a straight up trade of QB Alex Smith for QB Kirk Cousins. We would be happy to rid ourselves of the average to below average qb Alex Smith and would welcome the chance to have Kirk Cousins on our roster.

    Redskins fans, it could be worse. Alex Smith could be your qb.

  8. It goes to show that he is serious about his career. Anybody, and I do mean anybody, that still watches ESPN, has way too much time on their hands. Seriously, even cleaning between your toes is more educational than watching ESPN. I have even heard that world governing bodies will shortly be taking up a vote to add watching ESPN to the list of cruel and unusual punishments.
    Fire Goodell the Narcissist and his NYC office minions, cancel ESPN’s contract and then maybe the integrity of the shield has a chance of recuperating.

  9. Lot of folks walking away from ESPN.
    Hence the layoffs.

    Need new model or they will be gone in 5 years

    Too much gossip
    Too little meat.

  10. Kirk Cousin is a Chad Henne Ryan Fitzpatrick type QB ok if everything else if fine but able to make others better or win against top defenses.

  11. clelek05 says:

    It’s so tough not watching ESPN but the boycott is real folks. I find myself watching pre game stuff on Fox Sports now. I want to see ESPN crumble so bad.

    Interesting that @clelek05 finds it tough not watching bspn. Of all the bad habits I have had absent mindedly turning it on was by far the easiest to kick. Other than MNF and when one of the teams we root for is on it virtually none of the folks I know have watched it in years.

  12. ESPN is sickening to watch…….but then I turn over to the NFL network and see morons like Michael Irvin and then I just turn the TV off….

  13. So many issues with the Redskins you almost run out of blame before you run out of people deserving the blame. Almost.

  14. irongoats says:Oct 22, 2015 9:09 AM

    Does anyone watch ESPN anymore? Unless my teams are playing on it it never gets tuned in.


    Agreed. I only rarely even turn on monday night football because of the pervasive stink of BSPN.

  15. Colt McCoy is better than Weeden, if Griffin & Cousins weren’t draft picks that Alle had a hand in drafting then McCoy would be starting in my eyes.

    McCoy is the guy Gruden seems to like the best. McCoy took over for Cousins after his meltdown last year. The team rallied around McCoy for two weeks and Gruden loved it! Gruden wanted to keep playing McCoy but the front office swept the rug out from under him.

    I’m of the belief that if McCoy has played vs Minn, TB & SF that the skins would have won 2 of those games, if not all 3.

    McCoy is who Gruden turned to when he benched Griffin and the only reason McCoy didn’t finish the season as our 2014 starter was because he injured his neck.

    I have a lot of browns fans who are family and friends, may of them still Wish McCoy was their starting qb or at least on their roster rather than that punk Johnny Manziel.

  16. Please just watch and see how we squirt some lighter fluid on that dumpster fire in Washington!! I mean, seriously, HGTV or not, you guys royally SUCK!

  17. bspn the worldwide joke of sportscasting

    “Redskins fans, it could be worse. Alex Smith could be your qb.”

    I would say Andy Reid is a big part of the problem in KC.

  18. He needs to watch some more film. Maybe he’d stop throwing so many picks. He’s thrown 27 picks in the equivalent of 16 games as a starter now with several multiple pick games on his resume, and the offense under him is still horrid. What’s funniest about it is that his attempts in that span are like half of what Manning had in his 28 pick season or anybody with a lot of picks in the equivalent of a season. He has way less attempts than any of them. But Jay Gruden said it’s all good, so it’s all good.

  19. HGTV and NPR? Jesus Kirk, do you drive a Subaru and have and have hopes for a return of Lilith Fair?

  20. Dude. Say you watch the Hunting Channel or something.

    Do you keep channel surfing between HGTV, Food Network, Oxygen, Oprah TV, and We?

  21. TV viewing aside, Cousins should finish out the season as starter if he remains healthy. Give him one full season to have a consistent prep with the first team and see how the second half of the season goes. If he doesn’t stop the turnovers, then we know he’s a serviceable back up and nothing more. If he does improve then there may be something here to work with for another season.

    McCoy doesn’t have a contract for next season. If Cousins continues to falter, then maybe sign McCoy to a two year deal, instead of a one year contract and give him the keys. RG is gone. Period. That’s not even a viable option right now.

    One major challenge with drafting a QB: The NCAA isn’t exactly cranking out top tier QB talent. The play at the college level more closely resembles CFL style than NFL style. By drafting a QB in the top round, there is undue pressure to play that person immediately instead of grooming.

    It’s not like the Redskins are going to make the playoffs this season or next. There are additional issues beyond just the QB play. The roster as a whole is very thin (as evident by the Jets game). So playing Cousins the full 16 isn’t going to stop any progress. When the entire first team has been healthy, the team looks better. Then again, once the injuries have set in, the lack of quality up and down the full 53 has shown through.


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