Report: Percy Harvin contemplating retirement


Percy Harvin’s NFL career has often been held back by injuries, and now Harvin may have decided that it’s time to stop playing football so his body can heal.

Harvin is contemplating retirement after his most recent hip injury, Vic Carucci of the Buffalo News reports.

The Bills are in London this week but Harvin didn’t make the trip because of what the team described as “personal reasons.” Bills coach Rex Ryan said he doesn’t know where Harvin is.

The 27-year-old Harvin missed 10 games in his four years with the Vikings from 2009 to 2012, then played in only one regular-season game and the Super Bowl in his first year with the Seahawks in 2013. He has since spent time with the Jets and Bills and has been plagued by nagging injuries.

When he’s healthy, Harvin is one of the most impressive playmakers in the league, a threat to score as a runner, receiver or returner. But he’s not healthy very often, and may now decide to focus fully on his health and not at all on football.

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  1. Remember why Ricky Williams retired? So he could get high whenever he wanted. Wouldn’t be shocked if Harvin has the same plans.

  2. When he’s healthy, Harvin is one of the most impressive playmakers in the league
    Eh, more accurate would be WAS one of the most impressive.

    He hasn’t been impressive, even when healthy, since 2012. This year for the Bills he had a few nice plays, mostly when Sammy Watkins drew coverage away from him so he could beat a lesser DB 1 on 1. He did nothing in the 2 games Sammy was out.

    As a Bills fan, I expected injuries, but not this sudden of a retirement. I just hope they don’t have to pay him $7 million if he calls it quits 5 games in.

  3. The Derrick Rose of the NFL. This guy was dynamite when he was in purple. Wish he had a better attitude. Hope he heals up and continues to be one of the best utility weapons in the league.

  4. That’s crazy.

    Somebody close to Harvin needs to sit him down and have a come to Jesus type talk with him. Dudes a very good player. He hasn’t had his head screwed on right for a while now.

    Percy, tough it out for a few more years man. Those additional years will fund your retirement and pay for your kids education.

    Plenty of time after that to lay on a beach and drink margaritas.

  5. Harvin is a load…..when he is playing…..if he is not the primary receiver he loafs. Only work ifhe is going to get the ball. The NFL is better off without him.

  6. I will not kick him while he is down and since he is almost never up I guess I will just move my snarky self along. But please feel free to mentally insert a verbal backhander here __________ .

  7. How do people STILL act like he was a great football if not for injuries and/or being an idiot.

    The guy never had 1,000 yards receiving or 7 TD’s. Those are numbers of an ok #2 or #3 receiver, not an elite #1 receiver.

    just stop

  8. I loved watching him play football. I’d still love to see him play a full season healthy and in his prime. He had a pretty reckless way he played the game in regards to his size. I wish him nothing but the best in his future endeavors if he does decide to hang up his cleats.

  9. He was never an elite #1 receiver, however; if you judge him solely by his receiving numbers, you don’t understand what he brought to the game.

    I’m no Harvin fan — I think he’s a bad dude.

    However, he was a game changer on many levels if only for a brief moment.

  10. “He’s one of the greatest players to ever play the game, from the neck down…..”

    Er, no he isn’t. Pump the brakes a little.

  11. Heard a great segment with Shannon Sharpe on NFL Radio and I think it really applies here. Shannon talked about how with Football and Basketball, there are more talented guys playing in rec leagues in big cities than the last few guys on most NFL rosters.

    The difference? They aren’t professionals, in the true sense of the word. They don’t show up early, they don’t stay late, they don’t work hard at the mental aspects of the game, and they aren’t reliable. Those same guys have alarm clock problems and car trouble way more often than the true professionals, and they end up in the rec leagues.

    While some may claim that Harvin should catch a break because many of his problems are injury related, for coaches it’s all the same. They can’t install a bunch of plays for you in the game plan and devote a ton of practice time to those plays if they can’t rely on you to be on the field for 4 quarters, week in and week out.

    Loved him in Purple, but my opinion of him has been in steady decline for years.

  12. May you spend the rest of your days waking up in pain just to remind you of the pain you caused a lot colleagues and fans with your selfish, greedy, and narcissistic, attitude!

  13. How many people posting here would keep going to a job that caused you to live in physical pain almost all of the time? And caused the type of injuries that you would have to live with for lifetime long after you were done working there? If you made a few million dollars already, would you really keep going back so you could keep getting injured and living in constant pain? At some point the money isn’t worth it.

  14. “When he’s healthy, Harvin is one of the most impressive playmakers in the league”

    But how many years and teams since either of those statements were true?

  15. So, no Watkins, Tyrod, or Harvin.

    Not so explosive. I think the Jags will be able to hang with them this week. Bortles is playing pretty well.

    Harvin is a head case, Bills should just cut bait with the guy.

  16. As a Seahawks fan, I expected him to go somewhere and produce, proving the team wrong to have traded him. 2 years later and he’s not only not done that, but appears to be exhibiting the same type of behavior that got his traded out of Seattle in the first place…coincidentally right around Week 6 yet again.

  17. but.. but.. the Bills are poised to go deep in the playoffs. I never drank the Rex Ryan kool-aid.

  18. Given Harvin’s neurological history (passing out at camp, migraines etc.) it would be prudent to consider retirement sooner, rather than later.

  19. When he’s healthy, Harvin is one of the most impressive playmakers in the league


    He has a reputation that doesn’t make any sense to me. Even when healthy he has never really produced much. Sure, he has had a few highlight reel plays in his career, but his over all production is average or worse and he is a selfish player who causes locker room problems everywhere he goes.

    There are so many more impressive guys in the league. Edelman for example doesn’t get the press that Harvin does, but who would you rather have? Edeleman all day long. There’s probably one unsung player on every team that is better than Harvin.

  20. The truth is Rex called him in about replacing Manual at QB while Taylor is out. Harvin realized he didn’t want to be subject to not only a significant amount of hits but a QB controversy between him and Taylor therefore a financial settlement is being worked out.

  21. He’s only in his 20s’? Some of this is the aging process. You young bucks have been their yet, so you don’t understand. But you will.

  22. He may be “contemplating” retirement, but I’m sure he feels that millionaires shouldn’t be dragged across the ocean in the middle of the season.

  23. Has to be one of the all-time disappointing players. Had so much talent and promise, but no heart and too many injuries, and too much bad attitude and locker room drama. Unlike other uber-talented draft busts, he actually did perform at a super high level, but only sporadically, and you never knew if he was going to show up and score 3 TDs 3 ways (ST, rush and receiving) in a game, or be a last minute scratch because of a migraine.

  24. izlez says:
    Oct 22, 2015 9:14 AM
    How do people STILL act like he was a great football if not for injuries and/or being an idiot.

    The guy never had 1,000 yards receiving or 7 TD’s. Those are numbers of an ok #2 or #3 receiver, not an elite #1 receiver.

    just stop
    He was a different type of wide receiver at his peak and I wouldn’t even say he was truly a wr. More of an offensive weapon. His peak year in 2011 he had 967 receiving yards 6 receiving tds to go with 345 rushing yards and 2 td. Additionally he had 520 kick return yards and a TD for a league leading 32.5 yards per kick return…. all in only 14 games.

    His total yard from scrimmage was 1312 yards total tds was 9. He was number 8 in the NFL in all purpose yards. His production that year was elite.

  25. The thing is, Percy has long lost the benefit of the doubt. He’s the boy who cried wolf with his “injuries” and “migraines” and refusal to play. He’s been a cancer in every locker room since high school. At Floriduh, he assaulted a coach with a barbell, failed multiple drug tests, refused to practice or go to classes and was coddled and encouraged by Urban Meyer. The problems continued in the NFL with his “migraines” during training camp and hangnail injuries.

    It’s hard to feel any sort of sympathy for Percy whatsoever.

  26. He is worse than Terrell Owens.

    He’s not an avid Pro Bowler or continuously healthy and fights with other wide receivers and quits late in games. Plus, he’s been such a pain, he’s been on 4 teams before age 30.

    At Owens was on 4 teams by age 35.

  27. billswillnevermove says:

    Oh, Toronto. Choke baseball team, No NFL and worst Hockey team in North America. How about them Sabres!!!
    What about them Sabres? They win in a shootout over the lowly Leafs and your boasting? How about them Habs instead?

    And how are the Jays choking? 1st playoffs in 22 years!! Now the Dodgers with a $227 Mil payroll & out, that’s choking! I see you don’t watch much B-Ball.

    I ask you & joetoronto get together and make friends over beer, I am buying.

  28. He’s soft enough to play on the Indianapolis Marshmellos so he still has a future in the league

  29. Percy the Pointless..
    Too bad he isn’t like Julius Peppers, an ageless wonder. And i am in NO was A Packer fan.
    Harvin could have been one of the greatest.
    instead he is a pouting Momma’s Boy!

  30. I see bad things for this guy after he walks away from the game. He is not a well adjusted individual and doesn’t seem to have any marketable skills at all away from the football field.

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