Marcus Mariota ruled out for Titans this week


Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota is good at many things, but predicting the future is not among them.

After saying he thought there was a “pretty good” chance he’d play this week, the Titans quarterback has been ruled out this week, according to Jim Wyatt of the team’s official website.

That means Zach Mettenberger will start Sunday against the Falcons.

Mariota suffered an MCL sprain last week when he took a low hit from Dolphins defensive end Olivier Vernon, and there was some optimism this week he’d be able to play. But he didn’t practice Thursday or Friday, a clear sign that optimism wasn’t founded.

21 responses to “Marcus Mariota ruled out for Titans this week

  1. Mettenberger is likely the best back-up the NFL, so there’s drop-off there, but it’s not major. Hurry back, Marcus!

  2. Actually, if you wanted to see the best back up in football, all you had to do was look at the opposite sideline last week. His name is Matt Moore.

  3. Might as well let him heal up with the Falcons coming to town it will not matter who is under center. Not that the Falcons are the second coming but the gap between the haves and have nots may never have been quite as glaring this early in the season. There just aren’t very many good teams this year

  4. Might as well let Mariota rest and rehab some cause he wasn’t going to beat the Falcons in Nashville.

    As for Mettenberger he is still looking for his first win in the NFL… 3:15pm Sunday afternoon he will still be looking for that ever illusive first win…..

    Just think of the draft pick Tennessee is going to get to waste this year???

    How many tickets can Tennessee give away again to call it a sellout???

  5. I think when a guy has a “dirty hit” and knocks another guy out for a period of time that they should also have to sit those games (maximum 3 games) until the guy can return. Eye for an eye.

  6. As a Titans fan I’m glad. We are gonna lose anyway so might as well make sure our franchise QB is healthy. Plus Mettenberger needs reps

  7. Mariota – MCL sprain, quietly out a week.

    Taylor-MCL sprain, quietly out a couple weeks.

    Ben Roethlisberger – MCL sprain – out 6 weeks with much fanfare and hoopla

  8. The Titans downfall began years ago. VY10, CJ2K and The Two Kennys (Britt/Washington) were well on their way until the egoist, Jeff Fisher, got in the way. Still can’t believe Bud Adams (R.I.P.) didn’t fire Fisher after the “No.18 Colts Jersey” (“I just want to feel like a winner.”) incident SMH Would Rex Ryan ever wear a No.12-Patriots Jersey expressing that same sentiment? Not In A Million Years. That’s called Loyalty.

  9. “The Titans downfall began years ago. VY10, CJ2K and The Two Kennys (Britt/Washington) were well on their way until the egoist, Jeff Fisher, got in the way.”

    Thanks for the comic relief, Wallabear. You do realize of course that from 1999 through 2003 (5 seasons), Jeff Fisher was the winningest coach in the NFL, right? What happened after that? VY10, CJ2K, and The one Kenny (Who the heck is Kenny Washington?) arrived in town. Now I ask you, who got in whose way again?

  10. tennesseeoilers says:
    Oct 23, 2015 3:01 PM
    “The Titans downfall began years ago. VY10, CJ2K and The Two Kennys (Britt/Washington) were well on their way until the egoist, Jeff Fisher, got in the way.”

    Yeah what ever happened to that one HB White. I remember him disrespecting the Steelers terrible towel stepping all over the terrible towel in regular season and then lost to them in the playoffs. Haven’t heard from him ever since that season.

  11. Can we stop with the Jeff Fisher praise? Fisher should have been fired by Bud years earlier. Fisher made a career with the Titans of being a “Mediocre” coach. The guy is actually horrible! And can we still stop with the, “He took the Titans to the Super Bowl?” So what, he didn’t win it…If we are giving credit for going to the Super Bowl, how much credit do Bud Grant and Marv Levy get? The Titans are mired in bad ownership who has a track record of picking the wrong coaches…Fisher, Munch, Wiz…All losers…Period, Point Blank!

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