Chargers counsel confirms they’ll apply for relocation to L.A.


If there was any doubt that the Chargers were trying to move from San Diego to Los Angeles, the team’s counsel removed that doubt in a radio interview last night.

Chargers counsel Mark Fabiani confirmed on The Mighty 1090 that the team will file to relocate. Fabiani said the Rams and Raiders are trying to move to Los Angeles, and the Chargers want to stake out Southern California as their turf.

At this point yes, because there’s no sign that the other team or teams are not going to file,” Fabiani said. “Everyone assumes all three teams will file, and in that case we can’t afford to lose our market in Los Angeles and Orange County. As you know, 25 percent of our season-ticket business comes from those markets. So we have to be able to protect those markets. That’s why as a last resort we went out and created the certain option we now have in Los Angeles. And if everything is moving ahead, we’re not going to be standing on the sidelines and watching everything go by. We’ve got to stay in the game to protect the future of the franchise.”

Fabiani was careful to say there’s still a chance of staying in San Diego, if the people of San Diego take it upon themselves to get a new stadium built through a public initiative.

“I think going forward if there’s a solution here in San Diego, it’s going to have to come from the citizens’ initiative process. It’s pretty clear at this point the city’s leadership doesn’t really listen to anything the Chargers have to say,” Fabiani said.

From all indications, getting a new stadium in San Diego is a long shot. The most likely scenario is that in early 2016, the Chargers will attempt to persuade the league’s other owners to let them move to Los Angeles.

51 responses to “Chargers counsel confirms they’ll apply for relocation to L.A.

  1. I have been to LA several times and have seen more people wearing NY Giants and NE Patriots jerseys than Chargers jerseys. It’s not REALLY their market. I call BS on them.

  2. The Chargers are gone and they’ve been gone since all this started.

    The NFL is hellbent on putting at least 1 team, probably 2, in L.A. and the Chargers have no fan base at all.

  3. I’m to the point that if my team wanted to move, I’d help them pack. So tored of these billionaires getting public money.

  4. This is really very sad. The Chargers should stay in San Diego where they have a good loyal following. This is all about the almighty $ and the perceived opportunity to make more. Think carefully, Dean Spanos and family because your disloyalty to the people of San Diego has consequences.

  5. Los Angeles will end up being “the market” for whatever team moves there. The argument of “I don’t see that’s teams jersey’s or gear on the people in that city” is a pretty tired argument as I’m almost certain that you rarely seen fans in Indianapolis pre-1983 wearing Colts gear, you rarely seen fans in Phoenix pre-1987 wearing Cardinals gear, you rarely seen fans in Nashville wearing Oilers gear pre-1997, ect, ect.

    Any team that moves to Los Angeles will have an immediate fan base for at least a year or two. If that team WINS, they’ll have a fan base for life.

    The thing about fans in Los Angeles is that most of them moved to LA from somewhere else. Most people that grew up with the Rams/Raiders are in their late 30’s or older. Anyone under 30 years old likely doesn’t even remember the Rams/Raiders playing in their city. There has been 20 years of kids growing up in Los Angeles without a team to call their own and that means something.

    Keep the Rams in St. Louis and get a deal done for the Chargers/Raiders in Los Angeles. Move the Rams to the AFC West and the Chargers to the NFC West. This would give the Chargers a fresh start with new regional rivalries (the Chargers being a fairly unpopular franchise league-wide could use a shot in the arm) it would give the NFL an NFC rivalry in California, and moving the Rams to the AFC West would allow them to have an in-state rival with the Chiefs and a regional rival with the Broncos, it’d also allow them to travel to Los Angeles once a year to play the Raiders, which would give LA Rams fans a home game once a year.

    California doesn’t NEED four teams and the Raiders/Chargers both play in 50+ year old crap holes with little to no support for new stadiums in the previous 20 years.

    St. Louis currently plays in a stadium that turned 20 this year and they’re already planning to build another one. This is a city/market that DOESN’T deserve to lose a 2nd team in 30 years.

  6. Goodell forcing the NFL on LA is the equivalent to forcing your child to eat their green beans

  7. I see nothing wrong with cities paying to get/retain NFL teams. It’s unbelievable how much money some communities get from having teams (income tax, property tax, hotel tax etc.).

    I’d ask all of you who decry “help for billionaires” if you were on a city counsel without a team would you be willing to trade a part of the future revenue for getting a team?

    The only problem I have is that there is a lot of hyperbole and lying about how much money a team brings a community; however, the concept of sharing some of the revenue in order to get/hold the team shouldn’t bother us. It is simply communities exercising freedom.

  8. or maybe a city worth Trillions with an annual budget of $3.275 Billion Dollars can afford to build a stadium to keep their football team.

  9. Cheers to the City and people of San Diego. The NFL will make around 10 billion dollars next year. They can easily build a stadium without public money. Why won’t they? In 20 years the NFL would not be able to ask for a new stadium. It would be amazing how they would then make do with the stadium for 40 years.

  10. I’ve said this in other ways on this site on this point, being born and bread in O.C., there is NO fan base for Chargers nor any other Pro Football in the Greater LA Area (kudos to pastabelly). That fan base left with the Rams and believe me there is very few of us living in that area that still remember a Pro Football team playing there. Most of us moved out in the ’90s because Southern California stopped being the place we grew up in. Let the suckers have it, I say.

  11. I hope the era of public financed stadiums is finished. The owners obtain enough money off the backs of the cities they play in as it. There are plenty of other projects that are far more appropriate for a city to invest in.

  12. dom0capers0toupee says:

    A guy worth 1.26 Billion holding the city of San Diego hostage for money.

    A stadium costs more than that. And the team is part of his net worth. Thumbs down can’t change that fact.

  13. Highly amused at the capitalist lovers here who scream about billionaire being billionaires.

    Capitalism is a scam and the NFL owners are just another cog in the scam wheel. No city “deserves” anything. No city “deserves” anything. However, or wherever, they think the money is, is where they will go. And if they can scare the people into paying for it, so much the better.

  14. I doubt Kroenke is going to allow this without Spanos somehow paying into the Inglewood project, whether it’s via rent or buying a certain percentage thereof.

    I wouldn’t panic until we see how much the NFL relocation fee is going to be.

  15. I am going to write to the city of Cleveland asking for my increased taxes back since i have derived zero economic benefit from the Browns for the last 16 years. I want my taxes refunded.

    They can move the Browns to Toronto or Mexico City or Siberia for all I care. Goodell is trying o establish the World Football League. Most people in this country is on to the NFLs schtick.

    These games have become unwatchable. Just horrible boring football being played, with the exception of the Patriots.

  16. You can only hope that the Raiders and Chargers share a stadium in Carson City. Then play each other twice a year. I would go just to watch the fights in the stands, parking lot and freeway road rages. Welcome to WWNFL.

  17. The Rams belong in Los Angeles, not the Chargers. Why would L.A. want a team that’s trying to hold it’s own city hostage, and trying to strong arm a new stadium from it’s own beloved taxpayers. Nobody “owns” the turf in L.A. I’m sure the Chargers get a small percentage of fans from New York. Are the Chargers going to try to stake out some sort of claim in New York too? What are the Chargers going to try next? San Diego is a great market. The other owners should tell the Chargers to stay put. I understand greed, and I’m fine with it, but a greedy owner would love San Diego’s market.

  18. kerzondax is right, folks. You bitch about socialism and act like capitalism is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Well, Spanos is just engaging in a little capitalist behavior. If you love capitalism, then love what he’s doing.

    Otherwise, stop bitching about it.

  19. I can’t wait to see whatever team(s) go there, after the initial newness fades and the team starts losing. It will be hilarious to see all the empty seats and non interest. PLEASE Joe football middle class fan do not buy those overpriced and insane things called PSLs you really can’t afford. You will regret it, just ask Joe football fan in Santa Clara who shelled out $125k for the right to BUY tickets to a seat in the lower bowl they no longer want to go to!

  20. The California Chargers has a nice ring to it. The old fans from SD will be within driving distance while the taxpayers of LA pick up the tab. Once the moochers from Oakland move in to share in this pot of gold the billionaires club will have successful in fleecing another municipality.

  21. Two sure things: LA or OC are never going to be the Chargers home “turf”, and Fabiani can be defined by the same word (“turf”), with a different ending letter

  22. No more welfare for these greedy, disgusting billionaires.

    Let them pay for their own stadiums !!!!!

  23. “I think going forward if there’s a solution here in San Diego, it’s going to have to come from the citizens’ initiative process”

    Well, there you have it. Everybody knows the citizens of San Diego have spoken. No more welfare for a billionaire family. They got enough with that disastrous “ticket guarantee” in the 1990s.

  24. The citizens aren’t listening to your begging either. Even the citizens in LA don’t want to pay for a stadium. That’s why you had to team up with the hated Raiders.

    “The financing of the actual $1.7 billion project is on the teams and on Goldman Sachs, not on the city or anyone else.”

  25. alonestartexan says:
    Oct 24, 2015 8:29 AM

    “St. Louis currently plays in a stadium that turned 20 this year and they’re already planning to build another one. This is a city/market that DOESN’T deserve to lose a 2nd team in 30 years.”

    BS…. That’s EXACTLY what they deserve…. They NEVER should have let the Cardinal’s leave in the first place. And now the city is going to let another NFL franchise leave. Too bad St. Louis. Well you always have the Baseball Cardinals….. And actually they disappeared recently also.

  26. dapollock69 says:
    Oct 24, 2015 8:43 AM
    So you’ll cater to the 20% and screw the remaining 80%. Nice business model.

    They’re just following the governments example…

  27. There is no way Kroenke gives up $2 Billion worth of additional franchise value because the NFL says the Chargers deserve it more. At this point the NFL is just hoping he doesn’t announce the stadium is being constructed before they can extract an new stadium from San Diego.

  28. Communities shouldn’t need to pay for stadiums. If one is willing, then they are, but they shouldn’t. Especially not in California which is falling apart and basically stopped their water management program about 50 years ago. Whoops. Might want to put a few billion there and get it going again. If they had done this, the coming El Nino water could have been saved and the drought would be mitigated. Plus there are other plans, such as NAWAPA that can easily solve California’s water problems. There’s also desalinization. So they have options. They don’t take them. They’d rather build football stadiums.

    If the LA area wants to build a stadium, the pecking order should be like this.
    1. Rams (originally from there and is a better fit for the NFC west then St. Louis)
    2. Chargers (10 percent of their season tickets is a claim, not a massive one, but still a valid claim of territory)
    3. Raiders (they aren’t from there, spent 12 years or so and then decided to leave)

    Raiders and Chargers both can’t move there without asking an NFC west team to move to the AFC west. That’s straight up crap to ask another team to move conferences because two teams in the same division want to move to the same city.

    Plus St. Louis would still be out of place in the NFC west.

    If some team suckers a collapsing California to build a stadium in LA, the two obvious candidates that make the most sense are the Rams and Chargers.

    Too bad the NFL doesn’t have some sort of fund from those tens of billions of dollars in TV revenue to help deal with this situation and instead rely on collapsing communities such as San Fran, LA, San Diego, and St. Louis to fund their ‘games and bread’ coliseums.

    Oh and one last thing, it’s not called capitalism just because it happens in America. It’s only called capitalism, when it is capitalism. News flash, we haven’t practiced capitalism in this country for a very, very long time. Want proof? Remember 2008? Both everything that led up to the crash, and the response to it, proves we are no longer a capitalist country. We are crony fascist. An oligarchy with powerful strings on the gov’t. Why do you think we have spent tens of trillions (and so has many other gov’ts) of dollars for our non-recovery and all we did was re-inflate what is now the biggest bubble in the history of the world, and the bubble is worldwide?

    People should realize the truth of the matter, else you’ll never demand the way out, nor have any clue of what to demand once you finally figure it all out.

  29. bostontdparty says:
    Oct 24, 2015 8:41 AM

    As much as you people hate the Patriots you should know Kraft built Gillette entirely with private funds
    And Jack Kent Cooke built the stadium that is now FedEx Field (and named it after himself when he was done but if you a stadium named Jack Kent Cooke Stadium and you have the money then more power to you).

  30. San Diego should force the Chargers to move to LA and pay for a stadium without any public funding.

    The Chargers will also find they have virtually no fan base there and no attendance with every home game blacked out.

    The Rams are the only NFL team that has a privately funded stadium in the works on land they already own and where they have already broken ground and started prepping the site for serious construction.

    Since San Diego and LA fans don’t care about the Chargers, let the Chargers move to the new stadium that St Louis is gonna build now that the Rams are leaving town.

    St Louis Chargers has a decent ring to it, especially since St Louis would gladly embrace a team that wants to be there instead of the Rams who don’t.

    Anyway, the cheapskate Chargers are just blowing smoke and are looking for a stadium paid for by taxpayers so desperate St Louis with a new taxpayer funded stadium is the perfect place for them.

  31. The San Diego Chargers of Inglewood?

    The San Angeles Chargers?

    I wonder if the Chargers will still try to pretend they represent San Diego or not. And I wonder how many current Chargers fans will remain so if the team is still the closest team to them in the NFL. I am guessing more than you might think.

  32. The Spanos family is from up North- in the Valley, Cal Expo Sacramento is a perfect location for a venue.

    Sacramento would support and give the Chargers a HFA.

    Look at how well the city has done with the support of the basketball Kings.

    The Chargers could switch with Arizona or Seattle, and build a friendly rivalry with the 49ers.

    L.A. is a Raiders town period.

    Raiders and Rams belong in L.A.

    These two give the best chances of success of the NFL in L.A.

  33. San Diego has always been too conservative for the NFL. It’s catching up to the city and its political agendas. Of course in 15 years when the Padres need a new stadium that deal will get done hands down no problem. Sad thing is the same small market problem the chargers have, the Padres and the city will endure without a sniff of a world championship. Ever. The NFL salary cap was the only thing giving the team a shot at a ring. No such luck in baseball.

  34. When they go to alas leave the logo name colors etc in San Doego and start fresh.Call them the LA smog

  35. Why is everyone whining on here, every game i watch has more fans for the other team in our stadium! support them dont whine about them leaving.

  36. The NFL and its owners should hide their heads in shame, greed and the fans of San Diego take the blunt end for it.

  37. The moment the Chargers leave San Diego I stop watching and supporting such a greed infested organization like the NFL that gives the middle finger to the fans that refuse to pay for a billionaire’s stadium. I hope the city sues them and keeps the naming rights out of spite.

  38. I really hope Spanos’ bid is rejected and they get forced back to SD, then the fan base rejects them at the box office. Yes this will ultimately force a move due to loss of dollars, but who gives an LA based rats behind at this point. Nothing personal, it’s just business!

    When they move the team should forfeit the name, logo and colors in case an SD expansion opportunity arises in the future.

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