Jerry Jones defends Greg Hardy

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FOX cameras caught Cowboy defensive end Greg Hardy jawing with Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. Before that, Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News caught images of Hardy going a little berserk on anyone in his immediate vicinity.

After the game, owner Jerry Jones predictably defended Hardy.

“He’s, of course, one of the real leaders on this team and he earns it and he earns it with respect from all of his teammates and that’s the kind of thing that inspires a football team,” Jones said, via Steve Politi of

Politi also has posted the full transcript of Hardy’s entire “no comment . . . any other questions?” media availability.

Via Jenny Vrentas of, the “party line” in the Dallas locker room (from those who actually were answering questions) was that Hardy was simply “firing up” the special teams.

Yes, he was firing them up. Right after they allowed the Giants to score the game-winning points on a kickoff return by a guy who used to play for the Cowboys.

It’s unclear whether any of the people defending Hardy actually saw the video of Hardy pushing and shoving teammates and at least one member of the coaching staff. If not, it’ll likely be too late to backpedal once they do.

79 responses to “Jerry Jones defends Greg Hardy

  1. On the one hand the entire team should have been pissed off that they blew that play.

    On the other a guy with Hardy’s history should be doing everything possible to maintain control of himself. But he already showed he has very little of that.

    This guy is a violent felony waiting to happen.

  2. I’m fairly certain the word “leader” doesn’t mean what Jerruh thinks it means……

  3. Show me a team that has Greg Hardy as one of its leaders …. and I’ll show you a team that’s going nowhere.
    Oh, they’re going somewhere. It’s just not anywhere good.

  4. Jerry is a lousy salesman. Anyone with eyesight or a half of a brain knows that they are sitting on a powder keg with Hardy. Jerry will lie to anyone that will listen if it gets him in the news.

  5. I’m sure that most of the writers never played competitive football. Non story. It’s called football. Stuff like that happens on the sideline. I personally want the passion. It sure beats guys smiling on the sidelines, but I’m sure that you would be posting an article if Dez was laughing it up on sidelines when they were losing.

  6. If I was a Cowboys fan I would cringe everytime Jerry opens his mouth.

    Besides hiring jimmy Johnson and since he left please tell me anything positive Gerry has done from a fans perspective? What in the last 20 years? Serious question to Cowboys fans

  7. What’s the over/under on how many MONTHS until Hardy is arrested again. Not only does he lack self control, he lacks the awareness of when that self control should be applied. He’s the type of person that would wear an I love Marlboros tee shirt to a anti-smoking rally and wonder what everyone is looking at.

  8. Something just doesn’t feel right tonight, in regards to Greg.
    I guess we’ll just hear it on ntional evening news tomorrow…hide yo women.

  9. Hard to see a guy, who has such great self control and no anger problems, lose his temper and hit a woman. He has certainly shown he is absolutely in control of his passion (aka blind anger). It’s obvious it takes a lot to set him off so a woman would have to do some really bad stuff to bring out his dark side, like, eat the last yogurt in the house.

    Truthfully, judging by his actions since his suspension ended, I don’t ever want to hear any Cowboy fans saying this guy was innocent of domestic violence. Jerry Jones’s defence of this guy just proves how low he’s willing to go to win. The cowboy fans who defend him are just as bad. This guy will end up in prison if he doesn’t realize that he has major anger issues.

  10. zack2482 says:
    Oct 25, 2015 10:22 PM
    I’m sure that most of the writers never played competitive football. Non story. It’s called football. Stuff like that happens on the sideline

    This comment is absolutely ridiculous. Yes, of course, this stuff goes on all of the time. I guess it just never happened on camera before, despite there being about a dozen cameras on the sideline of every NFL game played for the last 30 years.

    If you think it’s ok for a player to push a coach on the field or anywhere else for that matter, than I am pretty sure you’re the one who never played competitive football.

  11. 6-10…though I honestly have no idea where those 4 additional wins are coming from. Guess it’s that whole ‘even a blind squirrel finds a nut’ theory…


  12. The Bengals used to be the place to go when players were too hot to touch for the rest of the league. The Bengals had a lot of distractions and couldn’t get to the next level. Now they are taking less red flags players and they’re turning into a top tier team. Sorry cowboys, hard to win win choir boys, even more difficult to win with loose cannons.

  13. How often does a player get into an argument with an injured teammate in street clothes during a game?

  14. He was told by Uncle Jerry to go in there and be a leader when he hasn’t earned it and thinks screaming and yelling is leading because he does know how to. When is this Jason Garrett experiment finally going to end.
    The players don’t respect the head coach.
    I believe Jimmy Johnson was Loved and Feared by his players and when you have that combination failure is not an option. I don’t think Garrett has either from his players.
    He just “there”. At some point the head coach has to lead and the Cowboys have been a rudderless ship for years.

  15. I used to like Dallas (they weren’t my favorite team), but now I have lost so much respect for them because of this ass-clown of an owner. I hope they completely self-destruct. He has no morals. I have no idea how even Dallas fans can stand this guy.

  16. A rich guy that hangs out with strippers on a fancy bus calling a guy who beats women hid team’s leader? Well, at the very least there is a certain symmetry to that.

  17. probably some truth to hardy attempting to fire up that team, and some truth to him going beserk. but his recent track record isn’t working in his favor. best to make his presence felt on the field and leave the extracurriculars out.

  18. Wow, JJ stated “he (Hardy) earns it with respect from all of his teammates and that’s the kind of thing that inspires a football team,”
    Whatever meds Jerry is on, they need to cut back on the dose he is getting.

  19. Boy do they deserve each other!! Unbelievable!!Cowboys are a true train wreck . With Bryant and this clown Hardy and jerry being the ringleader its going to be fun to watch down the stretch. TEAM LEADER!! You got to be kidding me!!

  20. This guy is on his way to prison sooner or later. He has zero will power and cannot control himself. A dangerous combination. Coaches everywhere should be telling their teams to get him riled up. He is good for a couple personal fouls every game if you push his buttons.

  21. Wow… so much hate for a man never convicted of a crime. Hardy should’ve been angry, the defense played their tails off and the offense and special teams gave the game away. It’s amazing though… no one says a peep when Dez goes nuts, on his broken foot no less, no one says a peep when Brady goes nuts, no one says a peep when Donk goes nuts, etc. etc. etc.

  22. “Most gifted arm.” “Leader.” The Cowboys are not far off from the dysfunction level attained by the Colts, Bills and Browns.

  23. It’s obvious that, Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett, and many of the Cowboy’s, are afraid of Greg Hardy, anywhere else this would be totally unacceptable, but, #BecauseFootball, it’s OK.

    What about the Children?

  24. “Jerrah will have to keep “testifying” for Hardy’s behavior while he is a Cowboy. ”

    Jerrah can keep vouching for Hardys behavior as long as he keeps the guns away from this scary to think of a loose cannon like him with a gun in his hand,this country has far too many of them already running loose.

  25. Nothing to see here folks, just Jerry being Jerry. What would have been a real headline is if Mr. Jones actually addressed it differently, meaning, like how most NFL GMs would have.

    Entertaining game though.

  26. This is Jones, what do you expect. Emulating winning franchises isn’t possible with Jones, you rarely see the Pats keeping the sort of players that the Cowboys do. Keeping all these troublesome players isn’t working for Dallas. Romo probably has another couple of good seasons left, injury permitting, then the Cowboys are in real trouble.

  27. This is troubling that the owner considers Hardy one of the leaders of this team!!! Considering this guys past and known for being a loose cannon, where is his leadership skills???

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