Kirk Cousins after comeback win: “You like that?”

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Last week wasn’t a great one for Kirk Cousins.

He threw a pair of interceptions in the team’s 34-20 loss to the Jets, dropping the team’s record to 0-10 in games that featured multiple Cousins interceptions, and the question of his job security was posed to Redskins coach Jay Gruden several times. Gruden stuck with Cousins and it paid off in the second half on Sunday.

Cousins threw three touchdown passes after halftime and the Redskins came back from 24-0 down in the first half to beat the Buccaneers 31-30 in front of a home crowd that made their change of opinion in Cousins known over the course of the game. After it was over, Cousins had a question for those who had been questioning him in the days leading up to the game.

“I mean, I just get really fired up after we win, that’s all it is, just fired up,” Cousins said, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post. “I just said it to, I think it was Tarik [El-Bashir] in there from Comcast I was saying it to. Just fired up, fired up.”

The loud finish to the game should make for a quieter week on the quarterback front in Washington.

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  1. Is it a prerequisite that all Washington QB have to have big mouth and little talent??????? both him and RG3 should be playing for Rex Ryan…..

  2. I got no problem with that… I’d be pretty fired up if I won a game in the NFL – especially if I came back from being down 24-0

    But ideally one’s QB acts like he’s been there before

    Cousins seems like hasn’t

    But the guy won, and the team didn’t give up – I’ll cut him some slack

  3. Cousin , c’mon you where playing Tampa Bay , let’s see how much talk after the New England game.

    Gruden will be fired after the season, and Cousin will be back on the bench. Mike benched RG3 , got fired , Gruden benched RG 3 will be fired in Jan.

  4. The Redskins have got to get their play calling right, you do not win games throwing to the sidelines (as the second half proved). Not sold on Jay Gruden, Believe he is in over his head.

  5. Summer down, Kirk. There is no bigger dumpster fire than the Bucs. The mindless penalties they took (16 accepted) had a major impact. I haven’t watched them this year other than today, looked like they are seriously out of control. If this is what Lovie Smith has been producing regularly, why is he still employed as an NFL coach?

  6. I have no problem with that at all. It’s not like he was ranting and raving at a press conference or blaming the media for his difficulties. Just a spur of the moment burst of emotion from a guy who’s under a ton of pressure.

    I like that.

  7. The funny thing, every Redskin Potato fan will be saying tomorrow that Cousins is now the QB of the future. Then he’ll throw 2 picks in the 4th quarter next week, and they’ll be ready to release him.

  8. People still making the same tired jokes about Cousins aren’t watching. He’s absolutely NFL-starting caliber. Probably safely in the top 20 QBs. A lot of teams would trip over themselves to replace their QB with him.

  9. Love the comments that it was the Bucs. He engineered a comeback over an NFL team. Who cares who it was against. A guy who has been facing so much negativity in the press should be allowed to be excited. I also love the comments here from never been QBs telling a QB after he rallies his team back from a 24-0 deficit to a win how to act. Is it really that tough to let someone be happy after the last couple of weeks?

  10. I’ve been a huge critic of Cousins. Personally eviscerated him last week. Good for you Kirk. You played pretty damn good in the second half avoided turnover and did some good things with the offense when it was pretty much all on you to sink or swim this week.

    I did enjoy seeing him do that, probably the biggest win of his NFL career. I don’t mind this at all.

  11. Redskins won but it was against the Buccaneers. Statistically speaking the Buccaneers are a top 5 defense but factor in strength of their opponents and you can throw that stat right out the window. Now we prepare for the 4 game slide.

  12. big blackanvil and defscott are you fans of the redskins or not?
    what did RG do against tampa last year? this tampa team is much improved, better than the team they fielded last year.
    you both still whine for RG, after yesterday he’s done. cousins team at least this year.

  13. Yeah after another ugly turnover and leading his team to a 24-0 deficit he had them right where he wanted them. The turnover machine got lucky to get out of it this time but he is still horrible.

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