Ryan Mallett on missing flight: I was stuck in traffic

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The Texans had a miserable day on Sunday as they lost to the Dolphins 44-26 after falling behind 41-0 and saw running back Arian Foster suffer an Achilles injury that looks like it might cost him the rest of the season.

Adding to the fun for Texans coach Bill O’Brien is getting to deal with backup quarterback Ryan Mallett’s absence from the team’s flight to Miami. Mallett made it to Florida on his own and was in uniform on Sunday, but it’s something the coach will have to address with a player who already skipped a training camp practice because he overslept.

Mallett said after the game, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, that he “got caught in traffic” by way of explaining why he didn’t show up for the flight. We can’t testify to traffic conditions in Houston before the team’s flight, but it would seem likely that other players would have been in a similar boat heading to the same airport if there really were a traffic jam of sufficient size to allow an adult to use it as an excuse for being late to a paying job.

O’Brien said that any discipline would be handled internally and is “not for public consumption.” It will, of course, be subject to public consumption if O’Brien decides that he’d rather give Mallett’s roster spot to someone who can be bothered to show up to work.

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  1. Sure you were. Just like you were late to practice too.

    This franchise is a mess. Thought O’ Brien was turning it around. Who would have thought Fitzpatrick would be better than Hoyer/Mallett combined.

    And JJ Watt is the most over rated player in the league. He isn’t Lawrence Taylor or Reggie White.

  2. It couldn’t be more obvious that this guy has completely checked out and is simply stacking his cash before hanging it up in the very near future.

  3. Mallet quit on Michigan so he has an established routine that is centered around him and his personal interest and goals, not the team or other players. Cut or trade him would be mandatory at this point. Team ain’t backing this guy that bridge is burned now

  4. Mallet.

    “Oversleeps” the practice after Hoyer is named starter before the season.

    “Caught in traffic” heading for an away game Hoyer has been renamed the starter after Mallet blew his chance when he got it.

    Anyone else see a pattern here ?

    If he makes it through the year without being cut I doubt he’ll be a Texan for very long after the last game of the regular season. O’Brien won’t put up with this crap.

  5. After the season, how Bill O’Brien is handled will be for public consumption.

    Dude was an OC for just one year with the Pats before going to the Big 10 has-been Penn State. It’s not as if he was ever a hot commodity. If the Houston GM/Team President thought he was the answer they’re going to find a replacement before they get replaced.

  6. Dude, I can’t use that excuse and I’m the boss.
    You really are a redneck moron, aren’t you?
    I feel bad. Most of my relatives are in Arkansas.
    Poor dumb bastard. Bless his heart

  7. Oh, that’s what they’re calling coke benders these days. Traffic. He should be careful with that. There was a popular drug movie by that name about 15 years ago, lol.

  8. It’s almost like he knows that the Texans are in so much trouble at QB, he could send dick pics to every Texans cheerleader and still take the field if they’re ever close to getting blown out again.

    Bill O’brien isn’t going to lose whatever little job prospects he has left just to send him a message.

  9. “excuse for being late to a paying job.”

    Ummm, he missed the flight. It didn’t miss the game. Furthermore, it ended up costing him money since he would have had to pay for his own flight instead of the chartered flight for the team.

  10. The dog ate his plane ticket. Saying so would have been too incredulous so bad traffic sounds so much better. BTW, I have a dog that loves to eat paper more than bacon treats. I have to hide bills, etc. or else. Not paying my bill would never fly with the power company.

  11. LOL! This is just too funny. This guy is full of excuses.
    The dog ate his playbook.
    His cell phone didn’t wake him up.
    His mom didn’t fix his breakfast.
    His gps recalculated route.
    What a leader among men.

  12. Maybe he had just a premonition they’d get obliterated in the 1st Half. In that case lousy QB, Hall of Fame psychic. He gone!

  13. “We can’t testify to traffic conditions in Houston before the team’s flight, but it would seem likely that other players would have been in a similar boat heading to the same airport if there really were a traffic jam of sufficient size to allow an adult to use it as an excuse for being late to a paying job.”

    The operative word being ADULT. He may or may not have $50M talent (yeah, we all doubt it) but even if he does no one will ever know thanks to that 50¢ head

  14. Ryan Mallet appears to still be a coke head, same as the college rumors claimed. He better jump on the sword soon and beg for help if he wants to keep collecting NFL money. Why the Texans didn’t cut his ass after his whining on national TV still confuses me, but at this point they should cut bait and at least show their fans that they care as an organization they look like a national joke.

  15. I never understood the logic behind moving Fitzpatrick and getting Hoyer thinking you would be better off. Not that Fitzpatrick is the answer, but he’s a gamer and better than anything Hoyer has ever been.

  16. He didn’t miss work, or even show up late for it. He just missed the carpool, so to speak.

    Make of it what you will, but let’s be accurate.

  17. Cut the bum….its clear that he’s not invested unless he is the unquestioned starter. Look at his body of work in New England for example. He got a bulk of preseason game reps for several seasons and did not show any signs of progressing in a system that even perennial journeymen like Matt Cassell and Brian Hoyer looked at least competent in.

    Any QB of any team NEVER oversleeps or misses team flights; in fact that guy should be first in the facility and the first guy on the plane. The only time he looked good was in Arkansas of all places, where there were no threats to his position; even then, he had behavioral issues that led him to slide to the best of all places in the draft and he still didn’t take advantage. He’s had his chances; time to go to the CFL…the place for strong arms and weak minds.

  18. TylerHills ,

    Don’t you know, that’s what former Belichick lackeys do. Hoyer and Mallet were Brady’s backups, so of course O’Brien said they knew his “system.” Fools still haven’t figured out that the Hall of Famer who fell in to the 6th round made that work, not any system. At least Pioli can say Matt Cassell had a good year for him to get fleeced on. Hoyer got cut by the Browns and the Whisenhunt Cardinals, so you knew he couldn’t play, and Mallet is Mallet.

  19. In Malletts defense Josh Freeman who was his ride overslept
    But all joking aside they had Case Keenum who worked hard played hard sent him packing

  20. “Bring in Vince Young… No matter what you say about him, he’s a winner…”

    NO!! He is most definitely a loser!

  21. Mallet is an idiot.

    But why are the players driving themselves to the airport? Wouldn’t they meet at the stadium and take a bus?

  22. Obviously he should have left earlier, but having driven in Houston, I know that he might be telling the truth. It isn’t as bad as Los Angeles or San Francisco, or Seattle, but it still sucks to drive there.

  23. So it was cocaine?

    Looks like a tweaker to me. Either way, he’s more trouble than he’s worth, so just cut him and be done with it.

  24. This guy has shown time and time again he just doesn’t get it. He lost the starting job and he’s acting like a baby about it

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