Saints storm to big lead, hold on to beat Colts


After a hideous start, the Colts finally started playing good football in the second half today against the Saints. But it was too little, too late.

After jumping out to a 27-0 lead in the third quarter, the Saints saw the Colts pull to within 27-21 and nearly recover an onside kick for a chance to win the game. But the Saints recovered that kick and hung on to win the game.

Colts quarterback Andrew Luck was a disaster early in the game, but he had a big second half and finished with respectable numbers, completing 23 of 44 passes for 333 yards, with three touchdowns and two interceptions. T.Y. Hilton had 150 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

Saints quarterback Drew Brees completed 28 of 44 passes for 255 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. Mark Ingram had a huge game running the ball, with 14 carries for 143 yards. Khiry Robinson managed just 28 yards on his 14 carries, but he did score two touchdowns.

If you’re looking for a reason to be optimistic about the Colts, who dropped to 3-4, you could point out that they’re still in first place in the terrible AFC South — and that they didn’t quit in a tough game. The Saints are also 3-4, but it’s harder to be optimistic about their chances, because they’re in a tough division. Neither of these teams is great, but the Saints looked pretty great in the first half. And the Colts couldn’t do enough in the second.

51 responses to “Saints storm to big lead, hold on to beat Colts

  1. YEA! So Glad the Saints won! As usual, we were picked to lose. So glad things are turning around.

  2. whodats knew we were gonna win. really frustrated by those big passes, but the truth is our defense is the real deal. Were coming for the playoffs baby, made em say unnnn nanah nanah whodat whodat!!!

  3. My guess is that Pagano will be given the sack by tomorrow, which is a huge shame because Grigson is the one who deserves it. It beggars belief that some– nay, a lot– of people think Pagano should be held accountable because he cannot coach the tenth rate players that Grigson drafts and signs.

  4. also, although drew didnt have a great game, can we stop talking about his arm strength? he was out there slanging them deep balls like tom brady never has and manning hasnt since he was on the colts!

    Critics dont know anything abt that Brees Bomb, its still lit!!!

  5. Agree that it was an unusually inaccurate day by Brees. Lots of passes way overthrown, I wonder if he’s still trying to over compensate due to the previous shoulder injury. Defense is showing glimpses of hope. Breaux needs to keep his feet under him. Those two plays removed, we would have walked away with this game, and Pagano woulda been unemployed tomorrow.

  6. Going to be a long season for the Dolts. A slow painful season……………..Grigson should fry. I pray they make the playoffs, probably will because of the junior varsity division, so they can come back to Foxboro. Either way, they are nowhere near the level of the Patriots. Have a nice day

  7. Congrats Whodats, still time to get back in it

    c-o-l-t-s = s-o-f-t
    Without that patty cake ‘division’ where would they be? In any other division they would be in the cellar

  8. .
    Why did the Colts panic and go to the onside kick with over three minutes left? They were only down six and had all three timeouts remaining .

    With the game on the line, they voluntarily gave up 30 yards of field position !!!!!!!!!!. Boneheads.

  9. I have lost count of the number of Special Teams breakdowns the Colts have had in just the past two weeks. Somebody…I repeat…”somebody”… needs to own up to this ongoing fiasco.

  10. Colts, 0-4 against the NFL. 3-0 against the minor leaguers.
    Kind of deflating, huh Colts fans?

  11. The afc should just forfeit their playoff spot if the division winner finishes under .500 I could see the division winner at 6-10. Everyone in that division is hot garbage.

  12. The Colts will win their division at 6-10 with 6 divisional wins but 0-10 outside the division. Worst division ever.

  13. True the colts are in a sorry division and the saints are not but the colts next 3 opponents have a total of 1 loss while the saints still get to play the other 3 teams in Indys garbage division. The saints are an average team right now and will likely finish around 8-8 but with the soft schedule they have remaining getting a wild card is still a reasonable possibility. All 4 losses are nfc losses though.

  14. what was very telling to me…explain to me when forced to call time out because colts didnt have enough men on field…afterwards the camera focused on special teams coach…he looked like he was laughing it up with someone…

  15. “The Saints tampered with our headsets, forcing us to listen to our terrible coaches and doofus GM all game.” — Colts

  16. 87hollywoodhorn says:
    Oct 25, 2015 4:55 PM

    also, although drew didnt have a great game, can we stop talking about his arm strength? he was out there slanging them deep balls like tom brady never has and manning hasnt since he was on the colts!
    How old are you? Were you around in 2007?? from the Bleacher report: “in 2007 Tom Brady had Randy Moss who caught 98 passes f0r 1493 yards and an NFL record 23 touchdowns. Moss became arguably the GREATEST DEEP THREAT in the history of the NFL!”

  17. Pftsliberalagenda says:
    The saints are not in a tough division. Your comedy is why I keep coming back!

    As of this writing the NFCS is 16-9, the AFCS is 8-19 and half of those wins came against each other

  18. But did they run the “swinging gate” on the Colts once they were up big ? Would have been LMAO if they did.

  19. Colts/Deflategate, Ravens/Harbaugh whining about a legal play, Bills/Sexy Rexy’s constant blather, Cowboys/Jerrah Jones publicly supporting Goodell…

    Amazing how all the Patriot enemies are falling by the wayside…

  20. That fake field goal had to be gut wrenching for the colts.
    Sean Payton showed Pagano how you suppose to do a fake.

  21. It’s okay. You can fire Pagano if you’re Irsay. That interim thing doesn’t seem to be harming Miami in anyway. I say that because they at least beat a losing team unlike the Colts.

  22. Why did people think the Colts would be good this year? They made the playoffs last year because they play in a terrible division, and had one good game vs Denver in the playoffs. That’s it.

    This a mediocre team with a terrible GM and an average coach.

  23. I don’t believe in karma, per se, but what has happened to the Ravens, Colts, Seahawks, and Bills, since they trashed talked the Patriots and suffered heartbreaking losses is unique in NFL history. Those teams are 9 – 20 since last taking the field against the Patriots and everyone of them was picked to be in the playoffs and two the super ball.

  24. So I guess its safe to say we can put a stop on the “work order” for the Andy Luck Canton Bust ALL OF THE PUNDITS had preordained for the past 3 years??? Haha

    What happened to all of that top 5 right behind Rodgers, Brady, Manning(Huh), & Brees??

    He’s EXACTLY what his numbers say he is………….OVERRATED.

  25. Great win by dem Saints and the defense played well. Both big plays from the Colts were from Delvin Breaux slipping but those kinds of miscues are part of the game. I’m still not quite sold on our defense but we do appear to be making good strides. Let’s be honest, the Colts aren’t remotely the team most folks (me included) thought they would be; they’re abysmal! It’s good see that the pass rush has come out of hibernation the past two weeks and hopefully they’ll stay hungry after weeks of slumber. Hopefully, we’ll have our starting DBs back bc we’ll need them against the Giants receivers. Geaux Saints!

  26. When with less than 10 minutes left in the game, only 2 time outs left, down 13 points, and on the 46 yard line, the Colts trot out the punting team, I said “GAME OVER” Pagano quit.

  27. We won the game and it seems like every media outlet wants to talk about how the Colts are struggling and what they have to do to fix their problems. Keep picking against us and not giving us any recognition for wins. I love that we are flying under the radar and everyone is too ignorant to give us our due.

  28. Colts fans — Make yourselves feel better. Create a looping video of NFL Game Day’s unanimous, Mensa-like predictions for Super Bowl 50 champs:

    Steve Mariucci — Colts
    Marshall Faulk — Colts
    Kurt Warner — Colts
    Michael Irvin — Colts

    Then put up a banner.

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