Andrew Luck: I’m frustrated with myself

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On Football Night in America, Rodney Harrison shared his feeling that Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is still bothered by a right shoulder injury while discussing Luck’s poor play in Sunday’s 27-21 loss to the Saints.

Luck said that the shoulder feels fine after the game, but he hardly played like the player we grew accustomed to seeing during his first three seasons in the NFL. Luck missed on his first five passes, was 9-of-19 at halftime and was showered with boos before three second half touchdowns made the final score, if not the overall performance, look more respectable. Luck’s postgame comments made it clear that he’s struggling to get back on track.

“I’m not happy with how I played or the result of the game,” Luck said, via the team’s website. “I’d say I’m frustrated up here. As a unit, we’re frustrated and I’m frustrated with myself. I’ve got to play better.”

A loss of confidence, either because of the shoulder issue or a leaky offensive line, seems to be contributing to Luck’s issues this season and it’s hard to imagine there will be an immediate fix on either of those fronts given how pronounced the problems have been through the first seven weeks of the season.

There are plenty of other problems with the Colts this season, but the team has been designed to have Luck spackle over the cracks well enough to drive the team to the playoffs. The AFC South is bad enough that they are still the favorites to pull that off, but any offseason optimism about the team’s hopes for the season are on hold as long as Luck continues to fall short of expectations.

21 responses to “Andrew Luck: I’m frustrated with myself

  1. Rodney has a pretty good eye and sense for this stuff. Grigson is the one responsible for the mess in Indy.

  2. He wasn’t exactly lighting the world on fire before his injury either. He has alot of talent but he turns the ball over way too much. He’s like Brett Favre when it comes to turnovers but difference is he doesn’t pull the win out and the end like Favre use to. Oh and they showed a stat yesterday during the game against the saints. His record against the AFC south is something like 17-2 but against the rest of the league something like 17-16???? Boy does it benefit from playing in that division.

  3. Mr. Irsay, this regression of Andrew Luck cannot go on like this. Do whatever you have to to get Jim Harbaugh out of Michigan and into Indianapolis. WHATEVER IT TAKES

  4. And Indy tanked a season and booted a legend for this guy. So much for that bank breaking bazillion dollar deal he was gonna get because Russell Wilson got paid.

  5. In my market, with over 6 minutes left to go in the third quarter of that game, the network switched us to a “more competitive” game.

    If you had told me on Saturday that Bucs/Redskins would be a more competitive game, I would have laughed.

  6. Luck has never been as good as the media has made him out to be, but certainly isn’t as bad as he’s been playing this year.

    This stuff happens. As Pats fans we’ve seen Brady have nightmare stretches, but they’ve been short in duration, and the reason was because of the coaching he got to fix what he was doing badly.

    Luke isn’t the elite QB that everyone anointed him from his first year, but he has everything he needs to become on eventually. Most importantly he wants to. He cares, and has a great work ethic.

    His problem is that he isn’t getting the hands on coaching he needs to work out of what he’s struggling with…..and I don’t think he’s going to get it in Indy. He needs to leave next year

  7. joeflaccoallday says:
    Oct 26, 2015 1:08 PM

    Luck is garbage but I really do blame media for overhyping players, eventually catches up to you

    Just like Flacco.

  8. Stillll, it probably isnt too early for them to plan their 2015 AFC South Division Champion banner raising party!

  9. Luck is one of the best young QB’s to come into the league in years. He is just having a bad year which is being made worse because of the colts lake of talent. The colt certainly have talent in some places but, overall, they are not a very good team. The defense doesn’t have a lot of talent, the o-line doesn’t have a lot of talent, the running backs are mediocre and beyond Hilton there isn’t a lot of options that he is throwing too.

    I don’t know what’s happening next year but anyone that thinks the colts season isn’t dead this year is trying to fool themselves

  10. Luck doesn’t suck. He’s just in a slump. All good QBs go through it, like Brady at the start of last year. But at least puts the blame on himself and wants to fix it, unlike the guy drafted right after him, who isn’t even starting anymore by the way

  11. Him and Kaepernick are both struggling because of bad offensive line play. The O-line should have been as much of a focus in the off season as the older veteran skill players they brought in.

  12. Colts are in complete disarray. Bruce Arians was forced out and look at him now. Goodbye Colts, hello Titans. Andrew Luck is just like Tannehill in Miami, inconsistent.
    Go Hawks!

  13. Yeah, Go Hawks! Keep losing in the 4th quarter and not being a dynasty like the Pats are. Go Pats!

    You know you’re QB doesn’t give a rip about your team, right? If another team, like the Dolphins or the Raiders, backed up the truck for him, he’d be there in an instant and then denounce you Seattle idiots with this Go Hawks mantra. They aren’t going anywhere except home because they ain’t getting to the Super Bowl. Enjoy the off-season LOL

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