Chuck Pagano isn’t worried about job security

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The Colts dropped to 3-4 on Sunday with a 27-21 loss to the Saints in a game that saw them fall behind by 27 points before they rallied to make the score look more presentable.

The game featured another disappointing performance from quarterback Andrew Luck and the same mediocre play on the offensive line and defense that have plagued the Colts all season, none of which reflects well on head coach Chuck Pagano or General Manager Ryan Grigson. Given the fact that Pagano is in the final year of his contract and reports that he has doubts about returning to Indianapolis, you might expect him to have some concern about seeing out the rest of this season.

On Monday, Pagano said that wasn’t the case. He said that he’s “not at all” worried about his job security with games at Carolina and at home against Denver coming in the next two weeks.

“I got another day,” Pagano said, via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star. “So it’s a good day. Don’t judge, just keep moving forward.”

It’s a pretty good life philosophy and it might explain why Pagano wouldn’t spend much time worrying about how long he’ll be coaching the Colts, but it feels like running the current losing streak to four games before the bye will at least keep the possibility of a change on the table for a team that’s failed to make good on expectations this season.

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  1. Not only would this guys be snapped up by other teams as a head coach or defensive coordinator if here were let go but he also beat leukemia only a few years back. I doubt he’s really worried whether that clown of an owner he works for is going to fire him.

  2. His most pressing concern is that black & blue truck that’s going to run over him and Neck Beard next Monday.

  3. Irsay is fit to be tied with his Colts’ sub-par performance and could axe both Pagano and Grigson in the near future.

  4. The Saints, destroyed the Colts.
    If not for the cornerback falling down twice the score would’ve reflected the reality that the Colts were not ready.

  5. Can’t understand why Pagano didn’t show some commitment and sign the contract extension. Let’s say this was the worst organization in the NFL. It still is a HC job in the NFL. Not to mention your QB is Andrew Luck and the roster is above average IMHO. And if you do get fired at least you have some extra money in your pocket.

  6. I guessing the league is going to have a record amount of coaches fired this off-season. There are so many teams that are just plain awful that should be much better. The quality of the games this year has been pitiful.

  7. Almost all coaches get fired. Few retire into the sunset, that’s just the nature of this game and almost every game. Why do we even talk about job security, there is NONE in sports.

  8. I highly doubt Cowher would come back to coach a team with absolutely no defense, but Irsay should offer him two brinks trucks to install some semblance of a defense.

  9. Pagano’s prob not the best coach for this team, but look at the 53 man roster has given him! He’s gotta go before or at worst with Pagano.

  10. Pagano sealed his deal with the woeful play execution of the fake punt against the Patriots. It wasn’t the worst play call of all time, that one belongs to Darell Bevell of the Seahawks. His team’s ineptness in running it, though, is on him.

    The real problem is Grigson. Ignoring the OL/DL in favor of drafting a WR at the end of Round 1 was very questionable.

  11. No offensive line talent no rb talent no defensive talent and you blame the coach everyone on this team is a backup in New England at best if they even make the team. Luck and Hilton are about the only viable starters. Grigsion is the next Millin but let’s blame the coach ask Detroit how that worked

  12. Maybe he wants out of this dysfunctional franchise. Good man with some horrible bosses.

    Watch in a few years when Luck plays for New England and Belicheck because Indy couldn’t get a decent offensive line for him.

    Oh my.

  13. After this season, Grigson and Pagano should both be replaced. There is probably nothing to be gained by firing them before then. Indy is fortunate that Luck got one season with Arians coaching him, but they need a better team around him and better coaching in the future to have a chance of beating the Patriots…

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