Report: Bill O’Brien wants to cut Ryan Mallett, G.M. refuses


Texans backup quarterback Ryan Mallett has shown that he just doesn’t get it, and coach Bill O’Brien has reportedly seen enough.

The Houston Chronicle reports that when Mallett missed the Texans’ team flight to Miami on Saturday, O’Brien considered that the last straw and wanted to cut Mallett. But Texans General Manager Rick Smith refused.

That’s surprising because O’Brien has always been a Mallett backer. O’Brien coached Mallett in New England and wanted to bring him to Houston. But O’Brien also knows that Mallett has a history of failing to conduct himself like a professional. It’s easy to see why a coach would get tired of a player who can’t get his butt to work on time. However, Smith isn’t ready to get rid of Mallett yet.

The fact that Smith and O’Brien aren’t seeing eye to eye on Mallett raises the question of whether the two of them can work together effectively in Houston going forward. Texans owner Bob McNair may soon find that he has to choose between Smith’s vision for the future of the franchise and O’Brien’s, because at the moment it looks like the head coach and the G.M. are not on the same page.

85 responses to “Report: Bill O’Brien wants to cut Ryan Mallett, G.M. refuses

  1. Who doesn’t want Mallet cut? The dude missed meetings and then a plane ride to the game. What a slacker, Mallet might not get another gig in the NFL again.

  2. If a coach and GM disagreeing on one player was enough to get one of them fired every team would be firing either their coach or GM every season.

  3. He’s still young enough for someone to think they can save him. So no reason to cut him for nothing

  4. I don’t buy that one bit. Everyone in Houston knows Rick smith is, and has always been, a yes man to first Kubiak and now OBrien. OBrien has final say over player personnel.


  5. Pretty sad state for the Texans organization if you can’t cut Mallett after that. He has proven to be nothing special and clearly doesn’t give a damn about this team unless he is the confirmed starter. I would be mad if I was a Texans fan and my GM was sticking up for him…… I’d be even more angry if I was a fan of another team and my GM signed Mallett in the future. I truly hope that Houston is his last NFL stop because I know there is a handful of guys who want it more than him and are just as capable. Mallett only gets respect due to his size. Aside from that there isn’t any evidence that he is an NFL QB. He’s a me first type of guy and on a 53+ man roster, that crap don’t fly.

  6. Sooooo…just list him as inactive for every game. worse than getting cut because he cannot look for another team. Problem solved.

  7. Texans owner Bob McNair may soon find that he has to choose between Smith’s vision for the future of the franchise and O’Brien’s
    Seems odd that any sensible vision of the future would include Mallet – Mallet was a low-cost, short term gamble

  8. Sorry but Houston needs a #2 and the cupboard is bare for FA QBs …..refer to Buffalo / Dallas. Bite your lip Bill and be patient….season will be over soon and then you can clear house.

  9. You have a lot bigger problems than your second string QB…..I am a Dolphin fan and I want to believe Miami was that dominant yesterday but the reality is that the Texans are horrible. You should have stayed at Penn St coach.

  10. Maybe O’Brien can fire himself. The dam has broken and he can’t seem to address anything else. Texan franchise is an

  11. I mean I see the problem, Mallets done just about everything to get cut, but there isn’t another QB on the roster right now. Savage is on IR. Best they could do is either sign a QB off the street or call up Dysert from practice squad and make him the backup. Can’t think of a free agent QB unless Jason Campbell decides to come out of retirement.

  12. Those fans who experienced Mallet in Michigan know he has always
    had a lot of growing up to do. Unfortunately he has failed to do so
    since he was put on notice at Michigan. A talented kid who seems to
    never received the input he needed. Too many talented kids don’t get the truth from their peers and family. I’m not saying I have any idea whether his family, peers and or coaches did not try to set him straight
    but I do believe he has not grown up.

  13. Hoyer gets hurt, who is the QB? Savage is on IR. Watt can’t QB. And somebody the street ain’t happening.. Need to keep him for now.

  14. Smith has ruined that team with too many bad decisions. Watt is the only good one he’s made

    Actually Watt was drafted because of Wade Phillips. Phillips really pushed hard for him and in the end got his way. Rick Smith is way too incompetent to have been responsible for Watt.

  15. I think this shows the person responsible for the Texans being inept the past 5 years and OBrien and Mallett just got here last year.
    If Savage was not on IR Mallett would be gone. Rick Smith should be fired, Mallett released if /when they can find a viable backup and the team needs to take a hard look at the multiple extensions they gave to players like Cushing, Jonathan Joseph, etc. Time to get a new G.M. and tear it down and rebuild.

  16. Call the Bucs and offer a 4th round pick for Mike Glennon….. He did some good things before TB drafted Winston

  17. Its one thing that Al Davis was well into his dotage when he derailed the Raiders, but theres plenty of other GMs and owners who are making some moves that even surpass Al. Know when to cut bait.

  18. Mallet himself wants to be off to another team, one not dumb enough to start Hoyer…and I can’t quite blame him for feeling like that. I don’t understand teams that pick sub-mediocre players to start over talented unknowns. If you pick a guy who’s only good for 6 or 7 wins, you made the wrong choice.

  19. O’Brien should stay…..I think it’s too soon to quit on him. He needs “his” quarterback and he doesn’t have that. House is a stop gap option. My guess is that they pick a QB in round one and hopefully O’Brien gets to be there for it.

  20. Ok redo on previous post, saw the tweet attributed Brian T. Smith of Houston Chronicle, it says O’Brien wanted to cut Mallett on Saturday BEFORE the game. Wouldn’t this have left them without a back up other than Lechler? Tom Savage is on IR and there other QB is on the practice squad, would they have been able to activate him on Saturday?

  21. I have serious questions about both coach and GM for bringing Mallett in the first place. Big QBs with strong arms are great if they’re also good QBs. Mallet wasn’t a good college player. Why on earth would anyone think he’d be a good pro?

  22. Whatever we think should be done with Mallett, O’Brien and Smith need to get on the same page. You’re seeing the same dysfunction in Cleveland with Mike and Ray Farmer. Farmer drafts Manziel and Gilbert; Pettine (likely for good reason) refuses to voluntarily play them. Farmer signs Dwayne Bowe for $9MM guaranteed after being cut by Kansas City; Pettine (likely for good reason) refuses to even make him active on gamedays. I fear the same kind of thing is starting to go down in Indianapolis as well.

    This is kind of stuff that sets organizations back.

  23. If Brian Hoyer hadn’t gone 7-100 and 23 yards, maybe this doesn’t become a rub…??

    I might be more of a college football guy, but my opinion is GM’s should heed to the coach unless the coach is on the chopping block. Bet Bill O’Brien wishes he hadn’t jumped at this job offer. Things were going well at Penn State. He could have just waited one or two years and maybe a better franchise and a better owner would be an improved situation.

  24. As an Eagles fan I’m not in a position to talk abo ut great QB play or good team records, but does it really matter if the Texans just sign some cellphone salesman turned practice squad qb turned backup qb? They’re not going anywhere no matter who their qb is this year. Release mallett and.just sign whoever.

  25. igotgamenj says:
    Oct 26, 2015 10:44 PM

    But wait pats fans said he was the going to be great …

    Who Mallett?? There is a 7th rounder in it for us as
    long as the dummy doesn’t get fired

  26. It’s not to late.. Bring in Vince Young… No matter what is said about him, he’s a winner…

  27. If he believes in both of them together but they’re just butting heads it’s actually the smart move. Give them time to work it out. Because they have a long history together. Sounds like the sensible move.

  28. While Mallett is a bonehead and deserves to be cut, it will not happen.

    Quite frankly in a league starved for QBs of a certain size with a big arm somebody would fall in love with those measureables and snap him up quickly.

    Just the way things are in the league now where the current rules enforcement favor the offensive side of the ball so much.

    Another brain surgeon is Tyler Bray with KC who has never even taken a snap, but he has the size and the arm so the Chiefs are keeping him hanging around on IR for the last few years.

    A ten cent head no longer matters as long as you have a million dollar arm and height.

    Sad state of affairs.

  29. And to think that the Raiders with Al Davis had considered taking the talented Arkansas QB Mallet

  30. Dummies! Mallett wants to get cut!

    He knows the Texans are spiraling towards being the worst team in the NFL and he want to get out of a toxic team.

    It already looks like the Texan roster has quit on O’Brien so Mallett knows its time to try to escape.

    Sorry Texan fans, but your team is gonna get even worse.

  31. Looks like ole Belichek has pulled off another scam. Amazing how all these teams keep falling for the same ruse.
    The Texans are who we thought they are… A horrible franchise going nowhere.

  32. Smith has been a disaster. I wish people would stop referencing Watt as the draft choice he got right. Look at the number of 2nd-4th round picks that he’s blown. Most teams in the NFL get their 1st and 2nd rounders correct, but good organizations are built on those mid round picks. Late round picks and FA’s are just a bonus.

    The best mid-round pick Smith made was Connor Barwin and he let him walk due to Matt Schaub’s contract. Regardless of whether O’Brien is the right coach, Smith must go!!

  33. I understand the need for a back-up especially because Savage is injured.

    But, I think O’Brien was trying to stay true to the team-first attitude.

    Mallett must have snowed someone during the interview process to get signed on. The best Mallett looked was in Cleveland last year. Nothing since . . .

    Hoyer needs to rise to the fight. When he gets into a rhythm he’s good but when things don’t go his way it seems it is difficult for him to recover.

  34. redrew says:
    Oct 26, 2015 10:17 PM
    Sorry but Houston needs a #2 and the cupboard is bare for FA QBs …..refer to Buffalo / Dallas. Bite your lip Bill and be patient….season will be over soon and then you can clear house.

    dyhrdpatsfan says:
    Oct 26, 2015 10:26 PM
    Hoyer gets hurt, who is the QB? Savage is on IR. Watt can’t QB. And somebody the street ain’t happening.. Need to keep him for now.

    I’m not sure I understand this reasoning. Houston isn’t going anywhere this season. There has to be some semi-qualified QB who, unlike Mallett, would simply be grateful to be on an NFL roster. If the team loses, that’s one thing. If the team harbors a malcontent and repeatedly fails to hold him accountable, thereby dividing the locker room, that’s a much bigger problem.

  35. I really feel for Houston fans! I just don’t understand what the Texans’ are doing.

    They have refused to address the QB position at all in the draft over the last few years. JJ Watt is a great player but you give a D-Lineman franchise QB money. You draft Clowney when he was a player you really didn’t need. Now Foster is gone for the season and you only have 2 active QB’s on the roster. Talk about a team that handcuffed themselves. Ever since Cushing got busted for PED’s, he hasn’t been the same. Reminds me a lot of Merriman that played for San Diego.

    The defense has to literally keep teams under 17 points to even have a shot and they have pretty much thrown in the towel. They clearly gave up against the Dolphins. You give up 4 scores of more than 50 yards?? That speaks volumes.

    Mallett is more of a diversion to a much bigger problem going on with that team.

    Hang in there Texan fans, like the saying goes…”bad times make the good times that much better”.

  36. Anything that does not help the situation obviously hurts it.
    Mall is a cancer now, no easy way around it.

    Cut him before the locker room implodes any further.

  37. Mallet want to get cut in my opinion. If I was gm I would start trying to get as much of that signning bonus back or I’ll penatalize him for every minor offense I could get away with. Missing the plane alone could result in suspension and fine detrimental to the team.

  38. You’re not going to win games with him. The best you can hope for is he can manage a victory here or there.

    In other words, the message you send by cutting him is much more valuable than whatever he can do for you on the football field.

    If you don’t make a point about accountability when you’re dealing with a mediocre player, how do you do so with a star player? Let’s say Clowney starts dominating and then slacks off. While I’m sure Watt, Wolfork, and Cushing will keep him in line, isn’t that the organization’s job? And not the players?

  39. The main issue here is Ryan Mallet a turd. Or is he not a turd. Missing meetings, missing team flight etc. etc. But people are on here defending him. I’m now going to click on a Greg Hardy site. To see who’s on there defending him.

  40. Keenum won the backup job in St. Louis, so the option of bringing him back for the zillionth time is off the table. The sad part is that he’s probably better than either Hoyer or Mallett, but he wasn’t one of O’Brien’s guys so he was never looked at seriously by the coaching staff.

  41. This is just typical Mallett! When he lost the starting job to Hoyer in camp….he pouted and failed to show up to practice the next day. Mallett claimed it was an alarm clock issue… he’s a liar, as well. When he got benched after getting hurt on national T.V. He stood at the far end of the sideline, away from his teammates and sulked with his arms folded…..pathetic example of a professional! Now he misses a team flight to Miami? And claims it was a traffic problem? If this is the case, how did every other member of the team, including all support staff and managers, get to the airport on time???? Another lie from Pinocchio Mallett. So the G.M. Refuses to allow O’brien to cut Mallett….no worries, there’s no way on Gods green earth that Mallett plays again for O’brien. And I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring up another QB, in case Hoyer gets injured. Lastly, I can’t imagine that any of Mallett’s teammates have any respect left for this loser…..stick a fork in him, he’s done!!!

  42. This looks like much ado about nothing. We’ve got a coach acting like a coach wanting to show discipline to his team. And a GM acting like a GM trying to salvage value out of a player before cutting him loose. Big deal.

  43. O’Brien should send a message and make Mallet inactive the rest of the year. If he can’t cut him, then he’ll just bench him in street clothes and make Smith watch as the team pays him to sit. Otherwise, call up a QB from the practice squad and have him dress and play if necessary while Mallet watches. And the hell with Mallet. He was a punk in college and he’s a punk in the NFL.

  44. Wow. What a no brainer. Guy takes a nap, misses practice day after being relegated to #2. Guy misses flight after god knows what happened.
    The GM needs to go. You can’t trade this trash, you have to throw it away. O’Brien has been snake-bitten this year, and its easy to see why when your GM wont do your trash for you.
    Can anybody answer this for me? Actually how bad is Houston traffic?

  45. Can easily see O’Brien making a play for Matt McGloin in the offseason. He’s done a really nice job as the backup in Oakland and has O’Briens QB at Penn State. He has definitely worthy of a shot through hard work and the respect he’s earned in 3 short years in the league.

  46. Offer JJ Watt in a “Herschel Walker like” trade and rebuild. Of course Smith has to go. Not sure about O’Brien. JJ gets a new start, Texans too.

  47. If you’re going to cut Mallet for missing the team plane then you probably need to consider cutting the entire team.

  48. as a browns fan this guy has the arm talent too win games just need too improve at reading defenses
    id love too take him in if he get cut this offseason
    cause we can win games with noodle arm manziel
    and grandpa mccown getting drilled every game
    that and mallet isnt even 28 yet he’s young

  49. But wait pats fans said he was the going to be great …

    Who knows? He may have been if they kept him around until Brady retires.

    I don’t have a dog in this fight but I don’t recall reading of Mallet missing any flights in New England or standing around on the sidelines with an attitude.

    It seems almost every player and coach that has had success there and left hasn’t done well on other teams. And the opposite is true for players that have minor roles or no roles on other teams who go there and end up being important players.

    I know it’s not 100% that way of course but it almost seems that way.

    But back to Mallet. No way the hoodie would put up with this kind of stuff from him. Hell, he sent Revis home last year when he was late to show up to practice one day. On the other hand I also doubt that Mallet would even try these things if he was still with the Pats.

  50. I’m inclined to give Mallet a pass on this one.
    If you hold him accountable for his tantrum he may hold his breath till he turns blue in the face and passes out.
    You don’t want that on your shoulders, do you?

    In all seriousness, the way Mallet acted this year,:
    1 – how can he command respect, unless he performs like a Tier 1 QB (which he’s not)
    2 – how can he expect other teams to be interested in him
    3 – his behavior is undermining the HCs authority

    Had he shut his mouth the entire season, he’d have gotten more chances to start. At the very least he could bounce around another year or two or three, and get more chances to play, and at least earn a few more 600K paychecks. That’s 10 years of earnings per year of service, plus an increased NFL pension.

  51. To think that the Texans could have had Bridgewater by trading up one spot, or could have had Carr by standing still.

    I’m thinking that they simply over thought the whole thing and probably assumed that Seattle wouldn’t trade down and thus Bridgewater would be there at the top of round 2, and decided that the ghost of his older brother David would haunt Derek.

    For that alone they should both be fired.

  52. Active player misses plane ride to the game that coach brought in and gm approved

    Coach: cut him

    GM: he stays

    Owner: you’re both fired

  53. RG3 for Mallett straight up?

    They both are creating distractions where they currently are but might not with a change of scenery. Griffin needs a coach like O’Brien who will do whatever he needs to do to have Griffin succeed like Kyle Shanahan.

    I’m sure Griffin would love to return to Texas also.

    Mallett just needs a change of scenery and being traded make wake him up.

  54. I think Mallett has to go. He’s obviously shown that he believes himself to be more important than the team.

  55. Mallett wants out. He’ll continue to be a distraction until the Texans have no choice. I smell money making this decision. My bet is that if they cut him he gets paid and Smith knows nobody is going to be clamoring to sign him. So he’ll just be dead money. The Texans have huge problems everywhere. Miami exposed that sham D for what it is. That’s not Mallett’s fault.

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