Cowboys have no issues with Greg Hardy, of any kind

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The Cowboys publicly have made it clear that they want to keep Greg Hardy beyond 2015. Privately, they’re making it clear, too.

Per a league source, the Cowboys have in response to the recent media and fan criticisms of Hardy reached out to his representatives to declare that they have no issues with Hardy, on or off the field. The Cowboys also made it clear that they want to extend Hardy’s contract.

It may not be the best way for Hardy to build leverage. Then again, how much leverage does he really have? The line for his services wasn’t extending out the door and down the block.

Regardless, the Cowboys love the guy. They have no problem with his behavior during the Giants game, his comments prior to the Patriots game, the reported absence from practice on Thursday, or presumably anything else he has done or will do — including his very recent re-tweet of an article that stands for the proposition that we should simply accept the fact that Hardy is a villain.

“You need people like me, so you can point your finger and say that’s the bad guy,” declares the caption to the photo of Tony Montana, in the tweet that Hardy shared with his followers.

The Cowboys have accepted the fact that their star pass rusher has warts that are irrelevant to his ability to apply contusions to quarterbacks. Because the Cowboys agreed to a term that prevents them from using the franchise or transition tag, Hardy will hit the market unless the Cowboys sign him to a new deal. And the better he does his job over the balance of the season, the more willing someone else will be to pursuing him.

Which is making the Cowboys willing to sign him to a new deal, sooner than later.

48 responses to “Cowboys have no issues with Greg Hardy, of any kind

  1. wasn’t Jones accuse of doing something to a women, so why would he objects to Hardy.

  2. I am a Cowboys fans and don’t think it’s a good LOOK when he’s down there jawning with his team.
    However a wise man once said..
    “There’s perception, then there’s reality”

    If you aren’t a pro football player locker room daily sweating and being around each other. It would probably look strange..

    Also media loves this story lol.

  3. One day the media will remember that the Cowboys are paying Hardy for his performance on the field and not to be a role model to the kids of Dallas and around the country.

    Dallas Cowboys will not be victims of PC America.

    I’ll take 3 sacks in 2 games all season

  4. He’s a baller, sign up long term. Everyone else is jealous. Dallas will still take this division this year and return to the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Book it.

  5. This guy is a criminal and deserves to be in jail, the Cowboys should be ashamed that they are getting this guys back, just goes to show what that scumbag Jones will look past to get a W… This whole story is disgusting!!!

  6. The nfl has a very low moral threshold but mot have some line they won’t cross at least. Hardy had some interst but it was very little including the team that could have kept him.

    The Cowboys are one of the few teams that have no moral threshold because of who owns them. I understand a lot of Cowboys fans wouldn’t care if the teamed signed a child rapist if it helped the team on the field but the problem is the guy calling the shots has never not screwed anything he touched up except for making more money.

    Tick, tick tick……boom!

  7. Tone deaf and spineless.

    One on hand the NFL is promoting the “No More” anti-domestic violence campaign, on the other hand an NFL team is handing out over ten million dollars (with more to come, they hope) to an unrepentant woman-beater and is apologizing for and enabling his appalling behavior.

    Then you have Garrett and Jones and everyone else who supposedly have an interest in maintaining some level of discipline and accountability on their team, yet are, again, standing behind Hardy, who behaves exactly like the violent maniac everyone fears he is. Maybe they’re afraid he’ll beat them too?

    Not sure how anyone involved looks themselves in the mirror and feels anything other than shame.

    I guess there’s some karma in the football world, anyway; the Cowboys have richly earned their losing record.

  8. I think yall should give him a huge raise, make him team captain, and find a job for him on coaching staff.

  9. I can see why the NFL is trying to take down a villain like Tom Brady when they have heroes like Greg Hardy to bear their Shield.

  10. What’s the big deal? It’s not like he stabbed a teammate in the neck, or got busted in a hotel room with drugs and hookers! Compared to Cowboys past, Hardy is a sweetheart.

  11. I think everyone should read the facts (not the headlines) about his DV case before they jump to conclusions. He didn’t do anything to that woman. She was just out for a payday.
    As far as Sunday goes, Im pretty sure it’s exactly as Jason Garrett stated. Remember when Dez was “going off” on the sidelines in Detroit and everyone was saying what a “problem child” he was? That was proven to be exactly as JG described it.
    Give the dude a break already!!

  12. Jimmy Johnson was so smart leaving the Cowboys in the rear view mirror. Jerry jones is a pimp of an owner. Tom Landry epitomized class and the reason they were Americas team. Now they make the raiders look good.

  13. He called in sick for practice again I heard. Must be nice. We should all aspire to be a real “team leader”. My job should take lessons from the Jones’s.

  14. the next time that Jerry Jones or Jason Garrett opens their mouth and mutters something about “character”……somebody slap their hypocritical mouths

  15. Ok cower fan and Jerry Jones your guy want to win soooo bad that your head are wayyyyyy down in to your ass you can even tell between right and wrong ?
    I hope your all have children and let your child watch that staff every Sunday

  16. Greg Hardy is trying to tell anybody who is watching that he is going off the rails. When that happens, not even JJ’s great friendship with Chris Christie will get his fat out of the fire.

  17. They support him ONLY,because he’s a great pass rusher/football player. Thats just what we see in sports. Look at A.Peterson, and Hope Solo. If this were 2009, Ray Rice would still be playing. He was in his prime back then.
    If a player isn’t good enough on the field, that player is on his/her own should he/her get in trouble with the law. If the player is great at what he/she does on the field, he/she will get a 2nd chance and thats sad in the world of sports

  18. i for one want jerry to sign him long term for big paper guaranteed. that way, when he inevitably acts out and gets suspended (next time won’t be a few games), roger can put him on the get paid not play list.

    then, just like at qb and wideout, jerry will then not be able to afford backup players who can actually play. so then jerry and jason can once again offer up injuries and suspensions as their excuse for not firing the gm or coach presiding over this topheavy outfit.

  19. At some point it would be refreshing if this didn’t just come down to his talent which we all know he has plenty of, but rather send the right message to players to get their act together or you won’t be collecting millions of dollars anymore. It’s not a shock players like this continue to act out and find themselves in trouble because they’re coddled like infants and will continue down this road until they’re no longer viable on the field.

  20. When he murders someone, they’ll offer him a pay raise. The way he’s going, expect it soon.

  21. So long as you play well Jerry and his puppet coach will do NOTHING to you or say anything disparaging. Cowboys are a joke; another year without making the playoffs

  22. chesswhileyouplaycheckers says:
    Oct 27, 2015 3:46 PM
    Some things don’t change

    “If Jeffrey Dahlmer could have run a 4.3 that would have just been an eating disorder”

    Jimmy Johnson

    Always loved that quote, sums it right up

  23. Why is this team so scared of its own players? They can do what they want and say what they want with no consequences.

  24. bcreed70 says:
    This guy is a criminal and deserves to be in jail,
    Hmmm, the DA disagreed after he looked at the ‘evidence’ and was expected to vouch for the ‘victims’ claims.

  25. Jerry Jones, the village idiot of Dallas, does not care about anything but winning football games. He will do anything for them to win. His ignorance as a football man is showing. Jerry has said in the past that he does not believe that team chemistry is a real thing and that coaches are all interchangeable.

    His ignorance and arrogance has cost this team over the past 20 years and we will continue to struggle as I honestly believe the man would sign a serial killer if he were a great cover corner and came at a reasonable price.

    This team will not win a Super Bowl again until after he dies.

  26. Karma’s going rear up and bite them in the butt and it’s only a matter of when and how at this point. If he was a sixth round pick, he’d be gone. I wonder if ” America” truly believes the Cowboys are indeed “America’s team” and if they are, that’s a sad commentary on our country’s standards. Jerry Jones and his son are buffoons, but as long as the money keeps flowing in they have no reason to act or think differently.

  27. staticphear says:
    Isn’t face paint illegal?

    Only if it’s for something worthwhile

  28. billgramatica says:
    Oct 27, 2015 3:30 PM

    He’s a baller, sign up long term. Everyone else is jealous. Dallas will still take this division this year and return to the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Book it.


    I was with you there until you went off the rails and mentioned everyone being “jealous” and the Cowboys taking the division and returning the SB.

    I dunno, is it unreasonable to inquire where you’re basing your baseless predictions from?

    Wow, you must’ve gotten some of what Hardy is taking coz this is some bold prognostication for a Cowboys team performing nowhere in the vicinity of the undefeated teams including the Patriots.

    lol, Cowboys… Super Bowl….

    That was funny!

  29. Hardy reminds me of Mike Tyson. Both great athletes with a mean streak on and off their fields of play, that say really dumb things….and do dumb things.

  30. With the Cowboys i.e. senile Jones and his puppet, Garrett, willing to excuse Hardy’s behavior it is only a matter of time before he assaults a teammate, coach or official. Either that or there will be problems in the locker room when players are treated differently because of the talent level.

    He gets upset at teammates who don’t do their job properly but it’s OK for him to miss a team meeting and a practice without notifying the team of his absence to the point they had to track him down. Then to top it off they lie on the NFL’s mandatory injury reporting policy.

    Great teams treat all players the same, poor teams make excuses for the bad behavior of their “better” players. And it always backfires eventually.

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