Seahawks sign Bryce Brown

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If you’re looking for a job at running back with the Seahawks, it apparently helps to have a stint with the Bills on your resume.

The NFL’s daily transaction wire brings word that the Seahawks have signed running back Bryce Brown to their 53-man roster. Brown has been out of work since being released by the Bills over a month ago, which was a couple of weeks after Buffalo released Fred Jackson. Jackson wound up in Seattle backing up Marshawn Lynch, who started his NFL career as a first-round pick of the Bills.

Thomas Rawls is the only member of the tailback depth chart who hasn’t spent time with the Bills. He suffered a calf contusion against the 49ers last Thursday, which may explain why the Seahawks sought to add some depth at the position.

Brown didn’t appear in any games for the Bills this season and ran 36 times for 126 yards in seven games with them last year. For his career, Brown, who spent 2012 and 2013 with the Eagles, has 226 carries for 1,004 yards and six touchdowns.

Wide receiver/quarterback B.J. Daniels was waived to make room for Brown on the roster.

16 responses to “Seahawks sign Bryce Brown

  1. Every player cut by the Bills should be reevaluated, because that team can’t get anything right and never could.

    Joke franchise, joke town.

  2. Anyone who keeps saying the Bills should have kept Fred (and possibly Bryce)- at least we now know they wouldn’t have been used anyways. Dan Herron is as effective as Brown and has barely touched the ball since being acquired. McCoy is the type of back who performs best when rotated with a different style of back. Roman had this figured out with Karlos Williams in there, but since he’s been out, he apparently forgot that.

    The Bills suck.

  3. Joe Toronto weighs in. You always have Oakland to root for. Like twelve seasons without a winning record?
    You must feel silly for comparing teams every time you open your closet and see that jamarcus Russell jersey

  4. Do not understand why the Hawks waived Robert Turbin. Did they think he could sneak through waivers because of his minor leg injury?

  5. Seattle also had Rod Smith who was on his way back to the practice squad scooped by the Cowboys to join Christine Michael who they picked up from Hawks in a trade.

  6. wimpyburgers says:

    Do not understand why the Hawks waived Robert Turbin. Did they think he could sneak through waivers because of his minor leg injury?
    Wasn’t gonna be healthy for 6 weeks, not as good as Rawls. Pretty easy calculation.

  7. WR BJ Daniels was in line to get cut when world class speed burner WR PRichardson is activated. Look out for the quick hitting slant routes or screens because PRich can fly.

    Now with Rawls out a couple of week, Bryce is signed, so now Bryce will get the axe when PRich is 100%.

    It’s really easy to figure out when you know what you’re talking about and I always do….

  8. Seattle has Jeremy Lane and Paul Richardson about to be activated this week or after the bye week.

    Don’t expect him to stay on the roster too long once Rawls is healthy.

  9. I’m surprised the career for Bryce Brown hasn’t been better. When he was with the Eagles he looked very promising as a very big back with good speed. I thought the Eagles would regret letting him go but I guess he has a bad rep for fumbles.

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