Marcus Mariota: I feel like I’m getting there


Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota said last week that he felt “pretty good” about his chances of playing despite a sprained MCL, but that feeling proved incorrect as he missed practice during the week and the loss to the Falcons last Sunday.

Mariota was back on the practice field Wednesday and went through individual drills with the team for the first time since suffering the injury against the Dolphins in Week Six. That step forward didn’t lead to a repeat of the optimism from last week, however.

Mariota said he’s feeling better, but is “not sure” if he’ll be able to play against the Texans and made it sound like he wouldn’t be sure until later in the week.

“If I can physically just do everything that’s asked of me in the offense, if I can move around in the pocket and do things like that,” Mariota said, via the team’s website. “I feel like I am getting there. I just have to continue to test it out in practice, monitor it, use the [medical staff] here, and make a decision.”

Coach Ken Whisenhunt said that Mariota looked better as practice progressed and called the injury “a day-to-day thing.” Zach Mettenberger would start again if Mariota isn’t able to play.

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  1. It was enlightening to see that the Titans’ wide receivers were every bit as unreliable with Mettenberger in there as they have been for Mariota. Even Kendall Wright (the team’s one usual semi-bright spot) dropped a key pass on Sunday. And even as solid as he’s been, we’re four seasons into Wright’s career, and so far, he’s been something of an underachiever.

  2. Chip Kelly should have sent McCoy, Herraman, Evans, Trent Cole and MacLin to Tennessee for this kid, now that we’ve got a sample from Bradford, the statue.

  3. “If I can physically just do everything that’s asked of me in the offense, if I can move around in the pocket and do things like that,” Mariota said, via the team’s website.

    And it’s the Titans, so the things that are asked of him are being sacked, hit, and hurried on almost every play.

  4. Please for the love of Football fire Whiz.
    We finally have a franchise quarterback and the HC with the worst record among active HCs in the league is going to get him killed. Ok maybe not killed but at least injured enough to end his career. The play calling and O-Line are horrible.

    Whiz has done absolutely nothing. And he can’t even take credit for drafting the franchise quarterback because that was a no brainer at #2. My ex-wife could have made that pick, and she’s terrible at picking guys. Trust me.

    Get #FireWhiz trending. Even though the ownership doesn’t are about the team at all, maybe enough bad PR can get the dude packing his bags.

    Its really sad honestly. MM is a hell of a player and even a better guy, and chances are due to a horrid coach, not as smart as he thinks he is GM, and owners who could care less, his career will probably amount to nothing, due to absolutely no fault of this own.

    Sad, most us Titans fans started this season with hope, excitement and yet here we are again watching home makeover shows or Seinfeld reruns instead of football, just like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and…..

  5. Mariota’s knee could certain impact his mobility and limit his ability to perform bootlegs and roll out of the pocket.

    Fortunately, this shouldn’t be a problem since Ken Whisenhunt’s playbook contains no bootleg or rollout passes, or any plays that require the QB to do anything other than a straight 5- or 7- step drop.

  6. “You were gettin’ there? You hear that, he was gettin’ there. Son, you wouldn’t know what to do even if you had gotten there, so don’t worry about it.”
    Sincerely Carl, ‘Dazed and Confused’

  7. “You know, this Green-Beckham kid could be the next great WR, but I consulted with the offensive genius Joe Philbin and he said to start Harry Douglas over him. So, that’s what I’m going to do!” -K. Whisenhunt

    If he actually said that, would anybody be surprised? Dude can’t leave town soon enough.

  8. Ken Whisenhunt’s record is 3-19 at Tenneseee. Fire him already for the sake of the entire team, the health of their star QB and its fan base.

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