Michael Bennett, on his non-Von Miller sack dance


Earlier this year, Broncos linebacker Von Miller drew a fine for a hip-thrusting sack-celebration homage to a Key & Peele routine in which two pelvic thrusts were permissible but three pumps resulted in a penalty.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett told reporters on Wednesday that Bennett has tried to ensure that his own similar sack celebration won’t trigger a flag or a fine.

“My friend Von got fined because he did three pumps, and I don’t know, but three pumps is illegal,” Bennett said. “I only usually do two pumps, but Pete [Carroll] made sure that I know that Von got fined for doing three pumps, so I’m just trying to keep it at one and a half pumps.”

So why is one-and-a-half pumps OK?

“I don’t know,” Bennett said. “You can have a baby on one pump, from what I hear.”

Apart from the fact that — as Jordan Peele noted on Twitter — Miller didn’t even do three pumps and was still fined, Bennett’s sack dance involves more rotation of the hips and less thrusting.

We’ll see whether Bennett does any of either on Sunday at Dallas, in a game played a day after Halloween.

Speaking of Halloween, Bennett’s press-conference walk-off came after he was asked what his favorite costume is.

“A black man,” Bennett said.

17 responses to “Michael Bennett, on his non-Von Miller sack dance

  1. I honestly can not believe that these idiots running the NFL thought it would be a good idea to fine guys for writing on eye black or celebrating a sack. Its apart of the game. My goodness

  2. I watched the whole interview, and as always Mike sprinkled the interview with sincere thought, insight, and humor. The “black man” comment didn’t bother me until thinking if the roles and race were reversed. Mike is a jokester so who knows what he meant by it, but dang man, can you imagine the uproar if a white player made that comment. If we as a society need to end racial discrimination, then stop making it about race.

    Plus, Ted Danson taught us all too well that dressing up as a black man for a costume ain’t a good idea.

  3. Outside of his dementia about the fact he just signed aa contract last year and wants another one, he’s certainly one of the characters in the game. And still can bring it on the field.

    Cromartie doesn’t even need one pump to have a child anymore.

  4. Von Miller is an immature, cheating douche bag…that is the most likely reason for his three grind fine.

  5. Continuing to follow this jackwad’s idiotic comments is addicting…

    Seattle implosion continues.

  6. Not the smartest discussion ever, but I have to say that it is hilarious how these guys can make the No Fun League and its fuhrer look like a bunch of clowns.
    “This is absolutely ludicrist” [JT]

  7. richcranium2112 says:

    Continuing to follow this jackwad’s idiotic comments is addicting…

    Seattle implosion continues.
    Yeah sure it does.

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