Ryan Mallett’s tardiness was constant issue in Houston

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Ryan Mallett’s inability to show up on time ultimately proved to be his undoing in Houston.

According to Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Mallett’s tardiness was an ongoing problem that showed up more than once on Saturday alone.

Mallett showed up late to the team’s facility on Saturday and was sent him by head coach Bill O’Brien. Mallett was then late returning to meet the rest of the team for its flight to Miami later that day. That’s when he had to buy a ticket and fly commercially to get to South Florida in time for Sunday’s game.

“We don’t have a lot of rules, but one rule we do have is we want guys to be on time,” O’Brien said Wednesday.

Mallett’s late arrival in training camp after losing the starting quarterback job to Brian Hoyer was well documented by Hard Knocks in August. Per Wilson, he had also missed a team bus in Richmond, Va. when the team was holding joint practices with the Washington Redskins.

“Ryan clearly just didn’t get it,” said one Texans player, speaking on condition of anonymity. “How can you miss the flight? That’s ridiculous and disrespectful to just not show up when everyone else is here ready to go”

A player can’t help any team if he’s not showing up when asked. It shows a lack of dedication to his job and commitment to his teammates. That lack of drive could make it difficult for Mallett to find another team willing to offer him a roster spot anytime soon.

38 responses to “Ryan Mallett’s tardiness was constant issue in Houston

  1. We’ve all worked with people who “just didn’t get it.” Hard to believe such a knucklehead could carve out half a decade in and the NFL and several million dollars while still being so clueless.

  2. I show up on time every day for work without being paid millions to do so. What’s this guys excuse?

  3. This isn’t unique to the NFL.

    If you’re always showing up late to your job at Applebees, you’d quickly get fired too.

    Ryan Mallett would do well to keep that in mind as he moves forward to his next career.

  4. If/when he gets his next contract offer, it’s a safe bet that it’ll be absolutely jammed full of incentives and easy outs for whatever team offers it.

  5. It’s clear Ryan wanted out after he lost the QB job so he did this to be cut and it worked…..I still think he needs to P in cup, the boy is going through some stuff right now and it might be wise to catch it before its too late….

  6. A hundred articles piling on Mallett doesn’t touch the real issues plaguing the Texans. He’s not the reason that they’ve become chronic under-achievers. He’s not the reason they were utterly embarrassed by a simplistic Dolphin offense on Sunday.

    The Texans’defensive line can’t stop the rush. Wilfork is a shell of the player he once was. The secondary screws up on coverage assignments. Masllett’s release is just a temporary diversion to deflect attention from the real issues, just as the fascination with Manzel’s personal life diverts attention from the fact that the Browns were a complete mess before they drafted him.

  7. shoulda cut him before the game. Obrien would’ve had my vote.

    (Oh, but then the Texans would’ve been down to one QB…)

    1) We were already down to one QB.
    2) Bringing the team together behind an emergency QB would have been so much stronger than sending in the immature backup that doesn’t want to be there.
    3) 40 something to 0. At least I would’ve stayed tuned in to see what would happen if Hoyer went out. Instead, I turned it off.

  8. Thank heavens for reporters like Aaron Wilson and Brian T. Smith who tell it
    like it is (which ya know, is the sole duty of a reporter).

    This runs contrary to dopes like John “Pancakes” McClain who is merely a mouthpiece for the team and is either too stupid to realize it or just doesn’t care since he probably still does his weekly radio show in Nashville to talk Titans. Yet you guys prop him up like some legend because he’s been in the business for decades largely by default. The next Texans hard-hitting story Pancakes breaks will be his first. Pathetic.

  9. Bill O’Brian is in WAY over his head. They at like he worked mericals at Penn State just because of that scandal. They were not a bad team to begin with.
    Bringing in Hoyer with Mallet there was just stupid.
    O’Brian won’t be there next year.

  10. The conversion of the Texans from Denver East to New England West is all on Bill O’Brien’s head.. oh and Rick Smith’s stupid personnel decisions aren’t helping one bit. Both of them need to get fired.

  11. “A player can’t help any team if he’s not showing up when asked. It shows a lack of dedication to his job and commitment to his teammates. That lack of drive could make it difficult for Mallett to find another team willing to offer him a roster spot anytime soon.”

    Not according to Florio it doesnt. Ryan Malcontent is a perfect fit for NE. Its obvious. There Ryans attitude
    would be a perfect complement to Belichicks laissez-faire approach to player attendance.

  12. I’m just waiting for the article that he’s checked himself into a rehab facility…if I’m his agent that’s the only play. Blame it on substance abuse.

  13. I blame Bill Belichick. Before bugging the Jets locker room at Gillette Stadium (er.. to learn how to lose, faster?) he had a chip put in Mallett’s head whispering. ‘Be late. You know you want to be…’ He’s behind everything, including global warming.

  14. Right. Belichick is cheating…..using mind tricks making some other team take a player they can’t use thereby weakining their roster. He is Brilliant!!!!

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