Saints looked at Terminator, Hynoceros


Tryout Tuesday in New Orleans brought a couple of fullbacks with colorful nicknames to town.

Per a league source, the Saints tried out John Conner and Henry Hynoski — the Terminator and the Hynoceros, respectively. Neither has been signed.

The Saints have a fullback on the roster. But Austin Johnson was a surprise scratch for Sunday’s win at Indy, which suggests that he’s called out of favor.

Conner (picture) has played for the Jets, Bengals, and Giants. He returned to the Jets in 2014, and he followed coach Rex Ryan to Buffalo earlier this year. Conner didn’t make it to Week One. Hynoski, a four-year veteran, spent his full career with the Giants and appeared in every game last year.

Also getting tryouts on Tuesday in New Orleans were linebackers Henry Coley, Jeff Luc, and Jason Williams and long snappers Patrick Scales and Christian Yount. Coley was signed to the practice squad.

The Saints currently have an open roster spot; they released defensive back Sammy Seamster on Tuesday.

9 responses to “Saints looked at Terminator, Hynoceros

  1. ….”he followed coach Rex Ryan to Buffalo earlier this year. Conner didn’t make it to Week One.”….we also have this other guy named Jerome Felton and yep you guessed it…….we don’t know how to use him either

  2. Always looking to improve… that’s why the Saints have had decent success for the last decade..

  3. Decent success? They haven’t won crap since 2009. I don’t think they’ve even won their division the last four years.

    Heck, they aren’t winning anything now.

    You have a funny concept of “success”.

    But I suppose you have the best CAP man/GM in all of football… so that helps.

    (That last line should have a sarcasm font)

  4. Austin Johnson is very quick for a fullback. Hes pretty good with the ball in his hands and also knows how to get open in the flats.
    Hes also good on chip blocks now and then which at one time was essential to the saints offense.
    But he is one of the worst lead blockers in the league, basically every fb does that better than him.
    If we were to get a better blocking fb we might be able to get a lot more production out of Ingram.

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