Titans work out Devon Still, other D-linemen

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The Titans worked out a bunch of veteran defensive linemen Wednesday, most notably former Bengal Devon Still.

Still spent the last three seasons with the Bengals, who drafted him in 2012. The Bengals kept him last season, first on the practice squad, so he could keep his health insurance as his daughter, Leah, battled cancer.

Per ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky, the Titans also worked out Da’Quan Bowers, Josh Chapman, Kelcy Quarles, Terry Redden and Christo Bilukidi.

The Titans are healthy across the defensive line. Kuharsky wrote that the workout was “standard” and the Titans are just taking a look at players for future reference. The Titans are familiar with Chapman from his time with their division rival, the Colts. The Colts also cut Quarles at the end of training camp.

3 responses to “Titans work out Devon Still, other D-linemen

  1. They are probably about to cut Sammie Hills lazy butt since he hasn’t played a game all season….

  2. Hopefully Still manages to land a job. With so many d-bags in the league this is a guy who fans can actually feel good about and a great story for the league to promote. However, if he were to make it I’m sure the league would botch the opportunity and continue to dwell in negativity, like fining players for promoting awareness to breast cancer during their league participation of breast cancer awareness month. Sorry DeAngelo.

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