Report: Vernon Davis, Joe Staley squared off over Kaepernick


Earlier this week, Matt Maiocco of reported that a players-only meeting took a negative turn over criticism of quarterback Colin Kaepernick. We now know who the key players in that players-only meeting were.

Maiocco confirms that tight end Vernon Davis called out Kaepernick and tackle Joe Staley took up for his quarterback. Per Maiocco, the “exchange became heated and may have even gotten physical.”

The three men reportedly “cleared the air” within days after the incident, and coach Jim Tomsula has downplayed any such internal exchange as being no different than an Italian dinner.

Based on whatever Tomsula has been eating, the need to “clear the air” at one of his dinners could be both figurative and literal.

The news comes at a time when Davis has been the subject of trade speculation. And it could be that whoever leaked the involvement of Davis in the fraςas is hoping that word of the discord will be enough to get another team to make the first call regarding a potential trade of a player who is in the last year of his contract with the team.

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  1. Packers need a TE and VD would be a nice addition for A-Rod.

    TT likes to bring in guys like VD in his history he got CW who had a chip on his shoulder. VD would help the depth in which Rodgers can work with.

  2. Vernon Davis likes to have footballs thrown to him. Not just “in his direction” which is what an inaccurate passer like Kaepernick does. Players who catch balls for a living in the NFL love having opportunities to catch balls. How many 6 yard runs by Kaepernick could have been 15 yard throws to Davis if Kaepernick could get past his second read and not be so concerned about making the highlight reels with his running back skills?

  3. The great thing about football mysteries is that you don’t need Sherlock Holmes to solve them. You see, they have this wonderful thing called film. Watch the film of the 49ers games the last 2 years and it’s obvious who doesn’t want to play football anymore. Personally, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a player completely quit on his team. I’m surprised Staley didn’t do this a long time ago.

  4. The three men reportedly “cleared the air” within days after the incident, and coach Jim Tomsula has downplayed any such internal exchange as being no different than an Italian dinner.

    Those can be tense. First time I had dinner with an old school Italian family I thought they were going to strangle each other.

  5. “I thumbs down your comment” made the point I was gonna make. Davis hasn’t been the same since Kam cleaned his clock. He went from hero to bum at that point, in one of the best, cleanest shots I’ve ever seen. He’s CLEARLY lost his passion for the game. He’s in it for the paycheck at this point. Good Riddance! Take “Coach” Tomsula with you!

  6. He hasn’t perfected the art of the forward fumbling front flip (say that 5x fast), so we don’t want him.

  7. It was a players only meeting. So the question is which player went and ran to the media with this.

  8. Kaep is a scapegoat. Vernon Davis has been a thorn in the 49ers side for his entire career less a couple games where a short term coach put him on blast. Vernon is the bigger problem to anyone with their eyes open.

  9. 6xsteelers says:
    Oct 29, 2015 11:51 AM

    Whos got it better?
    You do. If you don’t mind living in the past. Most prefer to live their lives in the present.

  10. Every receiver/tight end wants to catch the football. I think David blames Kap for not getting the ball but Davis has been dinged up so its not just Kaps fault. Bolden will continue to be Kap’s favorite target because he catches 99% of the passes thrown to him and is rarely injured. Doesn’t that say enough?

  11. blame vernon all you want, but I think we all saw just how accurate Kap’s passes were in the last several games

  12. One of the most overrated tight ends in recent history that has been exposed for the past couple of year as just that calling out one of the most overrated QB’s in recent history for his lack of success.

    The 49rs have become the Punch and Judy show.

  13. Why would anybody take up for Kaepernick? He’s been horrible. If he has any understanding about football and a modicum of self-awareness, he should be calling himself out. Leaders admit when they’ve sucked and put in the work to get better. I don’t see that out of this guy.

  14. “So the question is which player went and ran to the media with this.”

    I think it’s pretty obvious, this is coming from one or more of the player’s agents. Heck, after reading this item, I think it’s fairly likely that this is coming from Vernon Davis’ agent. Who else stands to gain from this news coming out? Staley looks good for standing by his QB. Kaep looks bad for being the center of drama. Davis looks bad for his part in the drama but can at least play it off as wanting better play from his team. And that can be sold by a good agent.

    My question is, what is Vernon Davis worth? And who would be the best fit?

  15. Davis’ actions don’t surprise me because we know that “I’m not T.O.” act was phony anyways.

    Nonetheless, this guy did say that he wanted Donovan McNabb to play for the 49ers near the end of the 2010 season too.

    Why? He wants production.

  16. VD has not been the same since Kam chancellor took his b@ll$ and his swag after that big hit on the sideline two years ago , even Frank Gore called him out this offseason that he was soft and did not love the game so blame yourself VD before calling out anyone

  17. “Is the coach unable to take charge and so he calls a players only meeting?”

    Typically its the players that call players only meetings and tell the coaches they can sit that one out.

  18. “I’d rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we have to do something else rather than play with 11 when I know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team,” Singletary said. “It is more about them than it is about the team. Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach with them. Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.”

  19. Tomsula is never going to live down that burst of flatulence. I’m guessing the Tomsula era will be remembered for the press conference fart and the fact that he looked like Ron Jeremy, certainly not for the performance on the field.

  20. Everyone needs to calm down. Get slapped around by the Seahawks and everyone loses their mind. Just one game.

  21. Davis is the only one in the locker room that can call him out. I respect Stanley for sticking up for his QB but Davis is the only player Kaep should listen to is he has something to say. I know your talking the 2 SR members of this O but Davis has been the face of the franchise. He saw what it took to get Alex Smith out of the gutter. Something in Kaeps head aint right and that just may be the one person that can help him.

  22. It looks as if Davis wants out of San Francisco. He’s 31 and wants to play his final years in the league on a team that’s got a shot to win it all. He obviously feels like the 49ers with Kap and Tomsula at the controls aren’t that team, so he’s become the cancer in the clubhouse trying to get what he wants, OUT. You know the old expression, be careful what you wish for ….. Niners could trade his ass to Cleveland or Tampa, that would teach him.

  23. Trade him to Denver, Their offense needs a boost at the position, it could help PFM, John Elway has an affinity for veterans increasing the likelyhood that you get a better pick out of the trade than you would elsewhere.

  24. Staley > Davis any day of the week. I hope Davis wasn’t hurt. He is on the bench of my fantasy team.

  25. Davis was one of the Mole’s in the locker room to get rid of Harbaugh and now once again he doesn’t like how things are going and I am sure he is a mole again, otherwise Jed is pushing this agenda to make wholesale changes again…what a nightmare.

    Any team that wants Davis is out of their minds, he has stones for hands, over the hill and lacks the passion for the game.

  26. My teams locker room sounds way more exciting than the product on the field every Sunday.

  27. Didn’t have these issues under Harbaugh but I forgot, they didn’t want to play for Harbaugh, they wanted a more player friendly coach. How’s that working out? It seems to me that Kaepernick’s has regressed since he’s not being tutored by Harbaugh but as he stated earlier this season, now he gets to be himself.

  28. Kap has been broken ever since the NFCCG in 2014 and tip INT to seal the win and eventually the SB. Kap is permanently busted unless the 9ers go back to the pistol offense and he goes back to a runner first QB second.

  29. I am still searching for where art thou whom has possession of that which is superior to the 49ers?

  30. Kaps crash and burn regression has cost nobody more than Vernon Davis..2 years ago Davis was an all world TE. I don’t blame him at all for calling out Kap. It’s costing him $.

  31. So, in a trade with ..say.. the Broncos, would you expect a late round pick? What is Vernon Davis worth at this point in the Season? He had a bunch of TDs in 2013 but as was mentioned above (by 49ers fans even), he seems to have lost a step potentially because of a massive hit laid by Kam Chancellor. Whatever the reasons, Davis hasn’t been the same since then.

    So, for trade value, the 49ers are going to play up his potential and the trading team will play up his lack of production in recent years. He is still capable of producing. But I don’t think he will without a team that uses the heck out of tightends. He needs to be a focus in an offense to be worth the time and money. If he goes to the Broncos and plays hard, he could save his career and that of the 5-head. But at what cost?? One mid round pick and one late round conditional?

  32. Hope you Niners fans enjoyed those 3 good years, because it’s going to be another 15 years of suck. My condolences.

  33. Perhaps Florio can give insight into Italian dinners. As a non-Italian, I have no idea what goes on at those. 90% of what I know about Italians comes from having watched Goodfellas.

  34. “Only Player Meeting” should be kept in house. Thats what the meeting is meant to be.

    Can’t stand the snitching going on here.

  35. Wherever a Harbaugh goes, a strong stench of whining permeates the premises long after they leave. SF just needs to open a few windows and let the facility air out that way.

  36. I haven’t seen Vernon Davis look so happy as when the network showed him arriving at the airport in Denver. He’s finally on a team that can contend for a title and out of that mess of a franchise.

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