Dan Campbell wants feeling of 36-7 loss to “eat away” at Dolphins


After the Dolphins won the first two games of Dan Campbell’s tenure as interim head coach, the feelings were positive and strong. Some believed the Dolphins could shock the Patriots, picking up the team’s first win in Gillette Stadium since unveiling a Wildcat surprise in 2008.

Instead, the clock was turned back only a few weeks, to a Philbin-style defeat, the kind of loss that won’t allow Campbell to win the job on a permanent basis.

So now Campbell has to find a way to get his team to put this one behind them, but also to prevent another outcome like it in the future.

“I just told them I don’t believe that’s who we are one bit, not one bit did I believe that’s really who we are,” Campbell told reporters after the game. “I told them that I don’t want them to forget that feeling right there – don’t forget it – I hope it eats away at them just like it’s eating away at me and I hope it drives them to not want to have that taste in their mouth ever again.”

It may not be who the Dolphins are, but Campbell realizes that Thursday night showed what the Patriots are.

“That’s how they are,” Campbell said. “They do what they need to do. Knowing that they have the quarterback that they have, they can be whoever they need to be for their team and they are good. They have good athletes over there. They have good players – they’re smart. They know how to run their system and again, you lose sight because they have such a good quarterback, some people do forget that. We don’t forget that; I don’t forget that. You can’t mistakes against that defense, either. Yeah, a lot of that is because of what Tom [Brady] and that offense will do to you over there. They don’t give you much time to breathe, but defensively, they’re always good.”

Trailing 19-0 at the half, it appeared that the Dolphins could be turning things around, following a touchdown drive to open the third quarter and a defensive effort that held the Patriots to three. But that was the end of it, with the Patriots scoring the next 14 points, smothering the Dolphins, and taking a lot of the steam out of the Dan Campbell Express.


20 responses to “Dan Campbell wants feeling of 36-7 loss to “eat away” at Dolphins

  1. when you tug on superman’s cape you get your ass kicked..plain and freaking simple…you should have saved the airfare!!!!

  2. No one that knows anything about football expected the Dolphins to “shock the world”. 2 wins against 2 horrible teams does not make you a good team

  3. Breathing helps, take a deep deep breaths. At least Campbell has some pieces left on the ground to work with if Miami lets him. New England, destroying coaching careers for fifteen years. Say, isn’t Jay Gruden on the hot seat? Uh oh. We’re on to Washington DC!

  4. Is it me or is Miami’s o-line one the weakest sorry sacks in the NFL? It seems like they get overpowered by most teams not named Houston or Tennessee. Maybe they should hire a better strength and conditioning coach.

    P.S. Mike Pouncey is NOT a pro-bowler in any universe.

  5. I love how these arrogant coaches can’t even say the name Patriots. They…. They….They… just goes to show that they’re really shallow and petty.

  6. I think the “bad taste in the mouth” bit has been used by every head coach in the NFL at one time or another. I highly doubt that players like Suh-sie even paid attention. Campbell sounds like another rah rah coach who wants his team to believe they are better than what they really are instead of acknowledging that they have many areas of need. There’s a coach in Buffalo that tries to convince his players that they’re all All-Pros instead of letting them know that they need to improve or risk losing their jobs. Complacency and b.s. will get your azz whooped everytime, right Wrecks?

  7. The Dolphins are still growing, still plenty of the season left. The only people who built up this game are the media. Dan Campbell is no Rex Ryan, talking about creating a bully and mouthing off to the other team. Dan is just trying to create a competitive environment and still has work to do.

  8. I really love this little sports cliche thing with keeping the taste of a loss in the mouth. One might think it’s worth keeping a hold of that feeling after a truly big game…like championship or super bowl so it motivates you the next year or whatever.

    For the Fins…they want to relish that loss in Week 7. Yup.

  9. The Dolphins beat two really bad teams and the national media turns them into the hottest thing since the 99-00 Rams. Typical knee jerk reaction from media.
    The Dolphins will be lucky to win three more games.

  10. again…. Tanny is the main problem… poor decisions, poor throws when under any sort of pressure, very few throws connect beyond 15 yards

    if you look at those last two wins, it was run after catch that was stacking up the yards, Tanny can’t hit a bus from more than 15 yards away…. they just gave in to it and started play calling check downs, slants, and short screens…. whenever he airs it out… no luck

    Tanny needs to go no matter what, cap or no cap, he’s dragging the team down

  11. The coach has to do a lot more than make his players think about how they’re not as good as another team proved they aren’t. Imagining being a better coach won’t make him one. If that’s the thought process he relies on to win, the team will rightfully grow to ignore him.

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