Devin Smith has “struggled” with transition to pros

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The Jets drafted wide receiver Devin Smith in the second round of this year’s draft in hopes that he’d provide them with a deep threat to use as a complement to Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.

Making that happen has been a slow process. Offensive coordinator Chan Gailey said that Smith’s football education at Ohio State didn’t leave him prepared to make an instant impact at the professional level.

“He’s struggled integrating into the whole system,” Gailey said, via the New York Post. “He did certain things in college that were in their system, and getting involved in the whole system [with the Jets] — it’s been a longer process than any of us thought it would be. He’s just got a lot to learn and a lot to work on to this point. He’s got talent. We obviously all see that. If he’ll just keep working, things will happen good for him in the future. But he’s just got to keep working.”

Smith, who has six catches for 60 yards, missed time during the summer with broken ribs, something that likely contributed to his sluggish transition. He hasn’t practiced this week because of an ankle injury that will likely keep him out for Sunday’s game against the Raiders, something that’s unlikely to speed things up for Smith with the Jets.

22 responses to “Devin Smith has “struggled” with transition to pros

  1. Typical of kids playing in an Urban Meyer offense. Only the qb, who runs the ball every play, gets any action. The other skill position players are just props.

    High school kids figure this out and it will hurt recruiting in the near future. Just like at Florida, local kids will not want to go to a school that doesn’t prep them for the NFL.

  2. True about Urb. At the end he had two NFL TE’s trying to play qb (Jordan Reed/Trey Burton) no stud qb’s from the state of Florida wanted anything to do with that offense. or rb’s or wr’s. This is your future OSU!

  3. Was obvious he was a 1 trick pony in Columbus. Very rare a guy who runs a limited route tree in college can do much in the nfl with an even more limited route tree

  4. Sounds like yet another second round WR bust.
    The Jets reached for Stephen Hill several years ago before cutting him last year.

    As for Smith, it’s still early in his career. Julian Edelman put in a lot of work and has developed into a good slot receiver. If Smith puts in work including the off season than hopefully he can make an impact in 2016.

  5. yousoldout714 says:
    Oct 30, 2015 9:15 AM

    Translation…Urban Meyer isn’t a coach…he’s a recruiter

    Sure… Urban can’t coach. He only immediately turned Bowling Green and Utah into respective powerhouses in their conferences, brought UF back to the top of college football and continues to dominate at OSU. Yeah… it’s all about the players….

  6. Go watch his tape from Ohio State. You’ll be surprised the Jets picked him so early. You can get guys like that in free agency. That’s just bad scouting. Plain and simple.

  7. Another indictment against the remedial spread that these coaches use in college. Ironic because it’s an institution of higher learning and even the thing that most of these kids are there for, they’re not learning anything about.

  8. Smith adjusts and gets the deep ball very well. Learning NFL route trees is very complex and takes time. Most WR’s are one trick ponies entering the NFL and it takes time to develop in a system at this position. Only high 1st rounders should carry immediate expectations at this position. Broken ribs and sprained ankles hinder development and this should not even be a story at this point.

  9. To be fair, his injury set his development back, on top of the fact its not rare whatsoever for rookie WRs to take a year to adjust to new systems, speed of the pro game, etc. Quite common actually. His skills may be limited, but they drafted him for what he was: deep threat. A lot of teams could use that (cough cough eagles cough). Also a solid STer, he was the best gunner in college last year. Give him some time.

  10. devin smith is hot garbage..period…he’s a very soft player who cannot fight hand-to-hand therefore he will almost never get separation from his CB & which is why he was taken off ST because he cannot get through as a gunner.

    kerley is a way better wr than smith & should be ahead of him on the depth chart.

  11. Actually, Urb has shown that he can coach but he can’t recruit. He can make a star qb out of most anyone by having him hog the ball, but skill position players want nothing to do with that offense. Once the inherited players run out, he leaves.

  12. he is a deep ball receiver way too early too call him a bust. it wud prolly help if we had a QB who threw a deep ball but love the jets love fitzmagic lets go boys just keep studying and until he learns kerley needs too be way more involved. that’s the only negative for me this year so far. kerley deserves too be the 3rd reciever

  13. Whew! I was hoping my Browns were going to draft him, and was mad because they passed on him twice – no, three times. Now, it seems as if the reason they didn’t draft him is that he isn’t an NFL quality receiver…at least not yet.

    As far as amateur scout, I was right about Johnny Manziel being a bust before the draft and that Teddy Bridgewater was a much better long-term prospect, so my amateur scout cap still fits perfectly.

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