Pep Hamilton: We have to take pressure off of Andrew Luck

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The play of Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has been closely scrutinized this season as his numbers have slipped well below what he put up the last couple of seasons in Indianapolis.

A shoulder injury that kept him out of two games likely has something to do with Luck’s diminished production, but offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton said Thursday that he thinks there are other things to blame for the downturn. Hamilton cited penalties putting the offense in bad positions as one example of the way the team is making life more difficult on Luck and said it needs to change in order for things to pick up.

“I think we have to, collectively, do our part around Andrew, starting with myself,” Hamilton said, via the Indianapolis Star. “… He’s a warrior and we all know that. He’s a good football player that’s going to make a ton of plays. But it starts with myself and the people around Andrew. We feel like we need to take that pressure off Andrew so that he does not feel like he has to go out and make the Superman play.”

Monday night’s game will be against a tough Panthers defense that is well positioned to take advantage of any mistakes the Colts might make on offense, which makes crisper execution across the board a must for the Colts. If they can’t get those things in line, chances are that someone other than Hamilton will be charged with running the Colts offense in the near future.

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  1. How many times have we heard this? Pep can’t scheme to get any of the receivers or tight ends open and the OL can’t block. Talk is cheap. Clean house.

  2. Now that football PSI is equal for all QB’s, you’re starting to see that some QB’s just aren’t the same.

    This is what Roger wanted and these are the results.

  3. Their game plan against the Patriots – short passes and getting the ball out quickly – worked well and kept them in the game until they abandoned it for the long ball. Maybe they should consider using what worked against a very good team.

  4. I’m happy the Panthers are finding success; just like lots of awful teams were being projected to be great in 2015, Carolina was being projected to be awful and, well, we see.

    If there is one area where the Colts might have some hope (was gonna say luck and thought better of it), it would be the run game. While stingy and downright nasty as the black&blue Defence can be, it has surrendered to some decent RB tandems this year including: Mark Ingram/Khiry Robinson for 2 TDs, Doug Martin/Charles Sims for 125+ yards and 2 TDs & Ryan Matthews/DeMarco Murray for 160+ yards and a score.

    Turn Frank Gore/Ahmad Bradshaw loose and see what happens Monday night. They have to just take a chance. The division is theirs with as few as 5 more Ws anyhow.

  5. He needs better coaching. The organization he is currently playing for in turmoil with everyone in charge blaming the other. How can a coach and the players be expected to keep it together when the fools in charge have no concept of what it takes to beat the best. Playing in the AFC South has provided them with a false sense of accomplishment. Playing in a dome has made them weak.

  6. bobthebillsfan says:
    Oct 30, 2015 10:21 AM
    Their game plan against the Patriots – short passes and getting the ball out quickly – worked well and kept them in the game until they abandoned it for the long ball. Maybe they should consider using what worked against a very good team.

    25 1

    That game plan only works until the Pats force you to be one dimensional. If the opposing offense doesn’t execute their game plan perfectly, and ends up with punts and turnovers, you’re giving Brady more chances to score. When you start to fall behind 2, 3 touchdowns in the 2nd and 3rd quarter, it falls into the quarterbacks hands.

  7. Ghost Rat says:
    Oct 30, 2015 12:01 PM
    You want to take the pressure of of him?

    Trade him to a good team.

    If Luck were the elite once-in-a-generation QB everyone claimed him to be, he’d elevate him teammates. Stop with the excuses.

  8. I don’t doubt Luck is a franchise QB, but you don’t want to be that team with a franchise QB & nothing else. Colts can start by getting a defense & Oline instead of paying a cpl over-aged skill position players & thinking things will be OK.

  9. Pep you’re the one guy who can save everyone’s job, and lead the Colts to the super bowl. You’ve been handed “Air Coryell” type personnel, but you’re running an offense like Woody Hayes did in the 60s at Ohio State. They called it “three yards and a cloud of dust”. Did you notice Tom Brady led the Patriots in rushing last week with only 15 yards? I guess they realized they were better off throwing than running. They weren’t stubborn or hard headed, they just adapted their game plan to take advantage of matchups. Throw the X’s and O’s out the window. Look at your players. You’ve got enough offensive receiving threats to stock two NFL teams, but you run the ball up the middle on first down every time, resulting in either zero yards, or a holding penalty. Begin every game like you’re behind 21-0, instead of running your game plan and falling behind 21-0. Let Andrew take over from the start. He’s your Tom Brady. Just turn Luck loose and Pagano will be the next Belichick, and you’ll be the next Charlie Weis (seriously; Charlie was a genius when he had a great QB and didn’t hold him back. Charlie’s still getting paid from Notre Dame, by the way $$$).

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