Jim Caldwell expects to remain employed

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The Lions got crushed in London on Sunday, something that has been the final nail in the coffin for a couple of coaches running struggling teams in the last two years.

Despite the 45-10 loss to the Chiefs on Sunday morning, Lions coach Jim Caldwell doesn’t expect to be the third man to wind up flying home to a pink slip.

“Hey, you know what, I’m working every single day,” Caldwell said, via the Detroit Free Press. “My job is to get in and get my job done. Those things are answered by someone else and not me. But I fully anticipate being able to continue to do my job.”

The Lions made changes to their offensive staff before this week’s game, but the move to Jim Bob Cooter has only been a success for social media users thus far. With a bye week, the team could make further changes that include firing Caldwell and/or General Manager Martin Mayhew.

There’s been no word from owner Martha Ford or anyone else in management in any direction at this point, so we’ll have to wait to see if that changes during the upcoming bye week.

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  1. Mayhew needs to go ASAP. He’s completely inept and until he’s fired, he’ll just keep making terrible move on top of terrible move.

  2. Rumors around the team suggest that Bill Ford, Jr. the last hope Lions fans had to be a competent owner, has been relieved of involvement in the team by his mother. That instead Martha and her daughters are running the show behind the scenes, and the front office is a huge mess of people more concerned with sucking up Martha and her girls rather than doing their jobs. I have no issue with qualified women running a team, but the group of them has never had anything close to gainful employment that would qualify them to run a team. We’re also hearing that Martha may be inclined to sell the team. So maybe things will work out for us after all. Only as a Lions fan would Dan Gilbert be considered an upgrade at owner.

  3. If the media fires a coach but the team owner does not, does the coach still have to talk to the media?

  4. Why doesn’t anybody talk about the president tom Lewand being fired? He’s a Matt Millen hangover that needs to be gone also.

  5. Caldwell is in a bible study group with GM Mayhew and President Lewand. Mayhew said this week that Stafford is a hall of fame qb. He also said if he had 22 Staffords manning every position, they would win the championship every year.

    Now, do you still think Caldwell will be fired?

  6. The Fords have been inept owners almost from the beginning. They are making money because of the success of the NFL and obviously don’t care about the Lions or their fans.

  7. It’s shocking the culture the Lions have developed over the past 50 years… Yet as fans we support mediocrity in some case because it’s the NFL and we are just happy to have tickets… It’s the only league where you get treated like crap unless you are corporate and still support to our last breath….

  8. Caldwell:“My job is to get in and get my job done … ”

    I wouldn’t call being 1-7 getting his job done.

  9. Why doesn’t anyone talk about the president tom Lewand? Get ride of this Matt Millen hangover as well.

  10. I just wonder how many people feel that after one of the best years ever at your job would it be acceptable and understandable if your boss fired you for having not as good of a year. The “Win NOW” culture of the NFL has become absolutely ridiculous. The Lions had one of their best seasons ever last year, were a couple of lousy kickers from being 13-3, and got hosed in the playoffs by one of the single worst officiating performances in the history of the game. Most people outside of sports have no clue whatsoever how difficult it is to win, to make the playoffs, and how many intertwining factors can squeeze the difference between a “successful” season and a “failing” one. It’s an embarrassing reflection of our culture that as soon as something starts going wrong, everybody’s reaction is “fire this guy, fire that guy”. As I have said and will say until I am blue in the face, the teams that win every year a) all have franchise QBs (which you can’t just go pick off of a tree in your back yard), and b) (underline this, put it in bold, star it, etc)…have CONTINUITY in coaching and the front office. You can’t just go dropping bombs everywhere and expect to rebuild as Utopia in a year or two.

  11. The most important priority is to make shrewd determinations of what players might make sense to move before the trade deadline. There are lots of interesting options to consider that can greatly strengthen the supply of draft material for the future while also creatively gaining cap space.

    I’m 100x more interested in seeing a great plan for that being put into action prior to the deadline than seeing coaching personnel changes.

  12. Firing Caldwell at this point makes no sense. The season is a total loss. Who could be brought in that would be an upgrade? Ride it out with Caldwell until this turd of a season comes to an end. Then clean house. Selling the team would be a good starting point. It represents the best ray of hope for long suffering Lion fans.

  13. titanicoiler says:
    Nov 1, 2015 9:15 PM

    Why is no one talking about firing Whisenhunt? I mean 3-20 and not a peep?
    Because this is an article about the Lions?

  14. @carloswlassiter
    I don’t mean this post I mean in general, nothing on PFT or NFL Mobile. There are some fan websites talking about it but no reputable site is even discussing Whisenhunts job security. I just cannot fathom how he has the worst record as a HC right now for one team (3-20) and no one is even discussing it!

  15. Caldwell’s first year with Indianapolis ended with them in the super bowl and the next year he went 2-14. History is almost repeating itself.

  16. Caldwell will not be fired this week but it will happen at the end of the season. He ensured that when he fired the OC last week. There is no one left in the building that can run the team on an interim basis.

    Next year look for the Lions to recruit Mike Smith to be the HC. He had 6 good years with Atlanta and one bad one. He will keep Tyrell Austin as DC. No idea who could be the OC next year.

    Post up who would be a good OC for our team next year.

  17. You really don’t get it do ya Jim…take the upcoming vacation time and figure it out. Btw Detroit…I believe Matt Millen is available.

  18. Blew two draft picks on their RB’s Too bad for the bye week. Streaming a defense V them could have nabbed an easy 6-7 sacks.

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