Raiders thump Jets to move to 4-3

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We’re just about halfway through the 2015 season and there’s a winning team in Oakland.

Coming into Sunday, the last time the Raiders had a winning record in November was in 2011 when Hue Jackson had them at 7-4 after a 25-20 win over the Bears but that team has now been replaced in the franchise record book. The Raiders opened up a 21-3 lead in the first half and then cruised the rest of the way to a 34-20 victory over the Jets that moved their record to 4-3.

It was an impressive offensive performance across the board for Oakland. Derek Carr threw four touchdown passes, Latavius Murray ran for 113 yards and a highly-rated Jets defense looked poor throughout the game.The Raiders didn’t punt until the game was well into the second half, which accounts for how comfortable the victory felt for most of the afternoon. Carr threw three touchdowns last week against the Chargers and is 47-of-67 for 622 yards during the team’s two-game winning streak.

That puts them firmly into the race for a playoff spot with teams like the Jets, who are 4-3 but moving in the wrong direction after two straight losses. Ryan Fitzpatrick left the game after a few plays with a ligament injury to his left thumb, leaving Geno Smith to direct the Jets offense the rest of the way. Smith led a couple of touchdown drives in the second half, but showed the same lack of situational awareness that plagued him throughout his stint as the starter with the Jets.

Among the ways he showed it was a willingness to take big hits from Raiders defenders by not running out of bounds or throwing balls away. Those weren’t the issues when he took a huge hit late in the fourth quarter from Ray Ray Armstrong while completing a pass to Brandon Marshall, but Smith did have to briefly leave the game as a result. Fitzpatrick took a couple of snaps and completed a pass before Smith returned.

They’ll have to sort out their quarterback issues before hosting the Jaguars next week. The Raiders, meanwhile, will head to Pittsburgh and try to keep their offense cooking in a date with another team in the mix for a Wild Card berth.

104 responses to “Raiders thump Jets to move to 4-3

  1. Good job, Raiders!

    In other news, the NYJ are investigating 3 Oakland employees in suspicion that their locker room was bugged.

    Pathetic losers.

    Go Pats.

  2. And most said the Raiders wouldnt win 4 games. They still may not be a playoff team but they are headed in the right direction. GO RAIDERS

  3. NFL is more fun when the Raiders are relevant. Maybe Jests should have swept for bugs.

  4. This is what it looks like when your coaches care more about catching third opponents cheating than developing a functional Gameplan.

    The Jets are done. Just like the Bills, they lost their Super Bowl when they fell to the Pats and won’t recover

  5. Raiders got a lot of young talent on both sides of the ball….. And that offensive line? Legit.

    Probably my favorite team to watch outside of New England right now. Plus let’s be real, the NFL is just much more entertaining when the Raiders are relevant.

  6. The Raiders are legit. Who’da thunk it? BTW, did they “randomly sweep” the Jets locker room for bugs this week? LOL.

  7. It’s weird… but I think this might be a playoff team after all. And I never would have said that back in summer.

    They aren’t catching Denver, but… man, this looks like a wild card team, barring a disaster.

  8. Solid and well rounded attack on both sides of the ball by Oakland. Was worried about Jets secondary but they looked highschool throughout the game. Taiwan Jones looked did a good imitation of Pete Banazak.
    Oakland’s not only rising, theyre competing.
    Go Green Bay. Kick some Donkey Ass…

  9. Dont count us out of the AFC West just yet. Broncos are gonna lose tonight and we have a chance to avenge out loss this season. Just saying.

  10. Ahhhh glad to see the same ole idiotic geno smith back. When havent the jets gotten wupped when they played at the raiders? Raiders are looking good. If they can keep it up they could be in the playoffs

  11. It’s a great day for humanity when those crybaby’s lose….oh wait, they played the Raiders. Never mind. Shoulda ended in a tie. Neither of the franchises deserve a W

  12. Jets have been added to the list of whiners trying to nail the patriots on some flimsy issue. They are 0-2 since they made those ridiculous accusation last week. Now we have the Ravens, Colts, Cowboys with JJ saying good ell is doing a good job, Giants owner and Steelers owner. Karma is a batch people and it only motivates the patriots even more.

  13. If there are going to be 2 teams coming to LA, I’d welcome the Rams and the Raiders back. The Chargers not so much.

  14. Raiders are building momentum and looking quite good these last few weeks. They haven’t looked this good since Tony Siragusa did that swan dive on Rich Gannon

  15. Geno or Fitz, Fitz or Geno…no matter, the Raiders looked just like they did last week vs. the Bolts.

    The Jets identity is the running game and stout defense… and the Raids absolutely stayed true to their #3 ranked run D shutting Ivory down flat.

    While Lat Murray and company ran all over the Jets #1 ranked rund D. This Raider team is still so young, and not even playing complete games yet. So fun to watch, Carr in command, just dismantled a Jets D even more than the Pats offense did….they actually RAN all over the Jets as well, not the Patsies. Keep sleeping on ’em talking head NFL pundits locally in the Bay and nationally. DelRio, Musgrave, Norton has this team focused and prepared. That week one loss vs. Cincy seems ages ago.

    Like Greg Papa said repeatedly today…”TOUCHDOWWWNNN RAIDDDEERRSS! The SILVER & BLACK ARE BACK!”

  16. Our offense looks like it could score 30 on ANYBODY! Starting to click! Fun to watch once again! Raider Nation_____The Original Nation

  17. With losses by the steelers and the jets, the AFC wildcard spots are still not settled at the midway part of the season. Leaving out the division leaders, all the East teams, the steelers, and the raiders, are within a game of each other.

  18. If half the passes Brady’s receivers dropped had been caught this would have been the second straight time the jets had been blown out. The jets have played 2 good teams this year and been dominated by both of them.

  19. The Raiders are back. NFL is definitely more fun when the Raiders are winning.

    Now can some one please tell me where the hell are the San Diego DisChargers fans? I haven’t seen their comments in a few weeks, starting to get worried about those losers…

  20. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but the Raiders are making some noise!!!1!

    is it noise or has the “sleeping” giant waking up??? you decide. first clue: Can’t run on tha town!!!!

  21. What a game man. Offense looked great. Defense held on. I do think the end the play calling was odd. Felt way too much time was left on the clock but in the end still got the win. On to Pittsburgh. Go Raiders!!!

  22. Loving this. Carr is for real. If that running game can be consistent and Walford steps up…… Mercy

  23. Let’s give Reggie some love here. Hudson, Crabs in free agentcy, the last two drafts. Throw in the ageless Woodson that everyone said was done (excluding Raider Nation)..5 picks and leads the league. Finally finding a coach that wasn’t in diapers. They are still learning, but the big difference this year, winning and learning.

  24. It has been a long time since the Raiders were in the hunt this late in the season

    In the hunt for what??

    And, the season is barely half way over. You kids are priceless!

  25. Apparently the Jets players are also uncomfortable with what went down this last week at New England. The Jet’s front office strikes again…..lolzzz…..too rich…..

  26. realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 1, 2015 8:01 PM

    This was the best team the Pats have played.

    7 games under .500 total opponents’ record.


    Look who came to a Raiders-Jets thread to cry about the Patriots. They’re in your head, bozo.

  27. Not much to complain about this game, Oakland taking out a top 5 Defense and making it look easy.

    Kinda upset at the lack of Cooper production (in general and with a couple of my fantasy teams smh) I was keeping my eye on Coop and he got off coverage more than not iirc Revis looked like an average DB next to Coop.

    Its just one game and we need to beat Pitt and not blow anymore Division games and its possible the Raiders sneak into a wildcard especially if the Offense stays this explosive.

  28. realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 1, 2015 8:01 PM
    This was the best team the Pats have played.

    7 games under .500 total opponents’ record.–

    Of th remaining unbeaten teams the Pats have played the toughest schedule based on the opponents win lose record.

    Just another reality check for you, cryBABY.

    Key word, BABY. Aka Mr President

    President of CRYBABY NATION

  29. realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 1, 2015 8:01 PM
    This was the best team the Pats have played.

    7 games under .500 total opponents’ record.



    Is t this post about Oakland?

  30. @ professorpigskin10 says:
    Nov 1, 2015 7:24 PM

    It’s going to take another sucker punch in the locker room to get the Jet’s season back on track…

    I think jets fans are asking were is Tonya Harding and Jeff Golooly at when you need them?

  31. Someone is butt sore, knowing his teams season is O-V-E-R. Maybe next year. Oh wait, there’s Tannehole’s contract and Suh’s contract and no real coach. Meanwhile the super bowl champs are undefeated after embarrassing Miami’s JV team. Keep amusing me. Dance for me,you clown. Amuse me. How’s that for a reality check, baby head. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Good times in New England.

  32. Count me among those who sorely underestimated these Raiders. They appear to be improving with each game, and it is good to see such an iconic team no longer be considered an afterthought.

  33. Patriots fan here.

    The AFC is better when the Raiders are good. And they looked good today.

    How about Snow Bowl II in January?

  34. Del Rio can coach and Carr’s the truth. The Jets looked absolutely horrible. Wouldn’t have mattered if Montana was QB today. Missed tackles all day long. Absolute garbage. Congrats Raiders fans. Bowles needs to lean into these players. Can’t have anymore games like this. Patriots fans, everyone hates you. Everyone.

  35. Raiders are proof positive that even a blind cat can find a meal every now and then.

    Lol at raider fan crowning themselves, you fools are so delusional.

    Tell us again how great you are!

  36. realitycheckbaby says:
    Nov 1, 2015 8:01 PM
    This was the best team the Pats have played.

    7 games under .500 total opponents’ record.


    Yeah……their no bully like the team Rex is coaching in Buffalo!

  37. My favorite part of this Raider resurgence? It’s more egg on the face of pencil-putz Jed York. Raiders now the DOMINANT NFL franchise in the bay area, and that’s unlikely to change for as long as the York family owns the Niners. Full-blown revolt by Niner fans will hit at any moment. Meanwhile the Silver & Black roar back to relevance, and their fans rejoice. As someone said earlier, the league is a lot more interesting when the Raiders are relevant. Welcome back, silver & black.

  38. jjfootball says:
    Nov 1, 2015 8:11 PM

    30 9
    Report comment

    Pardon me… But the Patriots already soften the Jets for you, so were all the teams the Patriots beat. They don’t recover from the beating.

  39. If you look at the Raiders remaining schedule…you might see why Raiders fans are excited. A lot of very beatable teams. Looks to be a fun RAIDER year…about dang time too!

  40. zeddicuszorander says:
    Nov 1, 2015 8:54 PM

    Lol at raider fan crowning themselves, you fools are so delusional.

    Tell us again how great you are!

    We will… after every win. Stick around.

  41. “How about Snow Bowl II in January?”

    I had the same thought today. It would be awesome, except this time Kalil Mack strips Brady of the ball late in the game and Charles Woodson returns it for a touchdown. Ultimate redemption for Raider Nation.

  42. The Raiders haven’t had a better first seven games to a season since 2001. Even in 2002, the year we went to Super Bowl, we started 4-3. The defense is playing well. The offense is playing a great 3/4 of a game. Keep the O going for 4 quarters and stay healthy. Next season the Raiders will be even better.

  43. the irony in all of this is that the raiders are playing the kind of ball Al wanted to see; solid D, tough running, and burning them with the bomb. not a Raiders fan but happy to see signs of life. keep it up. also, Carr is legit.

  44. In NE we call the Snow Bowl the first of many amazing victories. The tuck rule was a rule, was properly called and has been changed, like many other rules to try to slow down the Pats.

    Or maybe it was Karmic payback for the Ben Dreith phantom roughing call.

  45. Another solid performance especially by Carr, Murray & Cooper. I ultimately don’t think that the Raiders will make the playoffs this year but if they’re still in the hunt in December that would be fantastic. As a fan what I appreciate most this year is watching the team put forth consistent effort after the 1st week blow-out loss. Del Rio deserves a ton of credit for that.

    By the way, I haven’t seen humb0lt around lately but considering all of the lame comparisons he made between Carr and JaBustus, I’m wondering what his thoughts are about the fact that Carr more wins in his first 23 starts than the ‘great’ Dan Fouts did.

  46. Great game for the Raiders; one of their best performances in several years. On a side note, how did Geno Smith ever get the starting QB job? He’s not sharp enough to be a QB. That or he’s still woozy from the locker room smack down. He looked lost in their final few possessions.

  47. Raiders on the rise! One more great draft, and all that $ for free agents next year…..lookout! NFL dominance for years to come. Pat’s fan, your team rose up with the worst call in history “tuck rule” over our team years ago. Should’ve been our Super Bowl win, & you know it! Only fitting that we will be the team that steps on your neck for the next 5-10 years. This all starts next year. Mark my words. Go Raiders!!

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