Report: Browns have had discussions about trading Joe Thomas, Alex Mack

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The NFL’s trade deadline is Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET and the Browns have reportedly talked about parting ways with two integral members of their offensive line.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the Browns have “engaged in discussions” about trading left tackle Joe Thomas and center Alex Mack. There’s no word on whether those discussions have reached a serious level, but dealing either would signal yet another turn toward the future for the 2-5 Browns.

Mack can opt out of his contract after this season, making him an appealing trade candidate if the Browns don’t think he’ll be in Cleveland for the long term. Rapoport adds that Mack has a no-trade clause in his contract that can be waived if the right team wants to add him to their roster.

Thomas is signed for three more years with cap numbers of $9.5 million or more each season, but none of his base salaries are guaranteed. He turns 31 in December, but his play hasn’t been in decline this season and there are plenty of teams that would see a big upgrade if they added him to their offensive line.

In addition to the two offensive linemen, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on television Sunday morning that the team is also open to trading linebacker Paul Kruger. Kruger, who has just a half-sack on the season, is signed through 2017 with base salaries of $6.5 million and $7 million in the next two years.

35 responses to “Report: Browns have had discussions about trading Joe Thomas, Alex Mack

  1. No Vikings fan by any means at all, but man would he be an upgrade over that bum Kalil for that team!

  2. Trade everyone that has any value, let Manziel start rest of year, if he sucks then draft 2 qbs next year and a stud rb, or try to trade for kap or stafford. The supposed strength was supposed to be offensive line and run game. Wtf happened?

  3. I hope they find a taker for the entitled little weasel Manziel ..cut the cancer and the circus that follows the little fella around .

    Mack will be gone at the end of season . get what you can for him now .

    Thomas would pain me to see leave . a class act and future HOF candidate .

    they will fetch high draft picks which I’m pretty sure our IDIOT GM will screw up .

    Browns fan since 67 please stop this madness !

  4. As a Browns fan it would suck to see future hall of famer Thomas leave, but I would like to see him get a chance with a contender before he hangs them up. I only hope that if they are traded, that stooge Farmer isn’t making the picks. Fire Farmer and the entire scouting department….clean house….again.

  5. The Vikings should unload Patterson and the new center Eastonto the Browns and pick up Mack. The Browns would be a team that can script up gimmick plays for flash as Norv refuses.

    ray farmer you are about too enrage the fan base with ya potential deals for 1st round picks and etc
    if u do manage too keep your job please use the picks too get stafford form the lions and or use them correctly on young QB in 2016
    please cut ties with Manziel and McCown asap keep austin davis the best qb we have

  7. Sorry Guys,,,,Browns are already exchanging calls with New England as we speak….Joe Thomas to the champs by Monday/Tuesday

  8. With Norv Turner having been Browns OC, I can see the interest in Mack by the Vikings as they don’t expect their starting C Sullivan back this year and he is starting to get long in the tooth. Thomas as a premier LT would cost some team dearly.

  9. As a Panther Fan I’d like to add Thomas BUT we got Otah & Remmers & it isn’t broke so i don’t want too fix it BUT we could use some depth at LT so Maybe Matt Kalil can be had by the Panthers Maybe his Brother can help him adjust

  10. patriottony says:
    Nov 1, 2015 11:15 AM
    Sorry Guys,,,,Browns are already exchanging calls with New England as we speak….Joe Thomas to the champs by Monday/Tuesday

    Yup…they may as well trade their draft choices now before they get caught for something else and have them stripped.

  11. I’d love the Vikings to upgrade at center with Sully out this year, but can a center really join a team in the middle of the season and make a big difference? There’s something to be said for continuity on the offensive line and knowing how to make the calls in a different offense.

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