49ers officially bid farewell to Vernon Davis


Nearly 10 years ago, the 49ers made tight end Vernon Davis a top-10 draft pick, prompting Davis to shed copious tears at his selection. On Monday, the 49ers said goodbye to Davis with a perfunctory press release that doesn’t create the impression of many tears being shed on anyone’s keyboard.

“On behalf of the entire 49ers organization, I would like to thank Vernon for his decade of contributions to this team and our community,” 49ers G.M. Trent Baalke said in a release. “Not only has he contributed to some of the most memorable moments in franchise history, but he has also positively impacted the lives of many others through his efforts in the community. We wish Vernon and his family continued success in both football and life.”

It’s nice. It’s appropriate. But it read like something the 49ers felt they had to say, not what they actually believe.

Davis made it to the Pro Bowl twice in San Francisco, but he hasn’t played well since generating 52 catches, 850 yards, and 13 touchdowns in 2013. The dip in his production (and the fracture in the relationship) possibly traces to his decision to skip the offseason program in 2014, as he tried in vain to get a new contract. Since then, Davis has a grand total of 44 receptions, 439 yards, and two scores.

The next question for the 49ers is whether they’ll be bidding farewell to other players before Tuesday’s trade deadline. The decision to move Davis means that the franchise has realized that the first year of the post-Harbaugh regime already can be abandoned. If other teams see other players that could help down the stretch, now is the time to call the 49ers.

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  1. “The dip in his production (and the fracture in the relationship) possibly traces to his decision to skip the offseason program in 2014, as he tried in vain to get a new contract.”

    It might also be traced to the deplorable regression of the guy throwing the ball.

  2. Cue the firesale. Such a never-ending chain of bad decisions. Most Niners fans saw this coming last fall. Was hoping it wouldn’t be a shartshow, but that’s exactly what that front office has turned this franchise into. Duckett’s tweet had me laughing, because we all know it’s true. Screw it, give Staley and Bo a chance to compete for the Lombardi while you’re at it Trent. Niners won’t be able to beat the Wolverines by the time this season is over. Is Cody Pickett available for an encore?

  3. It’s only a fire sale when you get rid of guys who are making a positive impact on your team. Please somebody, show me the tape of anything positive that Davis has done recently, unless you consider quitting on your team to be a positive thing. This move is more of a taking out the trash, than it is a fire sale.

  4. Imagine being a Packers fan. Sunday night, the Bronco’s crush the Pack in epic style. Monday, while Ted is napping, Elway grabs a TE for almost nothing. Double gut punch.

    Meanwhile in their meetings today, the Packers TE coach is explaining to Richard Rogers that if Ware is lined up across from him, he should at least try and block him.

  5. “Cannot play with them, cannot win with them, cannot coach them,” “Can’t do it. I want winners. I want people that want to win.” Mike Singletary

  6. If you look at it dispassionately, he’s been a pain in the ass most of the time. He’s had a couple of good years. Mostly he’s been a non-performing primadona. The past two years he’s gotten alligator arms over the middle. Can’t catch in traffic.
    Good luck to the Broncos.

  7. broncoschick says:
    Nov 2, 2015 7:26 PM

    Broncos Nation welcomes you Mr. Davis with open arms and a Mile High Salute!

    Leave the “nation” for the raiders.

    It’s Broncos Country!!

  8. Finally! One year too late though, now you have to trade a pick with him to move up 1 spot (comp picks not included) in the draft. Yes Denver could be SB champion and 49ers will probably hold the number 1 draft pick. Basically you trade him for 2017 6th round pick…but I am glad he is gone as he was one of the mole’s in the locker room that would leak all the information for Jed to the Media last year. Next on my list, Boone.

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