Chargers shopping Eric Weddle


The trade deadline is a day away, and another two-win team seems to be realizing that it’s time to sell! sell!

Per a league source, the Chargers are shopping veteran safety Eric Weddle.

Weddle, a three-time Pro Bowler and a two-time first-team All Pro, is in the last year of his contract, at a base salary of $7.5 million.

The veteran skipped the non-mandatory portion of the offseason, prompting coach Mike McCoy eventually to tell the team to move on without him.

The team could indeed be moving on without him now, swapping the last eight games of a lost season for value over and above whatever they’d get as a compensatory pick if he signs with a new team as a free agent in March.

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  1. I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here but this should’ve happened already. No offense to Charger fans this wasn’t a contender. When the Titans were after Phillip Rivers for the 2nd overall pick which would’ve been Mariotta they should’ve went with it. Would’ve been great for their franchise and got some more pieces to go along with it. And they would’ve been set in the next 4-5 years. I don’t some GMs sometimes.

  2. Good veteran, but overpriced at this point of his career.

    Another case of bad cap management from AJ Smith and Co.

    Yes, I realize AJ SMith is gone, but when you lose leverage as a GM, it’s never a good thing.

  3. Well The Only Team He makes sense for is the Giants…They just gave up 7 tds to Drew Brees and half of them were to wide open targets…

    If Reece does not at least make a phone call after that defense he put out on the field just gave up the easiest 52 points in the history of the game while looking like a lost Pac 10 defense… That alone should be grounds for getting fired. Just don’t give up anything above a 5th rounder.

  4. The next ex-Charger who will probably go on to win a Superbowl.

    Good luck Eric, I hope your next franchise owner treats you a little better than the Spanos family.

    And if you know the Spanos family there’s a solid chance 31 places will offer him a better chance to win with a better roster.

  5. Surprised this one took so long. There should definitely be a market for him. Getting it out there sooner might have generated a bidding war of sorts.

  6. Weddle and Smith would be a vicious tandem in the Vikes secondary. I don’t get into salary cap investigations but this would be solid move.

  7. Chargers defense has been rated last in so many aspects over the last few years. There has been one man who has been in charge or SD’s defense over that period–that man is John Pagano–he’s the one who should be sent packing–not Weddle.

  8. Agreed. Put him next to Harrison Smith. That spot has been atrocious for years. See: Sanford, Abdullah, Sandejo, Blanton.

    He may not be as good as he once was, but he’s a million times better than those 4 combined.

  9. The Cowboys need a playmaker at safety. The are now switching Church and Wilcox, as well as Jones, who is playing well. They need better safety play. They looked at Weddle pre-beard, like to see him for a couple of years with Jones

  10. Same old Chargers. I’m more interested in whether they get any offensive lineman for the trade?? You can’t put your offense in 3rd and long on every set of downs AND you O-line cannot run OR pass-block. You go out and draft a beast like back but can’t open a whole 3-inches for the guy. Stop spreading the offense so much with wideouts and deploy a Fullback to open some holes. They have been one-dimensional since getting rid of LaDamien Tomlinson ! Hell, if the Bronco’s can change their stripes with Peyton Manning behind center then why can’t the Charger’s ???? They have plenty of ball handlers, now put on your big boy pants and go draft some “Big Boys” to protect upfront.

  11. OHHHHH jeeze. Vikings should think about this. They’ve been looking for safety #2 for a long time now. Weddle and Harrison Smith would be a pretty scary combo.

  12. Just like the Chargers to wait for the value of a trade chip to dwindle to next to nothing. Old, expensive and injured. Nice front office work Chargers.

  13. Chargers recent history…letting Michael Turner go 3 years early, VJax 3 years too early, Sproles 4 years too early, weddle probably 2-3 years too early.

    I feel bad for Rivers, but at least he got paid.

  14. Good luck Eric, I hope your next franchise owner treats you a little better than the Spanos family.

    In defense of the Spanos family, they did give him the highest contract for a safety at the time he signed.

  15. Giants were tied to Kam Chancellor when Kam wouldn’t submit to management’s will. Giants may decide they like Eric to play along side #21. Collins moves to strong and Weddle to FS.

  16. minnesotablizzard says:
    Nov 2, 2015 8:59 PM

    He’s probably too expensive for the Vikings, who have to pay Smith this off season. Buuuuuut of course I think we all thought about it for a second.
    I’d say dump Mike Wallace and his 11 million contract, Johnson has earned the start anyway, Wallace has done NOTHING to impress me.
    He is all talk. Jogging routs except ones called for him. Thielan plays with more emotion! Wallace has dropped so many balls the last few weeks Zimm put
    Johnson in the last drive in Chicago.
    But tell me why anybody would trade for him on the last year of his contract? He’ll probably move on next year anyway.
    I think Minnesota learned it’s lesson the last two NFCC games it lost anyway, a team pieced together wont be good for more than a year or so.
    Building through the Draft is the way to go!
    That’s what New England, then the Packers have done.
    Most free agents seem to catch the don’t give a Damn virus after they move and get the big money.
    Look at Suh as an example.

  17. This guy is nothing more than a Whinny little biznatxh
    A legend in his own mind, that’s not nearly as good or respected as he thinks he is.
    He’s not worth the contract he’s on, and he’s done nothing but sinvel and cry since the chargers elected to not give him an extension before the season, instead of go out and earn one on the field.
    His play this year hasn’t shown anytging but that he doesn’t want to and doesn’t deserve to be here anymore.
    Good riddance to him and his stupid beard.

  18. The Steelers desperately need this guy. Shamarko Thomas is a walking, talking concussion and Mike Mitchell is …well, he’s garbage.

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