Ravens running out of healthy wide receivers after Steve Smith’s loss


The loss of veteran receiver Steve Smith to a season-ending Achilles tear is a tough one for the Ravens, because of what he meant to them emotionally.

But pragmatically, it was even tougher, as he was their last effective receiver left.

As pointed out by Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens kept six wide receivers on their season-opening roster. Three of them (Smith, rookie Darren Waller and Michael Campanaro) are done for year and a fourth (first-rounder Breshad Perriman) hasn’t played a down.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said he thought Permian had a “shot” to play at some point this year, but there’s nothing to suggest he’s close to a return after his latest knee surgery.

The law firm of Kamar Aiken, Chris Givens and Jeremy Ross made enough plays late to help them beat the Chargers yesterday, but if the 2-6 Ravens have any expectations this year, they’d need to find some outside help.

While it’s hard to gauge the effectiveness of making a trade before Tuesday’s deadline (face it, acquiring Calvin Johnson probably wouldn’t get them to the playoffs), they’re going to have to add someone, simply because they’re running out of bodies.

23 responses to “Ravens running out of healthy wide receivers after Steve Smith’s loss

  1. They are down to four undrafted free agents and Chris Givens. That must be the worst WR situation in the league.

  2. I don’t know why they would acquire anyone through trade, just sign Wes Welker or Hakeem Nicks. I mean your season is over so…

  3. Give me one logical reason why it hasn’t yet occurred to anyone on the Ravens’ offensive coaching staff that they should go TE-heavy the rest of the season. In fact, they should have made that switch 3 weeks ago when Steve Smith was hurt in the Thursday night game in Pittsburgh.

    Now they have no more excuse not to go TE-heavy.

  4. If you give Flacco a Calvin Johnson, this team could very well make the playoffs. At 2-6 the Ravens are only 2 games out of a wild card spot.
    I am saddened by Smith’s season (and possibly career) ending injury, but it is time for Aiken, Brown and some of these other guys to step it up.

  5. It’s very obvious that Ozzie really overestimated his offense going into the season. Flacco needs some support…..he is not able to carry the team alone. The loss of Suggs exposed the weak secondary so you have needs there also. The Ravens are the best 2-6 team but that is no consolation. Ice up Raven fans it’s your time to such….cheers.

  6. Hakeem Nicks is still better than every healthy receiver on the roster. Why won’t anybody touch this guy?

  7. @guitarkevin

    Just one minor correction. It’s not time for Marlon Brown to step up; it’s time for Marlon Brown to walk away from the game entirely. He’s about as “up” as he’s ever going to get. He should be behind the counter asking if the next customer wants to super size their order.


    You hit the nail on the head. Go 3 TE sets the rest of the way. Make teams work their LBs. Then maybe it’ll open up some shots for Givens and Aiken.

    IR Perriman. He’s done for 2015. Cut Brown, he’s useless. IR Pitta. He’s done. Raid somebody’s PS for some more TEs and maybe go with a couple of FIVE TE sets.

  8. @ sbaltimore

    That’s funny, but if he is on the roster, he needs to step it up.

    And Rex is spot on the with going TE Heavy. Joe loves going to the TEs.

  9. sbaltimore says:
    Nov 2, 2015 11:31 AM

    IR Perriman. He’s done for 2015. Cut Brown, he’s useless. IR Pitta. He’s done. Raid somebody’s PS for some more TEs and maybe go with a couple of FIVE TE sets.


    1. I agree with you on Pitta, only.

    2. Perriman needs time on the field this year to adjust to NFL speed. He can’t be a rookie next year.

    3.Cutting Brown and adding players make little sense, especially TEs, Brown at least knows the offense. New guys don’t.

    4. We’ve got three young TEs and Juice. That’s enough. Get them on the field as much as possible.

    5. Bring up Brown from PS or add a receiver as depth.

  10. The Panthers haven’t beaten anybody. They’re winning with smoke & mirrors, just like Atlanta was early on in the year. Let’s see them play that well against an nfc team with a winning record before we anoint them.

  11. What difference does it make if Marlin Brown knows the offense if he can’t catch?!?! The guy has dropped more than he’s caught this year. He’s useless.

  12. Flacco’s an enigma – he’s beloved for bringing home the SB, but hated for tearing apart a talented team with his greedy, outrageous contract.

  13. Funny how a story about Ravens’ receivers turns into yet another retreaded rant from Steelers fans grousing about Flacco’s contract. Even funnier is that their own QB is much more expensive and has already spent a good portion of the season on the sidelines playing with his cell phone. LOL.

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