Report: 49ers have benched Colin Kaepernick for Blaine Gabbert

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This is how bad things have gotten in San Francisco for Colin Kaepernick.

The 49ers have decided Blaine Gabbert is a better option right now.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Kaepernick has been informed he’s been benched. The move was first reported by

It seemed like this was coming when 49ers coach Jim Tomsula said he was “evaluating everyone,” but the reality is still jarring.

While Kaepernick looks like a guy who could use a break, especially after his 4.0 yards per attempt game Sunday against the Rams, it’s also hard to understand how he’s going to fix things there in the current setting. The problems in San Francisco go far beyond Kaepernick at the moment, but he’s taking the blame.

115 responses to “Report: 49ers have benched Colin Kaepernick for Blaine Gabbert

  1. Gabbert is a better pure thrower than Colin.. and honestly its not even close. Surprised it took so long to make a change. Don’t expect Gabbert to relinquish it back.

  2. Three years ago, I said that three years from then, a common phrase was going to be “Whatever happened to Colin Kaepernick?”

  3. take us back to April of 2011, QB Consultant Terry Shea was raving about Blaine Gabbert coming out of Missouri while working with him. Blaine has a hose and great mechanics and touch deep as well as timing. if he has a clean Pocket he is the better qb and its not close.

  4. Jed York needs to be benched, he’s the cause of the 49ers’ problems. But aside from that, yes, Kaep is playing like garbage. What he could really use is a coach who used to play his position, maybe somebody that could help him play well enough to lead his team to the Super Bowl…oh, wait…

  5. Hahahahahaha Hahahahahaha this is hilarious.. Blain Gabbert is TERRIBLE but gives them a better chance to win than Colin SackerPick..

    Here come the burning jerseys and a trade to Buffalo or Philly this off season. Good luck niners you deserved better than him anyway. Plays with no fire and emotion seems emotionally weak.

  6. “Blaine is a real American. Fights for the rights of every man!”

    Good luck with your new job Blaine, grip it and rip it bro, you got nothing to lose, but you can become a true American hero!

  7. With the depleted roster, Jed York is visiting the weight room 3 times a day in hope that he can play running back. Trent Baalke is seen practice throwing the ball just in case he needs to bench Gabbert. Jim Tomsula could be the first person to do coach-player dual role by coming in as pass rusher on 3rd and long situation.

  8. Lmao
    who’s got it better than the niners fan base?
    At least their new stadium seats have wifi.

  9. Kaeperstupid is the worst player on a bad team.

    Where are all the Kaep lovers now? I’m sure they’ll start blaming Kaep’s incompetence on coaching/management/ownership.

    Kaep is useless. And that’s why they fired Harbaugh. Because Kaeep was his handpicked boy, and he has none of the skills that a qb is suppose to have. And Harbaugh is suppose to be the qb guru.

  10. “Blaine!?! His name is Blaine!? That’s a major appliance, not a name!” The Santa Clara Curse continues…

  11. You know what the 49’ers should do…. they should hire an ex NFL QB as their head coach to groom this guy into a quarterback….

    Oh wait…… Jed York already thought that was a terrible idea and this is a much better solution.

  12. lightofkolob says:
    Nov 2, 2015 10:46 PM
    Not Kaeps fault. Bad coaches, receivers that can’t get open, piss poor line. I like how in SF its everyone’s fault but the owner and gm


    Just like that highlighted play where Torrey Smith was uncovered, thats about as open as possible. He didnt survey and audible.

    The coaching staff sucks, York sucks, the team sucks Ive been saying it for a while. Harbaugh was masking Kaeps flaws, while everyone thought he was hindering him. He simply hasn’t developed, an athlete who occasionally can get a pass off.

  13. SF was doomed when they let the players rot the team from the inside out, and the owner and GM took their side. They lost the best Head Coach in Harbaugh they’ve had since Siefert.
    They should have let him cut a couple players when they started that crap! that would have been that!

  14. From the look of tonight’s game maybe Andrew Luck should be benched to. Don’t even give me that he is hurt crap I think that’s a bunch of nonsense being put out there to explain why he’s playing so poorly.

  15. Best thing to happen to Kaep this year. Now hope you get cut, sign with philly and your career will take off again!

    He will be back…watch

  16. I wonder if he kissed his biceps when he was informed he was benched? Prolly went right out and got another piece of ink.

  17. kamthechancellor says:
    Nov 2, 2015 11:00 PM

    Remember all the Niners fans bicep kissing themselves on instagram with their Kaepernick jerseys on?

    That had to be the most annoying thing in the world. Watching kaepernick do that, and think he’s something great. Then the fans started doing it, next thing you know Canadians and other foreigners were doing it. It’s like really? Kaep stinks! He can throw a fast ball and run.. Has no touch at all!

  18. Kap ain’t getting a job in the real world, looking like he just walked out of San Quentin. He’s done. Unless he wants a job as a stripper pole at Tattletails.

  19. They’ve seen this guy in the regular season, right?

    This is not going to end well in SF.

  20. This is what happens when the front office and ownership thinks its all about them. Players and coaches win games. I don’t think Colin is a leader of men, but the suits in the suites at least got a four year look at him in order to see if he can swim on his own if they someway decided to get rid of a coach that helped hide his deficiencies. Looks like its back to the Singletary, Erickson and Nolan era; its a shame too because the dumpster fire was ignited AFTER the team got its new stadium.

  21. 49ers FAITHFUL FOR LIFE here and I say trade Kap asap or else it’s gonna be another Aldon Smith situation with nothing to show for him.
    What a disgrace Jed and Trent have made of this team.

  22. Panic…we’re not going to the Super Bowl this year, let the dude work out his issues…how about you call pro plays Geep

  23. Gabbert used to sack himself against phantom pressure in Jax.

    I’ll be watching Sunday for a good laugh.

    Thanks again for the 6th round pick San Francisco.

  24. Hope he gets out of Dodge and resurrects his career. Terrible offensive coaching staff, poor offensive line and, sadly, a Head Coach who has no concept of the meaning half time adjustments. Needs to go to an organization that has a solid football structure….49ers have lost their identity under Jed York.

  25. He has not been able to get his confidence back since AZ utterly destroyed him. I think it was 4 pick sixes plus another 5 or 6 regular INTs.

  26. Ok I’m guessing that a lot of people drink beer and watch football. But anyone who can’t see that krappernicks problems are all from within and totally on him don’t know how to evaluate QB play.

  27. He was never good. I knew this a couple years ago. Harbs did a great job hiding his flaws. So when he was called upon to be the leader and the cornerstone QB the Niners needed…he failed miserably.

  28. Fellow Seahawk fans, the rivalry with the ‘Niners was great for 2-3 years, but it’s now on hiatus at best. Continuing the smack talk at this point is basically like being the high school bully that preys on the special needs kids to whip some tail. Please pick on someone your own size like those punk Cardinal & Ram kids down the hall.

  29. Kap didn’t play like this when Jim Harbaugh was running the show.

    He was JH’s golden child. JH drafted Kap and eventually benched Alex Smith so Kaepernick could take over at QB.

    Harbaugh was a former QB himself so he understands how to handle and use a QB.

    Tomsula’s a defensive minded guy. SF’s offense is going to stumble around in the dark no matter who’s at QB.

  30. bryantrulen says:
    Nov 2, 2015 10:48 PM
    Gabbert is a better pure thrower than Colin.. and honestly its not even close. Surprised it took so long to make a change. Don’t expect Gabbert to relinquish it back.
    I don’t know why anyone Gabbert is somehow a better option here. In his two years starting in Jacksonville he barely completed 50% of his passes. His rating was around a 66. It was a toss up between him and Tebow as to who was the worse starter in the NFL. I remember one game during those years when he took a 20 step drop to “escape” a pass rush. He shouldn’t even be on an NFL roster let alone starting but hey 49ers fans good luck with your boy.

  31. Blaine Gabbert is a better option.
    Nothing will give you more confidence than being benched for Blaine Gabbert. Especially when you consider his BEST year wasn’t as “good” as what Kaep is doing this year….
    This coach….wow. CLUELESS! No doubt my beloved Huskers will be looking at adding him to the staff soon!

    Benched for Gabbert. We better all stay near the phone – if Gabbert is an option, damn near anyone is.

    He’s a better pure pocket QB…okay, but what about when there is NO pocket…basically…ever?

    Gotta give SF credit for their sense of humor….

  32. I would love to Blaine to win this upcoming game:

    27/31 420 yds 4TDs, 80yds rushing.

    I would literally call in sick the next day just so I can blast @Kaepernick

  33. Blaine is good in PRACTICE. That’s it. He won’t take a hit. He shrivels under pressure. When he has a red practice jersey on, he looks the part, but he is fraudulent. Be careful what you wish for San Fran. Love, a JAGS fan

  34. scutz1972 says:
    Nov 2, 2015 10:48 PM

    Brilliant. That organization has become a dumpster fire!

    No, the 49ers organization is not a dumpster fire.

    A dumpster fire at least provides light and warmth.

    The 49ers are the cold, burnt out ashes of a dumpster fire. There is literally nothing left of value.

  35. I’m no 49ers fan at all (Raiders all the way) but i’m surprised at this. Yeah Kap’s going through a bad bad year but i dont know, previous seasons i thought he was an excellent QB (I hate to say).

    In todays NFL though the second you’re in a slump thats it. Back in the pre-free agency days you used to have QB’s start for many years for the same team even when they have the odd slump.

  36. Nothing about any of this is shocking…
    Worst Offseason in the history of professional sports.

    Amazingly inept front office.

    They hired a radio talk show host as qb coach for crying out loud, and he was probably their BEST hire of the bunch.

    I still can’t believe they have won 2 games.

  37. Kaepernic like Russel Wilson had their 15 minutes of fame as QB, but this is a passing league and neither are good passers and rely on their legs more than they arms which is why they both stink.

  38. sdchicken says:
    Nov 2, 2015 11:08 PM
    Best thing to happen to Kaep this year. Now hope you get cut, sign with philly and your career will take off again!

    He will be back…watch


    Please stop. Every failed QB can not go to Philly and be an instant success. See the $13 million Sam Bradford experiment.

    A good offensive line makes the QB and running game look better. A bad offensive line makes the QB/RB look worse.

    Genius coach/GMs only care about skill positions and ignore the trenches.

    Kaep was never the best thrower and anyone who thought he would be a great passing QB is delusional. He is a game manager who makes plays with his legs. When Kaep was playing well it was all about the run game with a little passing thrown in.

    See Russell Wilson. If you don’t ask him to do a lot and make a few plays with his legs, he’s great. If you ask him to put the team on his back, he’s exposed.

    York did Harbaugh a favor by firing him, keeping the myth of Harbaugh alive. This team was headed to this territory with or without him.

  39. scutz1972 says:
    Nov 2, 2015 10:48 PM
    Brilliant. That organization has become a dumpster fire! Even Tom Brady would struggle as QB with the lack of support Kap has got.
    Not true. Brady would retire rather than work under Jed York.

  40. The 49ers are the only team that could find a backup QB that is so bad that benching Colin Kaepernick after how badly he has played still makes no sense.

  41. How bad do you have to stink to be replaced by Bliane friggin Gabbert?

    Wow. 49er fans, don’t jump, it’s not worth it!

  42. OMG!! I am so tired of my fellow 49er fans saying it is not Kap’s fault. Give me a break.

    Slow long delivery
    Unable to read Defenses
    Slow feet, fast but not quick footed
    Unable to handle pressure
    No lower body strength
    Inability to make quick decisions
    Not willing to study because he must Bench 1K lbs

    That all sounds like the coaches fault. They kept Geep for continuity and still the 49er fans blame the coaching changes or coaching period on kap’s inability to improve. Sounds like Alex Smith all over again, at least they are not waiting 8 years again…and yes Alex is still Alex in KC, otherwise it wouldn’t be a story every time a WR catches a ball over there.

  43. bryantrulen says:
    Nov 2, 2015 10:48 PM
    Gabbert is a better pure thrower than Colin.. and honestly its not even close. Surprised it took so long to make a change. Don’t expect Gabbert to relinquish it back.

    I am going to assume you are being sarcastic. Blaine Gabbert may be a “pure thrower”, but here’s what else he is: A pure panic scrambler, a purely horrible reader of defenses, purely incapable of moving the pocket with his feet, purely unable to look off recievers, someone who appears purely terrified every time he faces a rush.

  44. Kapaernick got his first start on his 25th birthday, and gets benched on his 28th birthday. Gabbert lost his starting job (officially) around the same time in 2013, and gets another shot in 2015. Kismet.

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