Report: Jets not interested in Ryan Mallett

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The Jets saw both of their quarterbacks get dinged in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, which led them to start making calls to see what quarterbacks might be available if they need a reinforcement at the position.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, those calls won’t include one to former Texans starter Ryan Mallett. Mallett was acquired by Houston in a trade when current Jets General Manager Mike Maccagnan was in the Texans front office, but Schefter reports the team will be looking elsewhere.

Mallett was released by the Texans last week after missing a team flight to Miami and there were reports that Mallett was frequently late during his time in Houston, so this weekend’s clock change makes him an even riskier proposition.

Fitzpatrick will have an MRI on the torn ligaments in his left thumb on Monday and Smith, who hurt his left shoulder and abdomen, said he felt “pretty confident” that he’ll be able to play next Sunday after the game.

Should the Jets determine they need outside help, they might look to former coach Rex Ryan’s Bills roster and make a run at Josh Johnson. Johnson spent a short time with the team during the preseason while Smith was recovering from his broken jaw.

27 responses to “Report: Jets not interested in Ryan Mallett

  1. The Clown show that continues in the 3 ring circus called NY….LMAO..but Ohhhh yeah they are right there to challenge the PATRIOTS….

  2. Understandable. If he got caught in traffic going to the Houston airport, can you imagine getting to any of the New York area airports?

  3. It’s probably time to put the Mallett jokes to bed. The real story is that the Jets did not play up to expectations. The blame game will begin, and the Jets and Mets will be vying for the back cover of the NYC area tabloids.

  4. Ryan Mallet threw one too many tantrums (missing a flight to the game) and cost himself almost 7MM and his career.

    Good luck selling insurance or working at Home Depot, Ryan. May your attitude and actions be a warning for all NFL players.

  5. “He just came over and said, ‘I want this game. I want it bad. You’ve got to leave me in,'” Collins said. “I said, ‘Matt, you’ve got us exactly where we wanted to get.’ He said, ‘I want this game in the worst way.’

  6. Steven Ridley probably informed the Jets that Mallett can’t hit the side of a barn throwing the ball.

  7. The irony is that the Jets and Bills fans rag on Tannehill all the time and if he were with either team, they would be contenders. Instead he plays for a Team (one that I love for over 40 years) that decided not fix the Oline, the real problem.
    The bottom line is that the Patriots get to continue to feast on the Jets, Bills and Dolphins. The Jets were Posers just like the other 2 who only beat bad teams. Excuses or not, the NFL is as lop-sided as it has ever been. Never has their been this many teams with losing records in the history of the league. It’s a fact, look it up.

  8. Mallett’s only shot at getting back in the league will be working out hard in the offseason and setting up some meetings with teams demonstrating he’s actually changed. But nobody is going to want him right now with his antics with the Texans still fresh in everybody’s mind.

  9. Mallet isn’t a choice in Week 8 because it would take too long to coach him up. Some team will sign him for a camp arm next season to see if his talent can be harnessed. If he really has the personal issues ( Drugs/alcohol) that have been vaguely suggested in the media, one of these token female sports bloggers/writers would have speculated the down and dirty by now. While he may have missed a flight, all the other rumors are merely conjecture. My guess is that he was promised the starting job by O’Brien, but lost it due to an in-game injury. So he had a tantrum that cost him his roster spot.

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