Ryan Fitzpatrick will need thumb surgery “at some point”

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An MRI on Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick’s left thumb confirmed the initial diagnosis that he suffered ligament damage when he went down at the end of a run during Sunday’s loss to the Raiders.

That was the message from coach Todd Bowles, who also said Monday, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, that Fitzpatrick will need to have surgery “at some point.” For now, though, he’s being considered “day-to-day” as scheduling surgery is a question of pain tolerance and hasn’t been ruled out for Week Nine as a result.

Fitzpatrick isn’t the only injured quarterback for the Jets right now as Geno Smith was forced out of the game for a couple of snaps after hurting his left shoulder and abdomen. Bowles said “there’s a chance” Smith could play this week, but confirmed that the Jets are looking at options to supplement rookie Bryce Petty on the depth chart. They are reportedly not interested in Ryan Mallett, but Bowles mentioned Matt Flynn, who spent time with the Jets in the preseason and is a free agent, as a name on the radar.

“He’s a possibility,” Bowles said. “He’s one of the names that we’ve talked about.”

Bowles also said that the team is waiting to see if wide receiver Brandon Marshall and center Nick Mangold will be healthy enough to face the Jaguars, leaving the Jets with a two-game losing streak and an overload of uncertainty on offense.

23 responses to “Ryan Fitzpatrick will need thumb surgery “at some point”

  1. For a guy who went to Harvard he does not seem to grasp what the phrase “QB slide means.”

  2. Bottom line, if Karma has anything to do with it, Brady already would have had a season ending injury.

  3. Season is done. This sucks. Inside the NFL won’t be as fun with Brandon Marshall inevitably hoping now that all is lost.

    Someone needs to teach Fits how to slide. There was no reason for him to go head first there. It wasn’t a QB sneak with 3rd or 4th and inches. He wasn’t 5 yards from the end zone. It was in the middle of the field! Absolutely dumb. Even a community college QB knows better!

  4. Geno needs to rid himself of the “hero” mentality when running as a QB and learn to preserve himself. There’s no need to get 12 yards when you’ll already got 10 on your defender. Taking that hit to the left shoulder was so unnecessary. VY10 (Vince Young) always ran out-of-bounds on his tuck & runs. Maybe Geno just likes getting hit (no reference to his jaw, by the way).

  5. Karma for what exactly? I don’t think I’ve heard of any controversy involving Fitzpatrick other than having the nerve to score well on his Wonderlic.

  6. Trade for RGIII and restructure his contract so it doesn’t carry the injury albatross Anywhere but that toxic environment in DC will be wonderful for that young mans career

  7. Karma for demanding the NFL sweep the locker room for bugs, NONE were found.then the head of Jest security interrogated 2 Kraft production workers who were standing on the Pats sidelines doing their jobs. The head of Jests security didn’t know the home team supplies batteries for the refs. Think as head of security he would know that. He had to contact the NFL. To confirm. Blatant Harrassment by the Jests.

  8. Watching Geno get clocked a couple of times was pretty entertaining. The shot on the sidelines was very crisp.
    Only thing more fun would have been seeing IK Enemkpali delivering a hit like that and holding his hand out for the money Geno owes him.

  9. If he can take snaps through the pain and perhaps with some sort of splint, then I’m sure he’ll play, unless I’m missing something. If it was his throwing hand he’d be done, but in that 3 quarters from Geno the entire Jets organization and fanbase knows that a handicapped Fitzmagic gives them a much better chance to win. That play where Geno took a sack instead of throwing the ball away late in the game pretty much summed it all up. Geno is not an NFL QB, period.

  10. As a QB, Geno has absolutely no grasp of the obvious. Taking sacks, getting lit up, lobbing interceptions, walking around out of bounds while the clock is running down is priceless. To think this guy was going to boycott day 2 of his draft day because no one picked him in the first! I Love that there are Geno Smith’s out there to keep delivering unintentional punch lines for us all!

  11. goingthextramile says:
    Nov 2, 2015 4:27 PM
    Bottom line, if Karma has anything to do with it, Brady already would have had a season ending injury.
    Apparently you do not understand the concept of karma. Because Brady has been blatantly framed with zero evidence of anything other than basic science going on, karma would be the reason Brady is having an undefeated MVP season…so yeah you can definitely call that karma.

  12. Fitz is done. They can sugarcoat it all they want, but a torn ligament in the hand will be distracting and he touches the ball on every play.

    This is how much they do not like Geno Bust.

    IF they skip over Geno, he will pout and it will be a disaster.

    In a nutshell, their season is over.

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